What Is Education Process Outsourcing In BPO Philippines?

What Is Education Process Outsourcing In BPO Philippines?

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The Starting Point of Education Process Outsourcing

A BPO education center is an institution that provides instruction and training in a wide variety of subjects.  Educational services are commonly delivered by teachers, professors, and/or instructors. 

But how do BPO handles them?


How BPO Handles The Various Education’s Pain Points

Here at Magellan Solutions, we combine the most comprehensive levels of support, advice, and guidance with immediate action. 

Although teachers and instructors may have the same ability, a majority of them only have basic knowledge of technology. This is where we come in.

We understand how different educational institutions have specific requirements and distinct demands. Thus, we aim for simpler services that are easily accessible for your institution.

Understanding & Navigating a Complex Space

Technology is continuously transforming expectations and creating newer challenges. 

With our 18+ of experience in digital transformation, we help you in adapting consistently to the changing perspective. Through this, we provide for a faster enrollment process, improved administrative processes, and quality technical support.

Accommodating for Seasonal Shifts

Enrollment and registration are one of the busiest times for the education sector.

This is why there is a need for dynamic shifts by education outsourcing. Our 24/7 staff availability and recruitment will further help you scale your support according to the demand. The after-hours are also not an issue as we make sure to maintain quality and KPIs.

Connecting Students & Educational Institutions

Trying to be unique compared to other educational options is pretty hard. Especially because educational institutions have a fixed expectation for students and teachers.

But by outsourcing, we can offer our expertise in PPC, SEO, and content optimization. We can help you cut through the competition and keep your training center a first choice for potential students.


Creating a Unified Communication Systems For Education

Magellan Solutions combines our expertise in customer engagement experience with our own knowledge in edtech. As a result, we can provide you with tailored solutions for support.

As an Outsourcing Education Services Provider for SMEs:

  • We can replace your old phone system with an integrated and industry-standard communication solution for you to smoothly experience academic licensing prices.
  • We connect you to the proper teacher, student, or administrator. Our systems include enhanced IM and presence features that include pictures and locations.
  • We help you with your desktop usage and application sharing. Need a more professional approach on your PowerPoint uploads? Or perhaps you simply need a rich white-boarding that includes the ability to copy and paste text and images? We can cover that as well for you.
  • Need to meet with other educators or students? We can schedule all those even a parent-teacher or staff meeting via telephone or video conference. All that’s left for you is a single click in Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Skype.


Make Us A Part Of Your School Communication Systems

Edtech and virtual learning are making an even bigger mark in the wake of the pandemic. It has undergone a rapid transformation to its technologies and procedures. 

Because of the changes, students and teachers started to expect a certain level of ease when it comes to the support they experience. 

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