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Funny Quotations About Call Center Work

call center motivational quotes

call center motivational quotesThe work of a call center agent is often a repeated cycle of calls, tickets, reports, emails, and complaints. Most of the time, they deal with irate customers or encounter prospects who hung up the phone. The stress level is high in this industry. It even goes against the normal work hours. While other employees sleep soundly in the comfort of their own bedroom, call center agents are busy attending to their customers’ needs or achieving their sales or call quota.

But it doesn’t mean that being a call center agent is not fun. What these agents need is a regular break and constant stream of motivation that will not only keep their spirits alive but will also make them laugh.

In this article, we have compiled some call center motivational quotes that will hopefully inspire every call center agent from around the world.

These funny work quotes also provide a welcome change from our usual — formal — posts regarding the call center and the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.

Here is the selection of our favorite motivational quotes that everyone who works in the call center or BPO industry can relate to.

For being a night owl

call center motivational quotes

Working during the graveyard shift is not a bad thing, after all.

For being a customer service warrior

call center motivational quotes

Empathy is the name of the game. It is sad to think that your extensive knowledge becomes useless simply because they don’t listen. Take time to listen; show the customers that you care. This is the crucial key to becoming an excellent customer service representative.

For those who have time to kill

call center motivational quotes

Perhaps it’s the silent witness to all your hardship, determination, the initial facial reaction from a call, and sleepless nights?

For meeting the deadlines or quota

call center motivational quotes

You can finally make good use of your planner from your favorite coffee shop!

For motivation

call center motivational quotes

With that skyrocketing bills and prices of consumer goods, would you dare lose your job?

Still not enough? Here’s another one:

call center motivational quotes

Your bills are watching you.

For all the hard work

call center motivational quotes

With the right combination of hard work and opportunity, you are a step closer to your dreams. Keep it up!

For the procrastinators

call center motivational quotes

Instead of procrastinating on your tasks, start doing it now. Sooner or later, you will finish that dreaded task.

If you can feel that your spirit is at its all-time low, think that there are many people who believe in you. The challenges and hardships that you experience in your call center work are only a small part of the journey. Instead of stopping at where you are, just keep going. Eventually, you’ll reach your destination in no time. A better life awaits you if you don’t give up.

We hope that these call center motivational quotes stirred a positive feeling within you today.

We also salute all our customer service representatives and all call center employees for all the sleepless nights you have tirelessly worked for. Always remember that aside from your immediate family, people from the other part of the world are thankful for your service.