Why Opt For Call Center Service Provider Outside Your Borders?

Why Opt For Call Center Service Provider Outside Your Borders?

Why Opt For Call Center Service Provider Outside Your Borders?

Why Opt For Call Center Service Provider Outside Your Borders?

Why opt for call center companies outside your borders?

The Philippines is already dubbed as the Call Center Capital of the World . This is being supported by employees who have proven their talent and skill. For outbound services, our trained agents help you make many calls in a day. Furthermore, our sales expertise and customer service allow you to understand your prospects’ needs.

Our call center outsourcing services are also cost-effective. You can save more while receiving quality sales service.

Usual metrics that measure the quality of inbound call center outsourcing

The experience you give makes up a huge part of your company brand. 

Clients we have worked with have enjoyed a high level of service. They no longer worry about the support coverage gaps that used to occur. It is because we have avoided these inbound call center metric habits:

Metrics as Targets and Not Indicators

We don’t chase the number and forget about business, employee and advisor considerations in the process. Instead, we prioritize how you can improve your people, process, and technology. 

Tracking Metrics That Don’t Inform Decision-Making 

If you have 20 inbound call center metrics but you are only using two of them to actually change things, then what are the other 18 for? Magellan Solutions finds its uses and turns it to your advantage.

Chasing Numbers Without Really Knowing Why

Why are you using a specific metric? What is it for? You need to know this so you can make effective changes and better align your department with the rest of the organization. 

Having Contradictions Between Actual Performance and Your Number

Are your quality scores and your customer satisfaction scores telling you different things? You need to question things like this when your scores aren’t quite adding up. Our supervisors and managers would make sure that everyone in the team is doing their share to meet your quota.

Having a Set of Metrics That Are Imbalanced

Are you focusing so much on boosting one metric? We don’t want you to neglect other metrics as it also serves as key business indicators. This is why Magellan Solutions assure that all metrics you set up with the team are met.

Main setups for call center support services in the Philippines

Customer service is crucial for success in your business. Customers are encouraged to choose you among others when they feel that you prioritize them. Let your clients have open communication channels. Engage customers via phone, email, or other channels. Inbound and outbound customer support improves the quality of a customer’s experience. 

Loads of businesses looking to outsource their call operations. Your setup determines the structure of your call center. You can choose to run the following setups:

Virtual Call Centers

Usually entirely remote.

This is a good option if you don’t have much money to spend on setup costs. Your operations are carried out by your employees remotely. You get to save up from paying for overheads like rent, electricity, and the internet.

However, managing a large remote workforce is not easy. You will need to have the right tools. Even with the right tools, you would need to have a pool of trained individuals for it. 

On-Site Call Centers

This set up is where you can find Magellan Solutions. We operate from a central location in the city.

Our employees work at an office and everything is handled there. This is a good option if you want to build your business at a fixed location. It also allows you to work with us. As a company with almost two decades of experience in the field, we guarantee you high compliance and security requirements. Furthermore, we are also an option if you plan to hire a number of talents. Running this kind of call center may also introduce small business operations that could potentially use your call center services.

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