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Telemarketing Services In The Philippines

Tired of making too many phone calls to acquire customers? Don’t bear with the hassle of personally searching for potential buyers. Reach more and earn more when you hire telemarketers from the Philippines. 


What Is Outbound Telemarketing?

It is a proactive sales strategy using the phone. Agents make outbound calls to a list of customers to offer products and services. Customers who belong to the list are not part of a National Do Not Call Registry. Many businesses utilize this sales method to increase their market reach and conversion.


How Effective Is An Outbound Telemarketing Center?

A campaign can increase productivity and elicit immediate feedback from prospects. This direct interaction allows sales agents to ask questions, listen to customer needs, and address any pain points that may arise.

This sales method has proven its value in the field of business and commerce. Companies, both big and small, rely on this marketing tool to boost their business growth.


What Are The Reasons To Get A Filipino Outbound Telemarketing Service?

On average, you need to make 18 calls to connect to a buyer. As the number of calls you make increases, so does the number of successful transactions.

Filipino telemarketers can help you make hundreds of calls in a day. Their sales expertise, paired with knowledge in customer service, allows them to deeply understand your prospects’ needs. In return, they can offer your products and services based on those needs.

Outsourcing in the Philippines is also cost-effective. You can save more while receiving quality sales service.


Who Can Benefit The Most From Telemarketing Services?

Telemarketing is perfect for businesses that want to increase their sales effort. Whether you belong to the consumer goods sector, manufacturing industry, Telecomm, banking, or any type of industry, you can use this to achieve a healthier bottom line.


How Much Does A Telemarketing Call Center in the Philippines Cost?

We calculate our prices based on these factors:

  • The number of sales agents you need
  • Their level of expertise
  • The length of our partnership
  • The labor market rate 


Outsource Telemarketing Services to the Philippines

Maximize your resources by outsourcing time-consuming tasks. Along with our lead generation services, reach a wider market through telemarketing. 

Magellan Solutions’ telemarketing services include:

  • Business Telemarketing Service
  • Small Business Telemarketing Service
  • Third-Party Verification Service
  • Advanced Telemarketing with Inbound Customer Service

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