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Inbound Order Taking Services And Its Influence In Shopping Behaviors

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on June 4, 2024

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The Philippine contact center industry caters to customer-oriented businesses, including selling, servicing, and marketing through different communication channels like the Internet, electronic mail, voice messaging, electronic messaging, traditional mail, and fax messaging. The contact center sector serves various organizations and stakeholders, such as prospective customers, competitors, suppliers, partners, distributors, and employees. Call centers take both outbound and inbound order calls. The inbound calls come from the customer, and the call center must answer whatever the customer requests.

An inbound order-taking services call center provides real-time inbound call services to customers who place their orders by phone and online. This inbound service plays a significant role as it can save customers time and effort. Similarly, it is advantageous for the company because customers will know the different products and services offered.


Order-taking services offer great rewards.

The Philippine BPO industry makes it easy to carry out business functions. Phone order-taking service is one of its areas of expertise, and it is a great help to business owners. Efficient taking of orders means more income. That is why ensuring a customer’s call is answered promptly and processed accurately without delay is essential. In most cases, businesses with limited staff could not answer all calls every day. This may cause low productivity and then compromise customer service quality. This is essential when hiring a contact center that offers order-taking services.

Choosing the right Philippine contact center to provide an intelligent yet cost-effective solution for order-taking services is good. Telephone representatives should be highly trained, courteous, and lively when answering inbound calls. Call coverage differs from one company to another, including overflow and full-time call management. Some companies offer 24/7 services on regular days, holidays, and weekends. Contact centers use state-of-the-art technology to answer calls promptly, making processing orders seamless.

Nowadays, most businesses employ order-taking services in their marketing campaigns. This is because effective order-taking can exponentially increase their revenue. Nevertheless, finding the best order-taking call center to do the task efficiently is essential. Here are some reasons why business owners should consider hiring order-taking services.

Quality assurance
Choose a call center that prioritizes quality assurance. This means it should be knowledgeable about the company’s products and services. This will ensure that the high quality of customer service is maintained and improve customer satisfaction.

Training and experience
Call center agents must be well-trained and experienced in various service campaigns. They should be confident enough to convince customers about their products, calm when talking with customers, and enthusiastic.

Cross-selling and up-selling
Knowing how to up-sell and cross-sell is essential for order-taking. At the same time, it can change or enhance a customer’s shopping behavior. They should be knowledgeable about how to encourage customers to take special deals. In this way, there is an excellent possibility that orders can be doubled in just a single call.

Hiring a call center company that can effectively and efficiently employ order-taking is essential. Customers will be attracted to maximize the order once the agent adequately conveys the call center campaign. Keep in mind that different customers have different shopping behaviors. In one way or another, order-taking can influence such behaviors.


Why Outsource the Inbound Order-Taking Services Process?

The business domain has evolved along with technological improvements. In recent years, customer service jobs have been done within the company. Today, tasks can be outsourced to third-party companies. The order-taking process is one of the tasks that many business owners outsource. Outsourcing non-core jobs is reasonable and offers some advantages to businesses.

Call center outsourcing can reduce the overhead costs that you can use for other purposes that benefit your business. The money for hiring an onsite sales force can be saved and redirected to other projects to help the business grow. The company can also protect against the expenses of training new staff. Likewise, order-taking is the specialty of call centers, so it is ideal to outsource this task. Agents should know about the order process, how to carry out sales calls, and other customer service tasks. Although you know your product better, you may not be knowledgeable or skilled in sales.

The customer’s demographic is another factor to consider when getting the services of the Philippine contact center industry. If you want to expand your customer base, hiring someone who can communicate with different nationalities and languages is essential. Indeed, outsourcing the order-taking process improves overall customer service, eventually converting to customer loyalty and repeat business. By streamlining and expediting the process of taking orders, faster delivery can be expected. This will make your customers happy, and they can recommend you to others.


How Do Inbound Order-Taking Services Affect the Marketing Strategy?

The advancement of technology has a significant impact on the business industry. Business owners are taking advantage of the e-marketing strategy by hiring the services of call center companies. Online shopping is the latest trend in the business industry, and customers prefer to purchase products online. Shopping over the Internet is the most convenient way and allows finding the best deals. That is why the number of online customers is increasing; this can be overwhelming for a business owner.

