Fb Pixel 5 signs your company needs an outsourced inbound service (live answering)

5 Signs Your Company Needs an Outsourced Inbound Service

5 Signs Your Company Needs an Outsourced Inbound Service

outsourced inbound service for live answering

outsourced inbound service for live answering

Having a live agent to talk to is an experience that present-day, technology-centered customers are still relieved to have. There is something comforting in hearing the sound of a human voice on the other line. In the midst of all the state-of-the-art facilities; cloud-based programs; and lightning-speed computer processes of call centers, the human connection still permeates and triumphs as one of the biggest factors for customer service satisfaction.

With that truth, live answering is an inbound service that your company can greatly benefit from. How do you know if your in-house live answering customer service needs an extra push? Here are the 5 signs to look out for:

    1. Your in-house staff just can’t take it all.

When your in-house staff are getting burned-out with the volume of calls, perhaps it is time to consider outside help. There is an abundance of professionally-trained agents who can accommodate this phone call surplus from your customers so you can still give the best customer service to each customer.

    1. Customer service is not your strength.

In “Should You Outsource Your Customer Service?” by Joanna L. Krotz published on Entrepreneur.com, she says that one key consideration is to honestly evaluate your customer service experience. If you know your strength lies in tasks other than making customers happy, then perhaps the customer service aspect should be left to the experts. Realize that this inbound service should leave your customers feeling delighted. Insisting on handling it yourself even if you know you are not good at it may yield some disastrous results for you and your business.

    1. Your in-house staff are not dedicated to providing customer service.

If your existing live answering staff perform other core functions, then perhaps it will be better to outsource live answering to those who will be dedicated to customer service. Remember that your customers and their satisfaction are crucial in ensuring your business growth. A sure way to satisfy your customers is to focus on them, which is quite difficult for a staff with too many responsibilities to do.

    1. You are losing clients because of unanswered phone calls.

Clients may call in at the most unexpected times: your office is already closed, it’s a national holiday in your country, there’s an emergency or disaster, and the like. Because clients nowadays expect 24/7/365 service from the businesses they subscribe to, no matter what. If you are not capable of attending to these calls, you are more likely to lose customers. Outsourcing an inbound service can help prevent that from happening.

    1. You have limited resources.

If your company does not have enough people who are trained in customer service or if your company could not afford to invest in better call center infrastructure and tools, outsourcing live answering can make it possible for you to still deliver superior-quality customer service.


Got a 5/5? Consider outsourcing your live answering customer service and see the difference.

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