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B2B Lead Generation Quickie: Getting Prospects Online

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on November 7, 2022

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B2B Lead Generation: Getting Prospects Online


Business to business lead generation is a key task in an increasingly competitive global market. It makes use of several tactics to get sales prospects. For many companies, this is their life line and their primary means of securing transactions and making profit. It also helps them grow their network and build their reputation.

Given the role it plays in business and profit, companies can’t afford to neglect their B2B lead generation tactics. It would benefit them to utilize tried and proven methods, as well as tactics that can help forward their goals.

Outsourcing B2B lead generation

Here’s how they can make B2B lead generation work for them:


I. Use the best tactics around

There are numerous tactics that range from PPC to retargeted ads at a company’s disposal. However, they need to stick a set number of tactics that they can realistically commit to. They also need to know which ones really work. Email marketing, search marketing, social marketing and content marketing are the most consistent when it comes to delivering results.

Companies should also keep in mind that how they utilize a channel is more crucial than what channel they decide to use. In fact, utilizing all channels would be just fine and would provide crucial comparisons in terms of effectiveness and return on investment. The campaign of their choice can make or break their lead generation strategies. For instance, email marketing is a popular channel. However, the results will vary depending on how smart companies are when it comes to maximizing user data for their campaigns.

Use the best strategy

II. Modify strategies depending on the size of the business

Large companies are more likely to see results from telemarketing, direct mail, trade shows and traditional advertising. Small businesses, on the other hand, are twice as likely to generate leads via social media. In other words, companies must choose a channel that best matches their profile. They may try tactics such as traditional advertising as they experience growth and expansion.


III. Integrate

An effective, fully-integrated campaign can yield thousands to millions in profit. The key is to experiment with several tactics and combine them across multiple channels. This helps companies maximize their budget and energy. It also makes for a more seamless campaign.

IV. Do social networking

Social media has potential for lead generation as well. Companies can build a sales pipeline from LinkedIn, a social media network that lets them interact with other professionals and businesses. It also allows for better integration when it comes to content marketing and search marketing.

B2B lead generation is the bread and butter of business. It gives companies the means to sustain themselves and seek out opportunities in the market. It helps them create pipeline value through various channels. When done right, it can help draw customers in and translate to successful transactions or conversions.

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      B2B Lead Generation Quickie: Getting Prospects Online

      Magellan Solutions

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