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What are The Different Virtual Assistant Services?

By Yelyna

Updated on June 3, 2024

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Virtual assistant services in the Philippines

As long as you are in the business, you will need a virtual assistant. Hiring VAs are being considered, especially with the technology developments.

Creative projects

A creative VA has already invested time in learning many programs. Learning Photoshop or Lightroom takes time and effort. Even free graphic programs like Canva take time to understand and navigate.

Website Design

Websites have become the new business cards. Assistants are tasked to customize these and attract new partnerships.

Social Media

Come up with new ideas to produce original content through social media. This helps in marketing the product or service.

Logo and Brand Design

Having a solid brand and logo will differentiate your business from the rest. It would serve as the symbol of your success in the industry.

Create Marketing Materials

Nobody can ever learn how to enjoy working with you without marketing. VAs are tasked with one of the heaviest tasks. Selling the output of what you have worked hard for.


Hire an assistant who knows the ins and outs of optimizing blog content for SEO, hiring a writer, and having your assistant work with them for content.

Technical help

Tech VA focuses on the website. They keep it up to date and troubleshoot issues. Additionally, they input the content created where it needs to be and format it. They optimize it for the platform it’s on.


For business owners, the whole process of payroll processing can be too troublesome. It takes time to review the details and work out the computations.

Magellan Solutions have a proper payroll processing system. If you wish to have your payroll system implemented, that should not be a problem.

Online research

They focus on internet-based research and data compilation for various client objectives.

Market research provides an excellent way to develop your business. They get feedback from consumers. Researchers also offer insights into the current demands and preferences of targets. It also allows industries to see emerging trends.

Magellan Solutions provides premium B2C and B2B solutions for market research.

Data entry

Business owners assume that data entry tasks are not necessary. But it is a process considered that consists of data management. This is a process required in having an electronic database. Businesses can develop a database that contains information relevant to their enterprise.

Customer support

Customer support applies the principles of customer service in helping customers. They solve problems and make decisions. Also, they function as part sales, part tech support, and part customer success.

Magellan Solutions offers help desk services to all kinds of businesses. We have responsive and round-the-clock help to customers.

Social media management

Understanding that social media would be an excellent place to contact customers became essential.

Social media management revolves around content moderation and social media customer care. Various online platforms are being used to advertise businesses. It is an emerging business marketing strategy that has been showing promising results.

Magellan Solutions offers outsourced Social media management services. We help establish a solid customer base and build loyal brand advocates.

What does an administrative virtual assistant do?

These VAs are also known as general virtual assistants. They are like your office secretaries. Most business holders cannot keep up with all the demands at their offices. VAs can help in many ways. They manage and work on the following:

  • Emails
  • Calendars
  • Making reports
  • Presentations.
  • Setting appointments


What is an executive virtual assistant?

Usually, an administrative professional is like a virtual secretary. They are VAs but holds higher expectations with the exclusivity of their job and clients.

What is the importance of a virtual assistant on social media for businesses?

It is significant for companies to keep up with the trends for their goods and services to keep up with the market.

Hire social media expert to advertise your business online. We help you broadcast your business while saving you from costly promotional fees.

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      What are The Different Virtual Assistant Services?


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