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What Kind of BPO or Call Center Setup Would be Best? A Look at Managed Outsourcing and Other BPO Setups

By Janselle M.

Updated on June 3, 2024

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Centralized Managed Seat Leasing vs. Centralized Fully Managed Outsourcing vs. Decentralized Managed Seat Leasing: How to Set them Apart?


No matter how big or small an outsourcing business is, it can be challenging to compete with giants. In addition to stabilizing resources, maintaining contact with customers is crucial for the business’s success. All the while, I was keeping the daily operations in check.

However, to carry out these tasks, it is essential to have an office space with access to cutting-edge infrastructure, such as personal computers, telephone communication equipment, software, and other expenditures.

With that, having such a facility comes with a significant overhead cost. But this can potentially deplete a startup company’s resources, as many budding entrepreneurs or home business owners learn. This is where leasing seats takes a step forward and steals the spotlight.

If you want to know the perfect seat leasing or outsourcing service provider appropriate for your business, keep reading!



For both foreign and smaller businesses that wish to start up right away that will not require an office, seat leasing is a practical choice because it provides you with ready-made call center infrastructures, including call center cubicles, information technology (IT) hardware, internet, and general office administrative facilities. 

In addition to being cost-efficient and user-friendly, this office setup allows businesses to cut capital expenses. They focus on more crucial areas of their business and maintain a reputable image for the organization.

As most seat leasing companies allow you to equip more seating to support your team expansion as you would need in the future, seat leasing is scalable in keeping up with the development and growth of the team.




Source: Magellan Solutions 


Centralized Managed Seat Leasing

Centralized leasing’s responsibility here is limited to providing workplace amenities, internet access, and employment contracts. It is not accountable for the key performance indicator (KPI), attrition, and other business operations. Centralized leasing is less expensive than a fully managed outsourced business. 

However, it isn’t easy to oversee personnel performance and productivity because they will report directly to a customer counterpart in another nation without physical supervision. There is also a lack of knowledge regarding Philippine culture and how to handle Filipino employees. 


Centralized, Fully Managed Outsourcing

The managed service provider business model is more like a partnership. With something that penetrates every corner of your business, their integration into the team makes them tremendously beneficial in gaining insights and taking your business to new heights. Large internal initiatives may benefit from managed services and provide creative ideas for building a robust and secure IT strategy.

Managed outsourcing has a minimum headcount requirement, often higher than 20 full-time equivalents (FTEs). The frontline team, which consists of team leaders (TLs), trainers, quality assurance (QAs), project managers, reports analysts, workforce, shift managers, and operations managers, has a dedicated or shared supervisory management team. 

To guarantee the project’s success, the BPO must actively engage with the customer during the benchmarking and incubation phases. 

An end-to-end operational support and improvement solution from managed outsourcing ensures a seamless end-user experience.


Decentralized Managed Seat Leasing

It is the least expensive of the three-seat leasing options. They can hire individuals worldwide, not only in the Philippines. However, the infrastructure provided, such as internet access, personal computers, etc., is undependable. This is one disadvantage that will indeed cause connectivity and productivity issues. 

Your business might encounter issues with data security and information confidentiality as well. You must hire a company that values the client’s needs and will be held accountable for any significant issue that might arise. 

Since employees would be reporting directly to a client counterpart in a different country without direct supervision, it will be challenging to manage productivity and performance. The same with centralized MSL; decentralized MSL has little familiarity with the Philippine culture and how to manage Filipino employees.     



An excellent managed services company will examine the current operations and infrastructure to identify problems. In addition to offering qualified people to support the company’s business needs, they will identify any activities that may negatively impact performance and develop a plan for short-term and long-term improvements.

A competent managed services outsourcing will also proactively discuss best practices, offer suggestions for boosting savings, and troubleshoot issues before they happen. 

Let’s discuss the advantages of managed outsourcing for small- to medium-sized business owners.


Source: Magellan Solutions 


Greater Responsiveness

Employees cannot be slowed down by downtime or other technical issues nowadays. Having 24/7 support is essential to ensuring that your team can always remain productive, especially during periods of high traffic. Help is always accessible for your users when you have a support services provider.


