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ECommerce Call Center Services: What Are The Trends This 2021?

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on June 3, 2024

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ECommerce Call Center Services: What Trend Should You Follow This 2021?

E-commerce call center services have become a necessity for businesses shifting to the online market. Although they still need a physical store for their products, businesses are thriving right now with e-commerce. The online platform changed the landscape of the customer’s shopping experience.

E-commerce is continuously growing. It is because most of the consumers can’t go outside to buy products. This industry has had a 45% percent retail growth in just a few years.

The continuous development of e-commerce shows that people love to shop online. It gives them access to all products at their convenience. They also don’t need to go outside just whenever they want to buy something. As a result, e-commerce will get 95% of all purchases over the next 20 years.

With this in mind, what are the e-commerce service trends that we should look out for this 2021?

Voice Searches Will Become The Norm

‘Okay, Google.’

This paragraph is written using my voice.

The majority of consumers right now have their smartphones. Most of them use voice assistants to accomplish their daily tasks. Because of that, a lot of them are also using voice search functions to buy products. Thorough personal research is no longer convenient for people that have a lot of things going on every day.

For this reason, business owners should invest in content moderators and writers to improve their opportunities in keyword searching. They must take advantage of creating content related to their products. Tons of BPO companies offer content writing services for your website.

Interactive Video Ads in Social Media Attracts More Prospects

Social media is still a big part of people’s lives in 2021. That is why it is important to advertise your product on this platform. Users like to watch interactive videos showing demonstrations of your service. They will likely inquire about it if they find the presentation interesting.

Planning to have a video product for your business can be a difficult task. Thus, there are BPO companies that offer product video-making. They have expert content producers that can assist you in product presentation.

Subscriptions Will Remind Customers to Purchase Your Product

Subscription services are an effective method to let the customer purchase in larger amounts. This is also a reminder to customers that you are existing on their radar. They will be more likely to prioritize you in browsing for products. Thus, it gives you a higher chance to convert them into buyers.

Call center companies offer lead generators to provide subscribers for your business. These agents can call potential clients to suggest your services. It will help your business a lot in terms of generating future customers. Besides that, a product subscription will let your customer know about your latest services.

Personalized User Experience When Shopping Online

Customers prefer websites that give them all they want in just one click. That is why personalizing your website based on your visitors’ most searched product is important. They tend to click away if they didn’t see what they are looking for after a few pages.

Data entry personnel can help you collect the data you need for your user interface guide. They will analyze the information to optimize your website. Furthermore, BPO companies can assist you in designing your website. This will make it more appealing to users looking for products and services online.

Mobile App Is Taking Over In E-commerce Industry

The majority of internet users right now are searching through their mobile devices. This allows them to shop and make purchases anywhere. They don’t need to sit in front of their computer or laptop to browse the internet.

Consumers can do it while at work or relaxing in a spa. That is why it is important to optimize your website for mobile users.

On top of that, businesses can also create a mobile application to post all their products. It is already starting with major companies like Amazon and eBay. However, not everyone is taking advantage of this as they don’t have the means to do so.

It is also preferable for users who want to have an easy and contactless payment. They can all do it on their mobile device. BPO companies can assist you in optimizing your website to be mobile-user friendly. On top of that, they have mobile app developers to provide app building for your business.

Omnichannel For Your Ecommerce Business

In today’s generation, there are a lot of websites where you can advertise your product. However, you are not the only one doing this. Competition is so fierce that one platform is not enough to develop your e-commerce business. Having multiple channels for your product is the key to visibility.

Of course, maintaining an omnichannel platform is a difficult task to execute. That is why BPO companies can help you in fulfilling this service. They can provide agents to assist your clients and convert them into buyers. It is the best way to interact with your prospects on different websites.

How Do You Know Which Outsource E-commerce Call Center is Good For You?

There are a lot of ways to convert prospective clients into buyers. However, not everything applies to your business. You still need to research what best suits your needs. Using an incorrect method for your business costs you precious time and money.

Here are some things that you need to consider when choosing the best trend for your e-commerce business:

  • Keep Yourself Updated with News About Your Service/Product

You have to focus your interest on your product to make it more interesting to others. Follow and read more blogs to know what’s happening around the market. Make sure that you are updated with the current trends.

  • Keep an Open Mind With Inevitable Changes

Your product/service needs to evolve somehow. It makes them adaptable to new trends. This will help you to expand your market. Staying in your crafted expertise means limiting yourself to a small target audience.

  • Use Different Digital Tools to Analyze Your Data

In this modern era, accuracy is key to achieving all your goals. That is why using modern software will help you in maintaining data accuracy. On top of that, it is also easier and makes your work faster.

  • Always Listen To Your Customer’s Feedback

No matter how good your product is, your customer will still decide whether it is good enough. They should have the final say on how you will present your service. Let your customer be part of your team. It is best if you have an after-purchase survey to get their opinion.

  • Mind What Your Competitors Are Doing

It is not ok to imitate what your competitors are doing. Rather, try to use them as an example based on the actions that they are doing. Did they follow a certain trend? How is it going for them so far? How can you make things better for your business? These are the questions that you need to keep in mind when observing them.

Advantages of an E-Services Call Center

As mentioned, trends for e-commerce are not always applicable to any business. That is why BPO companies are offering multiple services for the e-commerce industry. However, the good things are still outweighing the bad things when you outsource.

Here are some of the advantages of having an E-services call center:

Advantages How It Can Affect Your Business?
Easy Access for Customers
  • Consumers can check all your available products.
  • They can visit your store (virtually) anytime they want
Minimal To No Physical Store Operations
  • You can post all your products online
  • There is no need to arrange them aesthetically to present inside the physical store
l Information Are Available
  • You can get all your e-commerce customers’ information that you can use in your strategy
  • It is also preferable instead of filing up several information foremost
  • No need to have a large establishment for your store
  • You only need to hire fewer people to manage your online presence
Higher Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • As people like online visibility, they will most like prefer your product
  • They like business with a responsive online customer service.
Better Customer Retainment
  • Satisfaction rate coexist with customer’s product recall
  • They will most likely come back to your website if they are satisfied


Outsource Ecommerce Call Center in the Philippines

There are a lot of BPO companies in the Philippines that offer e-commerce assistance. However, some of them provide very limited services, which goes against the main objective of having your e-commerce BPO done completely and well enough. Some can only offer you outbound and inbound call center services.

On the other hand, Magellan Solutions is a perfect company for your ever-growing e-commerce service needs. Our top-of-the-line system can serve your online customer 24/7. We have world-class agents for your customer support needs.

Our pricing is also very flexible too. We have a Full Force Implementations Department to guide you in determining the KPIs you want to track. You also don’t have to worry if you don’t know how people you need as we can help you with it.

We take pride in helping SMEs grow. Contact us today and get a free 60-minute consultation. Please fill out the contact us form below.

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      ECommerce Call Center Services: What Are The Trends This 2021?

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