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Challenges Of B2B Outsourced Inside Sales

By Yelyna

Updated on June 3, 2024

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Challenges of having an outsourced inside sales

In a talent shortage survey, employers found sales positions among the most difficult to fill, beating out engineers, management, and executive roles. Hiring inside sales employees is a significant investment. Companies like us are aware of the challenges we must address before offering a long-term or short-term partnership.

Control over the outsourced team

You want to ensure that your sales team properly represents your brand. Here at Magellan Solutions, we will prioritize transparency. We do this by giving insights into the metrics that help your inside sales team succeed. Furthermore, we frequently review their progress with you, so you are granted control over how their efforts should be adjusted and executed.

Alignment with your organization

When you build a sales team internally, sales can be more directly involved with your overall organizational strategy. The impact that this misalignment might have on your brand could be detrimental. And we know outsourcing can complicate things further if you have a highly complex product or service to sell. This is why we will work closely with your internal leadership to integrate fully with your processes and strategy. You can rest assured that our ability to align with your internal team involves the following:

  • Process overview
  • Client Overview
  • Qualification criteria
  • Account segmentation
  • Marketing support
  • Technological alignment

This kick-off period is crucial for ensuring our success without needing you to control every element.

Questionable stake in your success

You may think that we have less of a stake in your success as an outsourced sales company. But keep in mind that we are incentivized to help you succeed. Retaining your business as a client is just as important to us as winning new business is to you. You can compare us to ones that do pay on a per lead, per sales appointment, year-long contracts, or commission basis. Pay-per-whatever firms are more likely to prioritize sending you the volume of meetings and opportunities, no matter the quality. This is why we recommend a time-based outsourced BPO firm. We act more as a partner rather than just a vendor.

Affordability of outsourcing

Outsourcing a function like sales can indeed be expensive for your business. But your due diligence will get you an accurate figure of what different services we charge. Next, we assure you that we will give you an accurate estimate of the value that we deliver.

  • How much pipeline will we build for you?
  • How many qualified appointments can we deliver?
  • How much will we contribute to your revenue?

It’s essential to anticipate the ROI you’ll get from us. It measures the service’s cost against the value you’ll receive from it. Furthermore, sales reps and SDRs are in high demand these days. Retaining an effective sales team can be pretty costly. We can provide experienced sales talent at a fraction of the cost of building an inside sales team internally.


What do inside sales outsourcing companies do?

Inside sales is technically an inside job. But outsourcing your inside sales gives you access to things your in-house team can’t offer regularly. Furthermore, you don’t have to invest in expensive sales tools, and many outsourced sales firms even provide a built-in management structure so that you don’t have to keep somebody to micromanage the team on your payroll.

The key is to choose a suitable vendor who will work with you to plan and execute a strategy tailored to your customers and solution and, more importantly, collaborate with you to improve the efforts continuously.


Why should I outsource my sales team to Magellan Solutions

How we sell goods and services has changed dramatically, especially in business to business. What was once a linear sales motion has shifted to an involved process that dives into buyer behaviors, relevant content, social influences, genuine discussions, and data that illustrates accurate results.

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      Challenges Of B2B Outsourced Inside Sales


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