Adaptable Services 

Your managed service company continuously learns, develops, and upgrades systems to guarantee cutting-edge technology. Without paying for upgrades or training, you can use their knowledge and investments to stay on the cutting edge of technology. That said, your business has an advantage compared to others. 


Proactive Monitoring & Problem Solving

Working with managed services outsourcing gives you proactive solutions and access to specialists and their talents. Your IT can be monitored and managed to find problems before becoming more problematic. Because there is little downtime, it also guarantees business continuity.



As your company’s demands expand, scaling up your managed outsourcing is simple. You can also scale up managed IT solutions during your busiest season and scale them back down as necessary with pay-as-you-go service options.


Cybersecurity Assistance

Reducing risks associated with credit card use, client data leaks, and other sensitive information leaks can be accomplished by outsourcing to a managed services provider with experience in Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance. A managed service company implements security measures that guarantee your company complies with security standards.


Ensured Assistance for Data Compliance

Compliance laws and standards help safeguard individual rights, including consumer privacy and financial data security. Compliance is essential for avoiding penalties and expanding your clientele, especially for business owners in the e-commerce, retail, healthcare, education, financial services, and legal sectors.

The burden of compliance may be shifted through managed IT services. Qualified professionals can guarantee Your technology systems comply with domestic and international laws and regulations.


Skilled & Trained Managed IT Service Professionals

They can perform tasks that your internal team cannot. The IT infrastructure and software programs nowadays frequently call for specialized skill sets. Learning new, one-time skills is necessary for the implementation of new software. Every time you introduce a new program, you can either invest time and money in educating your team or delegate responsibility to your managed service company.


Internal IT Personnel Can Concentrate on Innovation

Thanks to your managed outsourcing, your business’s day-to-day activities function smoothly. Your IT department may concentrate on your business’s core skills and the ground-breaking concepts to maintain it at the top of your sector.


Experience & Expertise

One of the main benefits of managed IT services is that you may hire a qualified, trained, certified, and experienced team in your sector. You no longer need to search for and hire qualified IT administrators because a managed services provider gives you access to them. Your firm may access the most recent technology available and swiftly and efficiently adopt it when working with an IT support company.


Optimization is Achieved Using a Holistic Approach

There is no finger-pointing or placing blame when something goes wrong because monitoring, management, data storage, and security are all housed under one roof. Your managed outsourcing company will resolve the issue.


Centralized Servers & Software

Your data and applications are remotely hosted with managed services, typically in a virtual server environment. These establishments usually follow international standards for security and regulation. Your data will be safe in a remote facility, even if a natural calamity like a fire or flood affects your office. If something goes wrong in your office or off-site, managed service providers have standards to help you maintain business continuity.


Stable Costs Ease the Strain on Cash Flow

When you choose to outsource, budgeting for your IT spending is more straightforward because they have low startup fees and consistent monthly payments.


Peace of Mind

With managed outsourcing, there is a high chance the network would not fail. This is because the managed service company would identify the problem before you do. 


Simplifies Remote or Flexible Work Schedules

The centralized management of your IT services lowers overall infrastructure expenses and guarantees that every employee has the same level of technological exposure. Employees may log in and experience the same speed and security as on-site, whether working in your office, a satellite office, from home, or another location.



It is best to identify your business’s needs to know the best service for you. 

One of the best ways for businesses to enhance their operations is through managed services outsourcing. A managed services provider offers end-to-end operational support and improvements for a smooth end-user experience rather than supporting a small number of business operations.

It can assist businesses of all sizes and types by increasing productivity, reducing operating expenses, and providing many other advantages. Managed outsourcing can improve your IT setup by bringing fresh perspectives and proactive care with qualified professionals and top-tier resources.


Magellan Solutions Can Provide the Suitable Outsourcing Services Customed for Your Business

Outsourcing services is the easiest way to save time and money while investing in your business!

Magellan Solutions guarantees accountability and affordability for your business goals with quality retention. 

With more than a decade of expertise in the field, we take great pride in offering only the best call center services appropriate for small and medium-sized businesses. On top of that, we are an ISO-certified and HIPAA-compliant outsourcing company. We provide a great variety of top-notch outsourced business solutions. 

Let’s discuss and identify your business needs, and we will provide you with tailored-fit solutions!

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      What Kind of BPO or Call Center Setup Would be Best? A Look at Managed Outsourcing and Other BPO Setups

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