Does Accent Matter in Today’s Outbound Call Center

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Does Accent Matter in Today's Outbound Call CenterIs Accent Important in Today’s Outbound BPO?


An outbound call center is essential for a company that is planning to expand its business. In that case, it is your opportunity to seek more clients, keep customers, and increase sales.

Here are some of the services offered in an outbound call center:

  • Proactive customer service
  • Sales call to new (prospective) customers
  • Renewals (sales calls to existing customers)
  • Cross-selling or up-selling sales calls to existing customers
  • Debt collection
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Market research
  • Appointment booking


Most of the time, the low-cost price for an outbound service compromises its quality. It should not be the case because it is a must for your business. An outbound call center agent’s average time to engage with a customer is between 2-10 minutes.

That is not a lot of time considering the amount of information you want to give to a client.

Some customers also tend to hang up once they hear the caller’s voice immediately. They are afraid of fraudulent calls and telemarketers. It has been a stereotype that fraudulent callers have a thick accent.


Importance of Neutral Accent in Every Outbound Call Center Service

Neutral accent refers to speaking sound that has no distinct origin. Most of the time, this accent is applicable for news reporters to target a global audience.

Aside from the media, the contact center industry can also benefit from a neutral accent. The customer support industry takes advantage of this accent. Because of this, they can produce more satisfied customers.

It also increases the probability for a customer to return and rebuy their product. These are just for the customer service industry. What about the outbound call center?

There are different types of outbound call center services. Let us check the value of neutral accent for each service.

Outbound Sales Service

An outbound sale is a process where representatives make calls to generate interest. After that, they will sell the company’s products or services.

Sales reps are the ones who will start engaging with potential customers. Thus, they must establish a good first impression to carry on with the call.

The way a sales rep sounds over the phone can make or break a sale. With this in mind, customers are hesitant to speak with sales reps with heavy or thick accents.

It gives them the assumption that they are not dealing with a local company.

But, sales reps with a neutral accent can build a rapport.  Furthermore, it often evokes a favorable customer response. A convinced customer is more likely to buy a product or service presented to him or her well.

Outbound Debt Collection Service

Debt collection is the practice of pursuing payment for loans owned by individuals or businesses. To point out, money matters are not only sensitive. It also requires the highest level of security.

The misunderstanding might risk your legal liability and reputation as a financial company. Thus, you cannot afford to have miscommunication between your debt collectors and borrowers.

You would also need call center agents who can communicate with your borrowers.  To emphasize, the quality agents are crucial because they can read the customer’s nuances.

For this reason, it is ideal to have debt collector agents with a neutral accent to do the work. With this in mind, they can speak with the right level of confidence to deliver a message.

Outbound Lead Generation Service

Lead generation is creating potential customers of a company’s product or service. Outbound lead generation is when representatives reach out to potential customers. At the same time, the call disregards the customer’s intent or awareness.

With this in mind, lead gen representatives talk to your potential customers first. Agents with a neutral accent can build a relationship with your prospective buyers. As a result, communicating well can turn prospects into customers.

Outbound Market Research Service

Market research is the method of identifying a product’s practicability through analysis. With this in mind, market research allows a business to discover its target market. Most of the time, your target audience is the source of information in this research.

Market research includes outbound research calls and surveys. For this reason, the success of market research relies on the accuracy of information.

Hence, it must have outbound call center agents with a neutral accent. A neutral accent ensures that data collection is free of error.

Outbound Medical Reminder Service

A medical reminder assists doctors in reminding their patients of their medical appointments. To point out, frequent reminders help to reduce no-shows. It also improves booked appointments’ attendance rate.

For one thing, health records must be private, confidential, and secured. You will need representatives with a neutral accent to communicate with your patients.

Furthermore, they can relay health-related information to your patients.

Outbound Survey Service

An outbound survey ensures that you can get your customer’s wants and needs.

To begin with, the agent will call your customers to ask them questions about your product. Then, the collected data will go through the analysis. Finally, they will generate statistics to plan the best business strategy for you.

The procedure is the same with market research. However, you already have an established audience in the outbound survey.

The agent performing this task should deliver the message well. Thus, clarity of voice is essential when asking questions. In addition to that, having a neutral accent adds more coherence to the purpose of your call.


The Philippines: Best English Speaking Country in Asia with Neutral Accent

Now that we already know the advantages of having an agent with a neutral accent. Let us look at the best market to invest with, the Philippine outbound call center industry.

Cultural Diversity

The Philippines is part of the US Commonwealth until the 40s. Thus, they adopted most of the American culture. Because of this background, Filipinos can blend with Western culture.

To emphasize, the Philippines is the call center capital of the world. They can also relate to their customers. Thus, Filipino call center agents are in demand.

Besides Western culture, Filipinos are well-oriented with Australian and European cultures. So if you plan to open your company to a bigger market, outsourcing to the Philippines is your best option.

Wide Range of Accent

The Philippines has more than 150 local dialects. Besides that, they are knowledgeable about other languages. For example, some of them can speak other Asian and European languages.

Additionally, Filipinos have one of the world’s best English accents. The Philippines is also one of the best English speakers in Asia.

Besides that, Filipinos are also versatile in adapting others’ accents. You can hear some Filipinos speaking in a Californian accent and even a British accent.

But the best feat of the Filipino accent is the ability to neutralize it. Moreover, this versatility in the outbound call center is excellent for your company.

Accent Training for Call Center Agents

Not everyone has the talent to adapt or shift into a neutral accent. Then again, some facilities offer accent training for aspiring call center agents.

The Philippine government also provides training courses. Thus, this will help call center agents sharpen their skills. For this reason, TESDA gives vocational programs to people who want to have a career in the BPO industry.

These programs from the government and private sectors produce quality call center agents. Besides that, it also encourages other people to try the customer service profession.

Quality Service at an Affordable Price

Philippine outbound contact center offers one of the best services in the world. Aside from that, they also have one of the most inexpensive costs.

With this in mind, excellent solutions and low-cost rates are the value of the Philippine BPO industry. By all means, these help companies to save and maintain their service quality. 

To sum it up, the hourly rate for Filipino BPO is $8-$10. On the contrary, the minimum hourly rate for a Western call center agents is $22.


Magellan-Solutions Provides Agents Ready for the Global Market

As mentioned above, the low-cost BPO services can at times sacrifice the quality of an outbound call center.

This does not have to be the case. At Magellan-Solutions, we strive hard to be a world-class BPO company at an affordable price.

In other words, we take pride in the quality of work our call center agents provide. By all means, our recruitment process makes sure that every person we are hiring is skillful. We also follow a high standard for our services.

Besides the rigorous recruitment process, we always have training for our agents. As a result, it ensures their work quality is on par with our standard. This training includes accent training, crisis management, and other outbound call center topics.

We have a variety of services we can offer for your outbound call center services that include:

In fact, we understand the importance of giving the best customer service. We also take pride in helping start-up businesses in their development.

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