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What is a Medical Call Center and Why Outsource It?

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The US is Opting for Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing Companies – Here’s Why

By Lorraine O.

Updated on February 16, 2024

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In recent years, the US healthcare industry has significantly increased its reliance on healthcare call center outsourcing companies to enhance patient care and operational efficiency.

With rising costs and complex regulations overwhelming healthcare providers, partnering with overseas business process outsourcing (BPO) companies has become a strategic necessity. Healthcare organizations can hand off their growing call center needs and redirect resources toward core clinical care. 

Keep reading as we’ll show you why healthcare call center outsourcing in the Philippines is worth it.


What Defines The Best Patient Care Services Phone Calls?


In times of need, the patient’s needs are always urgent. An accessible, reliable helpline is an excellent investment in keeping your healthcare enterprise’s operations running smoothly and improving patient care, response, and treatment.

Patient care services are an extension of health care in itself.

Bedside manners in entertaining patient concerns over phone conversation are as important as in healthcare facility visits.

Efficient patient care services not only swiftly and effectively handle concerns and referrals but also provide care and empathy to ease the patients’ stress and relieve them as they seek treatment.

Now, the outsourcing giants in Asia, Manila, and many cities in the Philippines are home to many CPO (clinical process outsourcing) companies, the most notable being:


  • Accenture
  • Alorica
  • Concentrix
  • IBM
  • Magellan Solutions
  • Sitel Group
  • TaskUs
  • Teleperformance
  • Telus International


Benefits of Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines


Outsourcing is becoming more common in businesses worldwide, and many countries, such as the USA, are opting for more cost-effective ways to offload medical processes. Among these processes are verifying crucial medical information, providing patient care services, telemarketing, and healthcare call center outsourcing.

The Philippines is one of the world’s top providers of outsourced staff. We provide solutions and services from certified medical professionals. Our healthcare professionals value hard work, excellence, and quality service—flavored with the Filipinos’ trademark naturally hospitable culture.

Healthcare companies, especially in English-speaking countries, prefer our patient care telemarketing services and outsource their healthcare call centers.  Here are some of the benefits of healthcare call center outsourcing in the Philippines:


  • Cost savings – Outsourcing to overseas call centers in countries like India and the Philippines can significantly reduce labor costs for US healthcare providers and insurers. These countries’ lower wages and benefits make outsourcing attractive, translating to significant savings for healthcare providers and insurers.


  • Time zone advantages – Overseas centers in Asia and Eastern Europe can cover overnight and after-hours shifts for US providers, eliminating the need to hire late-night domestic staff. Patients get 24/7 access while providers leverage time zone differences.


  • Scalability – Call volumes vary widely depending on seasons, disasters, pandemics, promotions, etc. Outsourced centers can quickly add hundreds of agents as needed, providing tremendous flexibility.


  • Healthcare expertise – Specialized offshore centers have rigorous training programs to equip agents with medical knowledge, HIPAA compliance, healthcare terminology, insurance expertise, and soft skills like empathy. This improves customer satisfaction.


  • Improved customer support– Outsourced centers handle high call volumes extremely efficiently, reducing hold times. They also closely monitor call quality through advanced metrics and provide cultural sensitivity training to agents. This raises satisfaction.


  • Latest technology – Large outsourcers invest heavily in analytics, CRM, speech recognition, and other tools to optimize the patient experience and provider operations. This access to technology can be very expensive for smaller providers.


  • Multilingual abilities – Call centers based in diverse regions have agents fluent in languages like Spanish to enable smooth communication. Additionally, some centers offer real-time translation services.


  • Improved efficiency – Calls are handled rapidly by specialized agents solely dedicated to call management. Outsourcers are highly trained to resolve routine issues quickly so healthcare providers can focus on critical priorities.


healthcare call center outsourcing companies



Healthcare Services That Can Be Outsourced


Magellan Solutions prides itself as one of the leading BPOs in the Philippines, serving healthcare centers and providing well-trained billing and coding staff with the latest software and equipment. This guarantees expert information processing and prime confidentiality in all data stored and processed. 

