Why Healthcare BPO is Essential Now, More Than Ever

Why Healthcare BPO is Essential Now, More Than Ever

The Rising Need For Medical Insurance BPO

The Rising Need For Medical Insurance BPO

For the healthcare industry, there is never room for error. 

Due to the urgent and critical nature of the healthcare industry, every thing must be covered, down to the smallest, simplest detail. 

The Philippines, one of the fastest rising outsourcing providers in the world, recognizes the importance of healthcare BPOs in assisting the tremendous duty of healthcare business to keep the public healthy and safe. 

An efficient healthcare BPO can provide solutions and services from certified medical professionals, as healthcare professionals have a high value on hard work, excellence, and achievement. This supports the fact that they are adept, sharp, and qualified as those in other countries.

Healthcare processes are very patient-centered, and because patients serve as the consumers, their opinion and welfare matters the most. 

Just like the usual BPO companies, healthcare support services can do many things for a healthcare enterprise:

Build a better doctor-patient connection.

As a call center support provider, we are an extension of your business. We help in creating a promising and better connection for patients. We achieve this through our top-notch services.

Round-the-Clock services.

We have our 24/7 call center support services. It allows patients to connect with clinics and hospitals at any time. No weekend or holiday is going to be empty for the safety and health of everyone.

This further creates a good impression with the availability to customers.

Provide a team of professionals.

We have a team of trained call center support that has knowledge in the medical field. We guarantee that patients do not have to worry about receiving the wrong details. We offer a high level of customer satisfaction.

We are able to cater to clients around the globe through our multilingual support team. As a result, this makes your customer base wider.

Customized call center support service.

We make use of the information from the medical field. Then we make a special feature. This helps clinics and hospitals get value-for-money services.

Reaching out to patients 24/7 with the best medical BPO in Manila

The healthcare industry matters the most in these times. And Magellan Solutions, as a company serving the people, guarantee quality services for:

Doctor’s Offices

Patient issues are not limited to a certain time frame. We are an extension of the medical industry. Because of this, we understand your mission. Treat your patients with the best care possible.


Clinics are the ones that deal with a high volume of contacts and calls. They focus on handling patients. They also coordinate with other medical professionals.


Our hospice managers provide empathetic support. Answered calls from family members ensure that they’re taken care of.

Dental Offices

As a physician’s answering service, we cover a number of tasks. We handle appointment scheduling or giving standard information to potential new patients.

Healthcare Claims Processing and How it Works

After the patients’ visit, the doctor can either send a bill to the patients’ insurance company for any charges, or the patients may file a claim for their hard-earned benefits. 

A claims processor will then check it for completeness, accuracy, and whether the service is covered by the patient’s plan.

Primarily, claims processing involves three important steps:

1.) Claims Adjudication

After a medical claim is submitted, the insurance company determines its financial responsibility for the payment to the provider. This process is referred to as claims adjudication. The insurance company can decide to pay the claim in full, deny the claim, or reduce the amount paid to the provider.

2.) Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)

EOBs are statements from your health insurance company providing details on payment for a medical service you received. It explains what portion of services was paid by your insurance plan and what part you’re responsible for paying.

3.) Claims Settlement

This is a request that a health insurance policyholder submits to the insurance company. They are able to obtain the services that are covered in their health insurance policy. A health insurance policyholder can either get reimbursed or can opt for a direct claim settlement option for the availed medical services. In this way, one can either submit the claim form or request the health insurance provider cashless services.

Outsource Expert Healthcare Support Services with Magellan Solutions

Magellan Solutions recognizes the duty of your healthcare enterprise to provide the best healthcare to your patients. 

We offer prime healthcare support services handled by expert medical professionals to ensure the best quality of assistance, through legitimate medical knowledge and stellar patient services. 

Let’s talk about great healthcare. Contact us here now. 


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