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Why your SaaS startup needs a BPO call center

Why your SaaS startup needs a BPO call center

BPO call center for SaaS startups

BPO call center for SaaS startups

SaaS or software-as-a-service is in high demand, and numerous startups offer bold value propositions and solutions in this area. There’s an influx of SaaS startups in the world, but a large percentage of these young businesses will fail. Wall Street Journal said so – three out of four startups end up folding.

These startups are often founded by software engineers, digital marketers, and general problem-solvers — no doubt, brilliant experts in their field. However, new companies shut down because their funding runs dry or they end up neglecting back-office tasks that are essential to day-to-day operations. They also fail to retain customers and find new ones because of poor customer support.

Here’s why every SaaS startup needs a BPO call center:


A BPO call center can help your startup retain existing customers

A call answering service can increase overall customer satisfaction, encouraging customers to return for more transactions in the future. A reliable call center can swiftly address any concern or complaint that customers might have about your service, as well as entertain any queries from interested parties.

Retaining customers is key in a saturated market; an unhappy customer can easily switch over to another startup that promises bigger and better solutions. So give them the royal treatment by hiring an experienced BPO call center.


It can help you convert existing customers into brand advocates

A call center can turn a one-time customer into a brand advocate – someone who believes in your company; a customer who will go out there and spread the word on your startup in their business circles. Brand advocates are indispensable to young companies that are still gaining traction in the market.


It can also assist you in finding new customers

Getting clients the old-fashioned way, such as referrals and inviting potential leads to lunch or a golf match, can still work. But a call center can focus on capturing and nurturing leads that you may not necessarily be able to find within your professional network. The BPO can also ramp up its efforts in lead generation during periods when business is down.


A BPO call center will help you reduce costs

One of the primary reasons why businesses outsource is cost reduction. It’s more cost-efficient since the service provider typically shoulders employee benefits and overhead costs. Offshore call centers, in particular, let you take advantage of the exchange rate, giving you more purchasing power.

Even the most established businesses resort to outsourcing to widen their profit margins. The same reasoning applies to startups, which often run short on finances before reaching their next milestone.


The Philippines is home to numerous call centers that cater to startups. The country has a large pool of skilled agents, trainers, and managers. These call centers understand the needs of businesses and what it takes to survive in today’s business climate.

If you’re ready to take your SaaS startup to the next level, consider outsourcing to a BPO call center. This way, you can focus on your core competencies without having to neglect the other aspects of your company.


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