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We Are Ready: The Philippines Rising In Healthcare BPO

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on May 2, 2024

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The Philippines is known to be one of the top contenders for outsourcing business processes to companies that do need them. The Philippine call center industry has made waves, especially in taking and making calls, because of their neutral accent compared to India’s workforce, which has a heavy accent that can be pretty difficult to understand. India has been a powerful competitor when it comes to this industry, though the Philippines has proven that it can do more and that it can do better.

One of the Philippines’ newest jobs is health care information management outsourcing. The demand for this is slowly rising, and the BPO industry in the Philippines is getting ready for it.

Many BPO companies are already training their employees to do this task, so clients would be happy to invest. Magellan Solutions is one of those companies and has already created a team ready and happy to help companies that need this kind of service. Of course, with health care information management being a young member of the industry, it also means that those doing this kind of service would also have to deal with all the hassle that comes with youth. The Philippines may be offering this already, but the next question is if this Asian country is ready to handle such already. According to the Health Information Outsourcing Management Association of the Philippines, the demand for this industry doubled last year, with more than 60,000 full-time workers, primarily medical practitioners and nurses.


What Is The Health Care Information Management Industry?

Health care is a massive business with tons of branches that need to do specific tasks for the whole system to flow smoothly. One of these branches would be health care information management. Few people know what this outsourced task is, as most of them only see the customer service tasks given to customer support call centers in the Philippines. However, the healthcare information management sector is still in its infancy but will be huge soon. This is because this section of the healthcare industry is vital.

In essence, what exactly is healthcare information management? Well, in today’s world, it is best to keep records so that everything will run smoothly in the future. There would be records to refer to. Most doctors and health care providers have documents that can be kept disorganized. They need a system that can put all information in one place and provide easy access to authorized people. This is the primary goal of healthcare information management. A call center company with employees trained for this job can do this. It should all kinds of records – both electronic and traditional – would be included in the system to provide better health care in the future. Of course, it is essential to remember that there is not just one system – the design should depend on the provider as to what kind they would like to use. A provider can create a plan and have a company from the Philippines contact center industry use that system for all their data management needs.


The Growth Of Health Care Information Management

The Philippine government has been doing a lot of things to be able to help boost this industry. Programs and events showcase healthcare information management in the country to lure more investors in. Some programs help BPO companies learn more about this industry and get more information on how it works. That way, they can gauge if this is a service they would like to offer and get information on how to provide it well. The government of this Asian country is very supportive when it comes to providing such services for any healthcare provider, as it should bring in more jobs for the country. By allowing the Philippines to be competitive in this industry, the chances of getting more investors would be more significant, thus creating more jobs. The number of Filipinos not having a job would be lesser.

The BPO industry in the Philippines has been growing exponentially, and the numbers are astounding. It has been noted that come the year 2016, this industry in the country would amount to $268 billion, which is vast. It has also been predicted that it should be able to employ 7.6 million of the country’s workforce, which means fewer Filipinos would not have to deal with being jobless. Schools often prepare students for the BPO industry so the government would be competitive. In any case, some schools and agencies provide training if an individual is interested in joining the industry. Although very few train in health information management, BPO companies often train their newly hired employees in this. With both the private and the public sectors working to make the industry boom, it is unsurprising that this industry continues to grow.

Information management system tasks for a health care system are not as popular as call center jobs; however, this does not mean it does not exist. There are already quite many companies in the country that offer such services to investors who need help with this. The Philippines has already gained popularity as the top provider of call center agents for companies that need them; The country is trying to ensure it becomes the top regarding back-office jobs like health care information management. The country’s government has already teamed up with private companies to create a program to make the Philippines rise to the top of the rungs in this segment.

The whole program would likely succeed knowing that the country already has established many facilities enabling private BPO companies to house agents willing to learn and skilled in providing the services needed. Some individuals already have personal experience with health care services, and that background has helped them do well regarding health care information management.


What The Philippines Can Offer The Industry

It is no secret that Filipinos are very flexible when doing their jobs. They are known as Jacks of all trades. They can pretty much do anything that they set their heart to do. If things can be learned, they will do that all by themselves. In this country, it is part of the culture to be family-centered and independent. That is why Filipinos are known to be quite popular workers abroad. Many employers appreciate the work these people do, and most would be more than happy to share that Filipino workers they have dealt with are more than happy to put in extra hours to get something done and get it done right. It is not enough that a job is completed – it is about getting it done right for them. This is the very reason why a lot of employers abroad love working with Filipinos. This is also one of the reasons why many investors who offer healthcare products have ventured into the Philippines to get good workers who would be doing tasks well.

In the field of health care information management, Filipinos have been proven time and time again just how well they work. This has brought in more and more investors in this field to check out what the Philippines offers regarding the workforce. One of the top things Filipinos have is their very neutral accent, which is relatively easy to understand and easy on the ears. So for healthcare information management tasks that need constant voice updates with clients, they have found that these people are straightforward to communicate with. They also discovered that these workers could easily understand and follow instructions.

There are different branches of healthcare management and all information that comes with it.

Three of the top branches constantly being outsourced to this country in Asia are medical transcription, medical coding, and medical billing. These three branches need people who are pretty focused when it comes to handling information. They should also know how to deal with data properly, use provided data, and learn how to handle the database provided to them. It is also necessary that those who work these jobs understand the meaning of information sensitivity.

Medical transcription is also referred to as MT. In healthcare information management, one must learn how to focus on details. You would have to deal with transcribing information that is given to you. Most of the time, some doctors would voice record all their findings or any transactions with patients. They would need this recording transcribed and put into paper for their files. The doctors would not have the time to do the transcription as they have other important things to work on, so they would outsource this job and let a third party handle the transcription task. They can hire people to do this job, but it can be quite costly to set up as they have to provide the worker space, the needed equipment, and the salary. However, when this job is outsourced, the expenses would be much less, yet the work is done well.

Medical coding is another part of healthcare information management, which means that people working on this should have an eye for detail. See, if those who do the work give everything a cursory glance, it can mean wasting time and resources because everything would have to be done over. An eye for detail is what Filipinos are well known for, and that is why there are plenty of investors outsourcing medical coding jobs to the country. Companies that offer such services train their employees well on how to do the job efficiently. These people are skilled professionals, so all work is done well. This is a critical task as it is the first step needed in the billing part, so any errors here would significantly affect the whole healthcare system.

Medical billing is essential to the whole system, as we are already discussing money. It should be done right. Patients would not want to be overbilled or would not wish to receive a bill with errors in it. Doctors, however, do not want mistakes to happen as they can reflect their business. Thus, medical billing jobs are often outsourced to the Philippines as these people have been trained to do well with this job. Doctors need not worry about the billing portion of the operation and can focus more on taking care of patients.

Outsourcing this task means you would entrust it to professionals trained well and with enough experience. Philippine BPO companies make sure that their employees know the importance of the job that they are doing and make them understand how they handle sensitive and vital information. By training healthcare employees to do that, investors can be assured that all work will be done well and errors will not be a common occurrence.

Healthcare information outsourcing is thriving in the Philippines, and businesses worldwide are starting to notice.


Have you outsourced this type of service to the Philippines? What are your experiences with a Philippine provider? Please share your thoughts and experiences with us today.

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      We Are Ready: The Philippines Rising In Healthcare BPO

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