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Best Tools to Outsource Customer Service for Shopify Stores

By Yelyna

Updated on June 24, 2024

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What are the Best Customer Service Tools to Outsource Customer Service for Shopify Stores?

After establishing your eCommerce store like Shopify, the first thing to look for is a customer support tool. This tool helps revert to customer inquiries faster and is used to boost your overall revenue. By choosing to outsource customer service for Shopify, you can ensure that your customers receive prompt and professional assistance, enhancing their shopping experience. Here is the best customer service tool for Shopify we have gathered so you can decide which is best for you.

To enhance your Shopify business, it’s essential to have a strong Shopify customer service team. Support teams play a crucial role in meeting customer expectations and expanding your customer base. When you outsource your Shopify customer service, you ensure that your online store provides top-notch sales support, including pre-sale inquiries. This approach allows your customer service team to focus on delivering excellent service, ultimately boosting your Shopify business.

There are many things to consider when it comes to better customer support. One of the most essential parts of the puzzle is which customer support application to make the support process easier.

There is a multitude of Shopify Helpdesk apps that are available on the marketplace. All these are delivering instant, seamless support to your customers.


UVdesk is an open-source helpdesk tool. It provides more personalized automated support for internal and external processes and integration. When a customer inquires about the process, UVdesk sends an automated notification email to customers and agents with ticket links and email messages. This helpdesk tool caters to Shopify and other channels such as Magento, Amazon, Flipkart, Newegg, Etsy, and a whole lot more.


Allows customer interactions across phone, chat, email, social media, and any other channel. This helps to enhance a better customer experience and save time by automating overall internal business flow. As a result, Zendesk can solve customer service tickets faster by having access to relevant customer data. It’s used by more than 200,000 customers counting, among them companies from Fortune 500.

Re: Amaze

Provides a powerful dashboard for customer support, sales, and marketing. It is not the ticket-based tool that does everything you can think of and many things you don’t want. Reamaze has a multichannel configuration like Zendesk. It is the perfect live chat-oriented software developed for SMEs.

Customer Guru

Perfect fit for smaller companies wanting to build their customer service around customer feedback survey tools. It works well with ShopifyPOS
and is helpful for eCommerce stores. Furthermore, it allows integration with Facebook Ads and Google Adwords functionality. It also allows a Free trial to explore the feature more. Its central part integrates with the NPS score, which measures customer satisfaction and predicts business growth.


Gorgias recently rolled out the Shopify helpdesk making this software an integrated customer service software. This new user-friendly customer support software reduces ticket first response time and will surely increase customer satisfaction. You can interact from various customer channels such as email, live chat, social media, voice, and SMS.

What You Can Expect When You Outsource Customer Service for Shopify with Magellan Solutions

As successful as Shopify already is, they are still bound to encounter the limits of what they can do just by themselves. That’s why we want to get to know the company’s objectives. Then, we can move forward and create a tailor-made logistical solution. With this, Magellan Solutions puts customers first. Our fulfillment processes are a guaranteed perfect match. We always meet the needs and expectations of both consumers and clients. Have you decided to outsource customer service for Shopify? Be sure to hire a competent team of designers and developers who can easily tweak your site and enhance your e-commerce development.

Magellan Solutions offer the following for your websites:

  • Images and Artwork
  • Marketing Support
  • Copy and Content Creation
  • Customer Support
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Shipping & Fulfilment
  • Financial Duties

Outsource Customer Service for Shopify E-commerce Today!

Our employees are both office-based and an at-home workforce. Both provide call center, staffing models. We are also familiar with the best customer service tool for Shopify.

Even from an at-home setup, we still see that the agents promote quality work by monitoring their task progress.

Our agents provide you with the best experience of eCommerce customer service outsourcing. They create a team of competent designers and developers who can easily tweak your site. As a result, we assure you that we provide the best feedback from customer experiences with you. Contact us and be a successful e-commerce entrepreneur today!

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      Best Tools to Outsource Customer Service for Shopify Stores


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