Advantage When You Outsource Live Chat Operators

Advantage When You Outsource Live Chat Operators

Advantage When You Outsource Live Chat Operators

Advantage When You Outsource Live Chat Operators

Why outsource website chat?

Industries run most of their business over the internet. Thus, website chat support is a must-have feature on the business website. Outsourcing with us allows more focus on your main business functions. We also ensure that web customers are being provided appropriate customer care services .

Advantages with Magellan Solutions when you outsource chat agents with us

Live chat allows customers to communicate with customer service representatives in real-time.

Instead of waiting for an email response, users can send a message in a live chat. The response is immediate from the agent. 

Improves the support experience for customers

With live chat, consumers get their questions answered immediately. 

Compared to email, it’s hard to know when you’ll get a response back.

Helps with customer acquisition and onboarding

Connect with prospective and new customers. Give them the confidence they need to use your product.

Being available to help build trust, even if your customers don’t need to talk right then and there.

Agents build rapport with customers

Agents can build rapport. This is by mirroring or adjusting their formality that matches the customer.

Chat platforms offer authenticity that showcases an agents’ personality than traditional channels.

Reduce repetition for your customers

No one wants to explain the issue over and over again.

Agents can read the text supplied by the customer. They can multitask by reviewing other details they have access to. Some tools even allow them to share a screen or send links and screenshots to help.

Boost your customer service team’s productivity

While a person can only be on one phone call or reply to one email at a time, with chat they can juggle a few at once.

They may want to stick to one or two. But if they’re working the chat queue full of quick and simple questions, handling more than one can be manageable with practice.

Provides 24/7 support

With careful scheduling, live chat support are available round-the-clock.

With the availability to cover the whole day, customers will have little reason to complain.

Increase customer engagement

This allows a chance to make a good impression and give customers a reason to stick around.

Some may be customers who switch to using chat instead of email/phone support. A part of the growth are people who found chat and realized they could get immediate help.

Gives you an edge over your competition

For instance, would a customer pick up the phone and call support? Or would they be more tempted by someone else that was already available?

Most people are more likely to ask questions over chat instead of calls.

Live chat data helps inform product decisions

Agents would be able to store, organize, and tag chats to filter them for review later.

Consider tagging for things like feature requests and bugs, as well as by question type or topic. Agents can spot the updates faster. As a result, they would be able to help more customers out.

Some of the industries that partnered with us found their dedicated 24/7 live chat support team:

  • Telecom industries
  • Banking
  • Travel
  • eCommerce

Outsource live chat operators for round-the-clock availability

Our round-the-clock chat services ensure that customers are being attended to by an agent. It has now become a norm for the 24/7 chat support services that are being outsourced. This is due to the after-hours requirement.

  • When a chat starts, customers are immediately connected to your website. A website where we handle everything with care, just like how you would. The customers would not even know the difference on who handles them. We smoothly transition as an extension of your company.
  • Our live chat Specialists are experts in the field. They build rapport through unscripted and connection-building conversations. This, in turn, forms a long-term loyalty from the customers. They feel ensured that their worries do not go unnoticed. With our empathic agents’ answers, we get to assure them.
  • We guide your visitors to the next steps. We lead them to your  FAQs page and call transfers to your sales team. All while saving you time and saving your money and focus.

Magellan Solutions has all the qualities of a reliable live chat service provider. We have been in the industry for over 17  years, and we make sure that our staff reflects this experience. Our company is ISO and HIPAA certified, so we can guarantee high quality services with flexible rates. 

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