Transaction Services By Back Office Philippines

Transaction Services By Back Office Philippines

Transaction Services By Back Office Philippines

Transaction Services By Back Office Philippines

What does back office solutions entail?

Magellan Solutions can help you optimize costs while improving the customer experience and your brand. Our back-office services adds value in your growing business. With more than two decades of experience, we know what customers look for. Our back-office solutions address a wide range of matters. 

We design a location strategy to deliver your operations. We take advantage of you outsourcing with us and make the best out of it for you and for the team you’ll form. By taking care of employees, we can affect your customer’s satisfaction. Talented, motivated people who want to succeed for you. It’s all about client satisfaction for us.

Outsource online back office work with Magellan Solutions

The usual setup of back-office outsourcing is hiring a virtual assistant. They oversee and help in communicating everything to you and the rest of the team. With an assistant, you also save on valuable time. You get to focus more on major tasks with your on-site employees. You’ll further benefit from grouping back-office teams into concentrated ones working together. The teams mainly include:

  • A manager
  • Team leader
  • Support agents

The number of each role will depend on the size and demand of your business. But you can always start small and have your virtual assistant work on the surface of each task. If you want to have in-depth progress, then you can start outsourcing more team members you see fit.

There are so many offshore roles for the company. We highly suggest starting by having your C-suite and senior managers in-house. Meanwhile, you can outsource all these supporting roles.

  • Back-Office Fraud Prevention
  • Back-Office Order Management
  • Back-Office Case Management
  • Back-Office Billing
  • Back-Office Coding
  • Back-Office Chargeback
  • Back-Office Collection
  • Finance, Accounting and Payroll
  • Human Resources, Recruitment and Training
  • Workforce Management
  • Marketing
  • Data Management
  • Personal Assistance

What are the back office transaction processing at Magellan Solutions

We know that transactions are the lifeblood of every business out there. That is why our transaction process is designed to support internal teams of our clients. Our experts allow you to outsource with a reasonable price. 

We have provided the following transaction processes to our pleased clients:

Batch processing

This differentiates batch processing from transaction processing. It involves transactions in a group or batch.

Form processing

Conversion of hard data into electronic form.

Order processing

This is a key element for order fulfillment. It is associated with the picking, packing, and delivery of the packed items to a shipping carrier.

Litigious services

A litigation service is any professional assistance CPAs provide to lawyers in the litigation process. 

Refers to the insurance company’s procedure to check the claim requests. 

Mailing and fulfillment

The final stage of your marketing campaign. Fulfillment is the process of taking the printed materials and stationery and preparing it so that it is ready to be mailed as a packaged item.

Mortgage and loan processing

Mortgage processing is your personal financial information that is collected and verified. Your loan processor organizes loan documents for the underwriter. They’ll ensure all needed documentation is in place before the loan file is sent to underwriting.

It takes a lot of time and company resources to use, train, and oversee a team of personnel. So outsourcing your cold calling services is an excellent choice.

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