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Has the Internet Made Telemarketing Philippines Industry Obsolete?

By Yelyna

Updated on June 6, 2024

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Has the Internet Made the Telemarketing Philippines Industry Obsolete?

Since the technology became available, customer services and business solutions have gone online. But the real question is, has telemarketing gone completely outdated?

Telemarketing definitely saw changes in the last few decades, but it’s not true that email and social media have replaced telephones as the primary B2B communication channels.

In fact, it is still an important aspect of a marketing campaign, especially if your product requires a complex sale that may need to appeal to your market.

While social media has made business transactions smoother and quicker, an email or a tweet is just not enough to generate a sale. Communication will always be key in marketing, and nothing beats a tried-and-tested live conversation in establishing relations and creating an impression with a potential lead.

How to Manage Complex Outbound Telemarketing Services Philippines

It’s not just telephones and social media, per se. Certain aspects need to be considered before the communication platforms can be effective.

Magellan Solutions, one of the top telemarketing pioneers in the Philippines – an outsourcing hotspot on its own – lists down the things that support the fact that telephones remain the most effective tool for your telemarketing Philippines outbound campaigns:

Build Relationships that Bring Results with Telemarketing Call Center Philippines

Telemarketing that closes a sale in one call is already a thing of the past.

Today, telemarketing’s more appropriate goals are generating interest in your product, educating the customer, and ensuring overall satisfaction. This simply means that telemarketing is about building fruitful relationships.

While social media works to keep a potential lead interested, it’s an effective, well-thought script that makes a big difference in securing the deal. Phone telemarketing can never be obsolete, as a live call still appeals to many potential customers personally – a proven way to create an impression.

Telesales Company Philippines Makes an Effective Marketing Tool – And It Always Will

There are multiple communications channels available to get your message out to prospects. These can generate many promising leads.

If your product or service involves a complex sales process, you will eventually need to pick up the phone and actively communicate with prospect leads. Customers will want to talk to a live representative about their queries and decisions in an effort to learn about what you offer, which opens up many possibilities for upselling.

Good Telemarketing Services in the Philippines Need Constant Communication, and Here’s Why

Complex means multiple contacts are required to initiate the sales process.

There are three phases involved in moving a prospect to a decision:

1. Getting through to a decision-maker. There may be any number of screeners and gatekeepers between your marketing team and the decision-maker. It may take several calls to discover the real decision-maker’s identity and finally connect with this person on the phone.

2. Communicating the necessary information about your product or service. This can be done by emailing marketing collateral, conducting a webinar, or givinga presentation.

3. After a decision-maker is educated about your product, the decision must be made. Each of these phases may involve multiple contacts. The marketing team must be persistent and manage customer relationships to eventually close sales.

In the complex sales process, you should always look for ways your product solves a critical problem for the prospect.

The telemarketing team is trained to ask good questions and listen to the prospect. This identifies the key problems that the prospect is dealing with, changing the whole dynamic of telemarketing.

It also allows the business to upsell—offer more services that may appeal to the customer’s certain needs and interests, creating more opportunities not just for revenue but also for providing good service overall.

Aside from looking for a quick sale, your team also solves problems for the prospect. Rather than appear as aggressive salespeople, your team will be seen as helpful experts. Sales will naturally flow from this approach.

Let World-Class Filipino Marketers Bring You Results. Outsource from the Best Telemarketers in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the top outsourcing spots in the world and for a good reason.

Aside from a passion for providing quality services, the Philippines’ unique hospitality culture assures only prime customer service and more.

You want to ensure you have the best-performing team to carry out such an important task. With our outsourced team, we guarantee that the telemarketers understand your product and have the best training.

Magellan Solutions is a prime provider of telemarketing services in the Philippines. We aim to create a team that builds relationships with prospects through multiple contacts, quickly and effectively solving problems and securing leads.

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      Has the Internet Made Telemarketing Philippines Industry Obsolete?


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