Fortunately, the existence of online services offered by business process outsourcing has reduced the tasks that business owners need to carry out. Handling a customer’s orders is a task that would take a significant amount of time. This can be time-consuming as you need to entertain shoppers worldwide. To ensure that all the buyers’ queries will be considered, the best thing to do is to hire order-taking services.

Order-taking services play a significant role in online shopping. By employing seamless inbound order-taking services procedures, the customer can experience hassle-free shopping. Nevertheless, it is essential to ensure that the call contact agent handling any customer knows everything about your products. Integrating outsourcing services can make a marketing strategy more effective. Allowing call center agents to drive the sales and order-taking process makes for prompt delivery. Customers want their purchases to be delivered as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, getting the service of order taking will not only do well for online business. Even those in-store businesses can also take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing sales. If more orders are coming into your business, you will likely need to hire staff to handle the task. However, it is more expensive to hire additional staff than hiring order-taking services.

Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc. is one of the companies offering different outsourcing services, including order taking. It is one of the fastest-growing outsourcing companies in the Philippines, committed to providing high-quality inbound and outbound services to small to medium businesses. The money you will spend on order-taking services is just a factor from the profit you will obtain from the sales made.


The trend of online shopping

Anyone planning to start a business online should ensure that the targeted group is a frequent internet user. Starting an online business is not that easy because there are factors that you need to consider. The competition online is very keen, so a business owner should learn the ropes of this endeavor. It is also essential to know why many people prefer purchasing online.

It is necessary to know the factors that influence online shopping. Purchasing online is convenient and allows for more comprehensive information, making a wide range of product selections, and finding the best deals. Other factors influencing online shopping include the following:

  • The safety of purchasing online attracts consumers. Likewise, online shopping ensures that customers’ payments are secure.
  • Another important factor that attracts shoppers to go online is privacy. However, choose an online shop that will keep your personal information confidential. Remember that when you shop online, you will provide some personal information, including your address and accounts.
  • Purchasing online does not allow the customer to see, touch, or try the items personally. That is why, before choosing a product, make sure that it does not only look good and feel good visually.

Understanding the customer’s buying behavior
To maximize sales and obtain huge profits, it is not enough to outsource order-taking services but also to know and understand every customer’s buying behavior. It is essential to know what motivates customers to buy. If you want to become successful in your business, make sure to study the buying process and behavior regardless of the size of your business. Here are some of the factors that influence customer buying behavior.

Identify the needs—Usually, customers decide what to purchase according to their needs. However, promotions and advertisements for products and services can affect this decision. Sometimes, a customer buys a product a celebrity or a friend uses.
In searching for information – Smart customers will most likely check the information about the product before buying it. This means that the product display and news in the packaging is significant. It can help your business if you will invest in creating videos and brochures.

Comparing products and suppliers is another factor influencing a customer’s buying behavior. Advertisements and promotions influence a customer’s decision-making. Nevertheless, customers are becoming competent enough to learn to compare products and suppliers.
Order-taking services are possible to obtain because there are local call centers that also offer such a service. On the other hand, before getting the service, you should understand and determine if your business needs to outsource the task. Outsourcing order-taking can significantly impact your sales and the entirety of your business as long as you have found the best BPO company that can provide satisfactory service.

It is necessary to ensure that the call contact agent knows the proper order-taking procedure to ensure that it will help your business succeed. With the plethora of call centers in the BPO industry, it can be very challenging to find the best one. That is why recommendations from other business owners or companies that use outsourcing services can help make decisions. As a business owner, the primary objective is to provide quality service products and services. The truth is that no one can handle multiple tasks daily, particularly in the sales aspect. Therefore, if you are not confident that you can take orders diligently, the best option is to outsource the task to contact centers.

Taking orders is not as easy as answering the telephone. It requires knowledge to handle charges and deal with customers politely and effectively. Hiring the right person to handle the task is essential because call center agents are trained to communicate with customers appropriately. The success of any business outsourcing service depends on how the agents respond to customers. It is not enough to be polite – as much as possible, give accurate and substantial information needed by customers.

Indeed, the BPO industry plays a significant role in the success of any business. Each sector has its specific outsourcing coverage. However, the client has the final decision on what he expects to be done. The good thing is that agents in BPO firms are well-trained in answering the phone and customer queries.

Magellan Solutions is a leading Philippine-based call center offering 24/7 inbound order-taking services.

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      Inbound Order Taking Services And Its Influence In Shopping Behaviors

      Magellan Solutions

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