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How to Improve Customer Satisfaction Rating?

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on May 15, 2024

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Place yourself in your customers’ shoes. How would you feel if your order wasn’t correctly placed? Or when it arrived later than the person managing order-taking services told you? Or what if it suddenly got canceled without prior notice?

Will you be patient? Only a few people can do that in real life, incredibly when hungry.

Irritated? Most probably.

Succeeding in entrepreneurship does not mean you must provide the best product in the market. Today, what matters most for most consumers is how you make them feel based on your service and the value they can get from it.

It operates within the golden rule: Show me what you’ve got, which will determine where it will take me in our business relationship.

The entire order-taking process is crucial in creating successful, lasting, and valuable customer relationships, especially if your business is customer-centric or business-oriented. This is because it marks the beginning of their journey maps. Start it right, and they’ll end up how you envision it. Start it wrong, and they’ll withdraw themselves from your customer journey map and will look for other destinations (a.k.a. your competitors).

Streamlining your order-taking process is essential, especially today, as many consumers in the marketplace have seen its value. It’s the 21st century, where people crave convenience besides personalized experiences. But how can you streamline your order-taking process? We’ll show you how.


Streamlining order-taking services

Improving internal processes

Internal change or development is essential to streamline your order-taking process. Target its core. Revisit your order-taking strategy and re-assess whether the methods you are following are still up-to-date or if it is already obsolete. This includes the entire process — the order taking itself until the delivery of the products.

For a more streamlined and contemporary way of order-taking, here are some activities that you might want to consider:

  • Selling products through online marketplaces
    Your website is not the only platform where you can sell your products or services. There are more consumers outside your website whom you should target by posting your products on various online marketplaces. For instance, Amazon has approximately 197 million visitors as of December 2017. If you remain outside such a platform, you miss out on a huge opportunity.
  • Maximizing social media
    Many huge enterprises and entrepreneurs use the power of social media to increase their sales through catchy and engaging advertisements. Aside from promoting your business using social media channels, you can also use it to encourage your customers to place their orders using this platform. This method is efficient and convenient for your customers because they can choose and buy whatever they want with only a few clicks.
  • Using order-taking software
    One of the things that you can also do to streamline your order-taking services is to develop or buy an order-taking software that would make the entire process easier. Transaction as the whole history of the customer should be recorded there, the current status of the order and the department involved at the moment.

Utilizing external resources

Aside from internal efforts, you can also streamline your order-taking services through leverage — or by using another’s effort and time to improve your services to your customers.

The best example is using order-taking call center services, a trusted and proven way of efficiently managing customers’ orders and expectations. This is also an excellent opportunity to practice upselling and cross-selling. Doing these two methods correctly can provide more value to your customers.

Outsourcing an order-taking call center can also help you manage your expenditures. Call centers from offshore locations such as the Philippines offer high-quality service delivered by well-trained agents for a lesser price than in-house employees.

Your customers can see the results once you streamline your order-taking services. After all, they are the recipients of all these efforts.

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      How to Improve Customer Satisfaction Rating?

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