Dental Office Answering Service Billing Framework and Pricing

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A blog banner for Dental Office Answering Service Billing Framework and PricingDo you think that you might be overpaying your Dental Office Answering Service provider?

You are not alone. Most dental answering service companies think that they have their eggs in the wrong basket as well. 

Actually, one of the biggest dilemmas that starting companies dread is not getting the worth of their invested dollars to BPOs.

However, this problem can be easily solved. 

It is only a matter of educating yourself to know the billing framework and pricing that the answering service call center has.

So that’s why In this article we will briefly discuss the billing guidelines that BPO follows, and the current average price of the best dental answering service in the market.


Billing Model in the Current Dental BPO Setting

There is no definite Answering Service framework or standard because there is no concrete law about it yet. However, there are three well-known ways of billing throughout the industry.

1. Per Minute Billing

The most common and fairest method of all is per minute billing.

Per Minute Billing charges clients for the time they spent on the phone speaking to callers. Basically, answering service providers are compensated for the time they spent working.

Most providers have three to five plans that SMEs can choose from and it includes a block of minutes with the rate charged. 

That is the reason why this is considered as the safest of all types of billing because companies can base their plan according to the volume of calls they receive.

2. Per Call Billing

Per call billing is a payment model wherein businesses pay a flat rate for each call received.

So in essence, you are billed not on how many minutes an agent is on the phone, but the volume of calls he receives. This might sound that it has loopholes, but what other companies do is they include a specific base number of calls per cycle.

Companies also make sure that there is a clear guideline on wrong numbers, disconnected calls and add-on fees accrue with the plan.

3. Per Monthly Billing

Like your credit cards, you can opt for monthly billing on your Answering services.

Typically, this type of billing includes a set number of calling minutes per billing cycle. Plus, you pay a fixed rate for each additional minute used.

Service providers may not charge overage fees with this model, but when you meet your plan’s threshold, some bump you up  to the next plan. If your provider is charging overage fees, you may genuinely have a pay-per-call or pay-per-minute model.

That is why it is important to review the contracts you will get with your BPO provider.

Furthermore here is the current average pricing per calls:

Cost per Minute Quality
< $0.70 Call centers who offer this amount usually offer only one service like taking in calls.
$0.70 – $0.80 If you are looking for BPOs that can take in high call volumes for a specific service, this is the pricing for you.
$0.80 – $1.00 This is the average price in the market. Call centers who offer this pricing range are capable of taking in large volumes of calls and multiple services.
$1.00 > Providers with this rate usually offer specialized services on top of taking in calls.

In hiring a Dental Office Answering Service or a Dental Scheduling Service keep in mind that cheap does not equate to poor quality and expensive to high quality. What’s important in the end is the service.

Probe further with your chosen call center service provider about the ability and skills of agents. Ask whether they are capable and trained to manage calls and worry about the cost later.


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