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Christmas Is Coming! Don’t Let Calls Overflow. Hire Live Answering Services During Peak Seasons

Christmas Is Coming! Don’t Let Calls Overflow. Hire Live Answering Services During Peak Seasons


It’s something that happens every year.

Strangely enough, it still appears as if we don’t learn from it.

Christmas rush shopping is something that drives consumers to the brink of insanity and stress-related illness, but so many people still choose to put off buying their Christmas gifts until December 24th. Business owners, on the other hand, still struggle with the onslaught of customers and orders, as if the previous year’s experience failed to teach them a lesson.

Peak seasons are great for business owners because the demand for their products is usually high. But if they end up not planning well for this hectic time of the year, they stand to lose a lot of opportunities to make a sale and develop good relations with their customers.  

One proven way for business owners to have more efficient and organized store operations during the Christmas season is by hiring a live answering service. A live answering service can be your business’ weapon against call overflows during peak seasons such as Christmas. That said, it can help your business maintain, if not improve, your bottom line during this busy time of the year.

Your customers and business will gain the following three key advantages when you hire a live answering service during Christmas and other peak seasons:

  1. Avoid call overflows

    For your customers, this means fewer hold times, no re-routing, and no more ignored phone calls. For your business, this means lower call abandonment rates, less missed calls, and fewer missed opportunities to serve your customers. When you hire a live answering service, your business is fortified with the help of professional agents who can handle this expected increase in your incoming calls. This team of agents will work on your behalf, to make sure that all the incoming calls of your customers will be promptly attended to, without exceptions.

  2. Ensure consistent, professional customer service delivery

    What sadly, usually happens during the Christmas season, when everyone is very busy meeting year-end targets, is that the quality of the customer service we give suffers. Traffic gets worse, employees are overworked from doing lots of overtime; there is a whole set of factors that make it more difficult for us to serve our customers with a smile. But your business can be different! By hiring a live answering service, you can ensure your company is still delivering the high level of customer service your clients have come to know and love, especially during this time of the year. When you have a dedicated team of agents who are focused on attending to your customers’ incoming calls, you can be assured that the quality of customer experiences you create will not suffer.

  3. Reliable, ’round the clock service

    Hiring a live answering service from a reputable BPO brings an amazing benefit to your company: extended business hours. Now your customers can call even after business hours, during weekends, and even the holiday itself, and they can expect a live agent to answer their call. This 24/7 feature is offered by the many call centers and BPOs specializing in live answering services.

Say goodbye to call overflows, missed calls, and opportunities to close sales. Say hello to consistently excellent, 24/7 customer service when you hire a live answering service.

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