Fb Pixel Nurses as Call Center Agents for Healthcare

Medical information outsourcing: call center with nurses as agents

Medical information outsourcing: call center with nurses as agents

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The Philippines produces thousands of nursing graduates every year. However, what was once a ticket to greener pastures in other countries has turned into a dead-end for many who are unable to find paid work locally and abroad. After years of hiring nurses from the Philippines, foreign countries have put restrictions on recruitment, with some opting to train medical workers from their own land.

With fewer opportunities for work abroad, the Philippine government has asked nursing students to consider taking up studies in related fields such as pharmacy and medical technology. Many are also encouraged to consider working for the country’s call centers that are in need of agents who have a medical background. PH Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said in a report that the healthcare information outsourcing sector of BPOs is considered one of the fast-growing sectors with over 100, 000 medical-related jobs open to nursing graduates in 2012.

This has made it possible for the country to become the world’s medical information outsourcing and home care call center capital, turning an unemployment crisis into a game advantage for the Philippines’ business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.


Nursing graduates as home care call center agents, medical transcriptionists, and more

Nursing graduates are naturally a good fit for home care call center work, given the training and education they’ve received. They have a working knowledge of medical issues, and they have developed the ability to intuit patients’ needs. They can be expected to have empathy for those in need of care. They also know how to adjust to different communication styles, enabling them to handle calls with finesse even when talking to angry callers.

This means that they are ideal for medical organizations and companies that want to give patients that best kind of support possible. Health issues and anxiety can crop up during the most inopportune moments. Because of this, patients must have a qualified agent to speak with outside of regular business hours.

Healthcare BPO jobs for nurses are not just limited to being home care call center agents, in fact, opportunities for being medical transcriptionists, medical secretaries, medical coders and billers, medical assistants, medical representatives, and medical butlers are increasing.

“If they are into clinical review and decision making, they may consider a career as a clinical appeals specialist who abstracts relevant facts documented in the patient’s medical record, reviews clinical cases and responds to written medical appeals of patients and clients,” Baldoz said.


Outsourcing home care call center agents and other medical support services to the Philippines 

Entrusting your home care call center services with a Philippines service provider is a plausible step that lets you tap into the country’s talent pool of nursing graduates. Not only does it give you access to valuable human capital, it also helps you reduce costs  since Filipino agents’ rates are relatively lower than those of their Western counterparts. Despite this, however, they have a stronger background when it comes to health issues and patient care.

It also gives nursing graduates an opportunity to practice their profession, albeit in a different capacity. It helps them broaden their skill set, encouraging them to thrive in various work settings. It is also a way for them to stay afloat, financially, until the landscape of nursing changes and more hospital-based jobs become available.