Guide To Transformative Omnichannel Contact Center For SMEs

Guide To Transformative Omnichannel Contact Center For SMEs

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled Guide To Transformative Omnichannel Contact Center For SMEs

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled Guide To Transformative Omnichannel Contact Center For SMEs

SMEs can take advantage of an omnichannel contact center through this helpful guide


A transformative omnichannel contact center helped various organizations to solve the broken record syndrome. This is a phenomenon where a customer has to repeat their complaints or pain points whenever they change their channels when reaching your business. 

Often, people assume that multichannel customer support and omnichannel contact center are the same thing. But there is actually a clear difference.


Omnichannel Contact Center vs. Multichannel: Which is which?


Omni channel BPO offers customer service functions that use hosted, cloud-based call center software. These software handle interactions with customers from multiple channels. This allows a seamless integration of customer experience that switches back and forth across channels. 

Often, omnichannel outsourcing employs agents that can handle multiple channels, multiple customers at the same time. Confusion is not the case as such software offers a comprehensive view of each customer’s journey. 

Meanwhile, a multichannel contact center is almost the same in a sense that a business is reachable via various means. 

However, the difference is the lack of integration. Meaning, a specific agent may handle the chat support, other on the phone, then the other manage the email support. 

This does not provide a seamless experience as each information by the same customer is not integrated in a comprehensive software. 

This leads to the broken record syndrome where the customer has to repeat their issues over and over again. Which can reflect poorly on your business. 


Omni Channel BPO Saves Organizations During the Pandemic


More and more organizations claim that they offer the best customer experience. This is possible through outsourcing call center services at a much lower cost. Others offer multichannel customer support through email, live chat, phone, and social media.

Various channels further eliminate the linear path of customers reaching your business when they have issues. Meaning they might use your mobile app, email and a phone call to customer service in a single transaction. 

Omni channel BPO integrates such a complex web of steps in your customer journey through integration. This is the pinnacle of customer service which is the omnichannel contact center

This provides your business a loyalty-building that is unique and offers valuable opportunities for you. In addition to that, it gives your business the momentum to move ahead and stay ahead of the competition. 

An omni channel BPO employs agents that are well-versed in using call center software that allows them to move between several touchpoints easily. This way, they can provide your customers with excellent support regardless of their preferred channel. 


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4 Pillars of Transformative Omnichannel Contact Center


Integration and seamless customer service no matter what the channel is the main selling point of omnichannel outsourcing. Its four pillars are the following:

1. Seamless Multiple Channels Connection

Omnichannel outsourcing enables your customer service agents to gain a better insight of the customer journey. This way, they can respond and address the issue accordingly. 

Not to mention, it improves your call center KPIs such as AHT and FCR. As this saves your agent’s time because they can go directly with the issue at hand. Even without having the customer narrate it all over again. 

2. Smart Routing

An omni channel BPO has the capability to link customer data and personal information from all touchpoints. Often, CRM software integrates all your customer service systems. 

But in an omnichannel contact center, it uses a smart call router that can use customer details and their history. This helps the system to match them up with the best agent to solve their issue or the right department right away.

3. Well Integration of Applications

An omnichannel contact center can reach its optimal performance whenever a new channel is integrated into the system before and not after. This means it must be set up into the system before it goes online. 

A valuable omnichannel outsourcing provider can provide call center solutions that are designed to fit into your business’ ecosystem and not the other way around. 

This way, your omni channel BPO can fully integrate the customer information and journey in real time. Which leads to seamless customer experience, every time they reach your business. 

4. Consistent Information Gathering Together with the Customer Journey

Interactions using an omnichannel contact center are effortless. This results in better customer experience, higher customer ratings and stronger brand reputation. 

Omnichannel contact support follows each customer from channel to channel. At the same it collects their data and information along the way. This leads to a more comprehensive history and account details of each of your customers. 


4 Key Steps for a Transformative Omnichannel Contact Center


These are the best practices to adapt when you avail the services of an omni channel BPO to create a transformative omnichannel contact center for your business.

1. Begin with a Cloud Contact Center Solution

You don’t have to start from scratch once you opt to create an omnichannel contact center. An omnichannel outsourcing provider can transport your contact center to the cloud. This makes it easier to manage your data from all systems. Agents will use it for coordination, CRM teams, other relevant departments like billing and sales.

When needed, an omnichannel contact center can quickly scale up depending on your customer support requirements. 

2.  Integrate Your Tools

A seamless omnichannel solution heavily relies on omnichannel tools to track customer journeys and to integrate data. This way, customers get consistent and reliable support from agents. 

Unified structure is what sets apart an omni channel BPO from the rest. As it can combine and deliver all necessary systems, data and processes.

3. Map Online Customer Journey

As we’ve said, there is no linear way in a customer journey. An omnichannel contact center charts this journey into a comprehensive set of information. Through these details, agents can provide support to the next level for excellent customer satisfaction.

It also enables easy pull up of information whenever a roadblock is encountered during the customer journey. This reduces customer frustration and helps agents to recover or push through with a sale. 

4. Throw AI into the Mix

Use of AI into the omnichannel contact center improves it by 104% in customer ratings. A study found that AI in omni channel BPO increases revenue and decreases cost for their customer engagement initiatives.


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