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Telemarketing BPOs’ Take on Web Apps

By Yelyna

Updated on June 3, 2024

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What is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have become increasingly widespread this past year.

PWAs are designed to be fast, work on any device, stay secure with HTTPS, and perform well on poor network connections.

Staying true to the open nature of the web, they work across browsers and operating systems. It can be used similarly as a web app on Windows desktops, Android phones, and Chrome OS laptops.

These web apps can use Service Workers to send push notifications or keep a local cache.


Telemarketing services in the Philippines are the best partners to market PWAs

PWAs have been receiving their fair share of interest from businesses. These apps are receiving a lot more now that organizations like Twitter, NASA, Lyft, Medium, Flipkart, and Starbucks are using them.

Its features have made it ideal for businesses looking to attain visibility at a low cost and with little development effort. Thus, more companies are now exploring using PWAs to make their businesses more profitable in the short run.


Let’s pay close attention to the benefits that Magellan Solutions has that have further made advancements for PWAs.

1. App-like look

PWAs look about 95% similar to native apps, which gives users an overall app-like feel.

Progressive apps suppress the website feel by providing superior user experiences. They contain a full set of traditional app functionality:

  • Navigation
  • Animations
  • Scrolling

Furthermore, they also provide database access and dynamic data.


2. Speed

PWAs load faster and demonstrate optimized web performance. This is possible because they work faster due to caching executed by service workers.

Apart from caching, service workers offer functionality usually performed by traditional apps:

  • Offline experiences
  • Periodic background syncs
  • Push notifications

As a result, increased performance leads to high-quality user experiences and higher retention rates, scoring extra points for progressive web apps.


3. No installation is required

Another advantage of PWAs is that they don’t need to be installed on your device. However, some may still need to be downloaded.

Like a traditional mobile application, product engineers and designers from telemarketing companies in the Philippines give PWA its own icon on the screen, but it does so without the installation process.

This approach also increases download speeds and significantly reduces the user abandonment rate, as users can easily access the PWA via a URL.

PWAs are also easy to share because all the users must copy the link and drop it to a friend.


4. Multi-device compatibility

It doesn’t matter if you use an iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac computer. PWAs will still be accessible.

Unlike traditional apps, there’s no need to build a separate app for each platform. This is possible thanks to responsive web design, which lets browsers determine what device a user is browsing from and tailor the app accordingly.

All modern browsers other than Safari are compatible with PWAs. Thus, the user experience would not have many difficulties regardless of the device.


5. Forget ASO, welcome SEO

To attain official status, every native app needs to have an app store profile. There’s no way to avoid the tiresome process of app store optimization (ASO)(ASO) before going to market.

To gain more users, having your PWA on the App Store or Google Play Store makes sense. This means you’ll have to go through two app store optimization processes. Approval may take from one to several weeks. Additionally, every future update will have to be optimized as well.

Our PWAs are launched through a URL and web browser. Thus, it doesn’t need to be uploaded to the Google Play Store or App Store. It saves you saving money and time.

Another great point of PWAs is their discoverability by search engines. Our content developers have the proper fundamental SEO principles in mind. As a result, your progressive app can become a great weapon in marketing.


6. PWAs are faster and cheaper to build

PWA, developed by Call Center Services Philippines, is much cheaper than developing a native app.

In return, PWAs can reach more users, as they don’t depend on a specific operating system and don’t require installation. A PWA can also help startups and SMEs to see a faster return on investment (ROI).

Developing a progressive web app will cost around $3,000 to $9,000, compared to a native app, which will cost around $25,000 or more.


7. PWAs provide security

Security is a priority for all businesses and institutions that deal with users’ data. If an online platform, web or mobile, fails to provide a secure connection for users entering sensitive information, it’s doomed.

New trends and security standards demand that websites handling customer data move to HTTPS, as the previous HTTP standard is considered insufficient to guarantee data security.

When websites encrypt their data with the help of HTTPS, users can access PWAs safely.


Outsource your PWA setup to call center services in the Philippines

There are a few different reasons why users might install a native app for a certain website. They might visit it often and want a dedicated home screen icon. The site might be slow or buggy, thus driving users to install the app in hopes of a better experience.

However, many users will simply leave a website if the mobile experience is sub-par, much less download whatever app the site offers.

This is why our content developers and engineers found all the way stated above to help your business find more consumers.

Contact us today and expand your reach with the help of Magellan Solutions’ progressive web apps!


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      Telemarketing BPOs’ Take on Web Apps


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