Here’s the list of services commonly outsourced to Magellan-Solutions:


  • Medical Billing and Coding

Outsourced billing and coding teams can handle charge entry, code claims according to CPT and ICD guidelines, follow up on unpaid claims, appeal improper denials, handle queries from insurance companies, and ensure maximum appropriate reimbursement for services. This optimizes revenue cycles.


  • Health Information Management (HIM)

HIM activities like maintaining data integrity, implementing privacy and security protocols, and ensuring compliance with regulations for EHRs can be complex. Outsourced HIM experts can efficiently handle EHR systems, eDiscovery requests, release of information, and health data analytics.


  • Medical Transcription Services

Outsourced medical transcriptionists with expertise in healthcare documentation can accurately transcribe medical reports like progress notes, discharge summaries, letters, consultation notes, and more into structured electronic records using speech recognition tech and quality control.


  • Telemedicine Services

Telehealth platforms require software development, UI/UX design, infrastructure management, and IT/technical support, which can be efficiently outsourced. Clinical telemedicine services like virtual consultations, remote patient monitoring, and analysis of patient data can also be provided by qualified offshore providers.


  • Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Services

Specialized offshore teams can handle high volumes of appointment bookings, cancellations, rescheduling requests, and reminders via calls, texts, emails, and apps. This improves access and efficiency.


  • Clinical Research Support

Outsourced vendors can aid with clinical trial design, site recruitment, data collection and management, safety reporting, medical writing, and ensuring regulatory compliance throughout the research process.


  • Healthcare Analytics

Advanced analytics of healthcare data for strategic insights can be outsourced to experts. Analysis of patient records, lab/pharmacy data, hospital statistics, and clinical data enables improved outcomes and lower costs.


Case Studies of Successful Healthcare Outsourcing Projects


The Philippines has become a major provider of healthcare call center outsourcing companies. Filipino workers have demonstrated specialized skills in delivering excellent outsourced services, as shown in the following case studies. 

No wonder the healthcare business process outsourcing market in the Philippines has seen fast growth lately. Experts predict this market will continue expanding quickly, with yearly growth of around 10.1% from 2023 to 2030.


Case Study 1: Cigna

Cigna, a global health services company, partnered with Teleperformance in the Philippines in 2013 to outsource some of its healthcare processes. The partnership enabled Cigna to scale its operations and reduce costs while maintaining quality. 

Teleperformance set up a dedicated facility for Cigna with over 2,000 employees providing services like claims processing, billing and coding, and customer support. The partnership was successful in improving Cigna’s operational efficiency.


Case Study 2: Maxicare Healthcare Corporation

Maxicare, a leading HMO in the Philippines, partnered with Accenture in 2011 to outsource their finance and accounting functions. Accenture established a dedicated delivery center to provide services like financial reporting, billing, payroll, and reconciliations for Maxicare. 

The outsourcing arrangement allowed Maxicare to focus on its core business and benefit from Accenture’s expertise in finance and accounting. The partnership enabled significant cost savings and improved process quality.


Case Study 3: Asian Hospital and Medical Center

Asian Hospital, one of the premier hospitals in the Philippines, partnered with Sutherland Global Services in 2008 to outsource their medical billing and coding functions. Sutherland set up a 150-seat facility to accurately process claims and reduce billing errors. 

This helped Asian Hospital improve collections and reimbursements from insurance companies. The partnership enabled the hospital to focus on core medical services while benefiting from Sutherland’s healthcare BPO experience.


Elevate Patient Care: Outsource With Magellan Solutions!


Struggling with high costs and inefficiencies in your healthcare administration? Simplify your operations and focus on patient care by partnering with Magellan Solutions.

As one of the leading healthcare call center outsourcing companies in the Philippines, Magellan Solutions has the scale, expertise, and advanced technologies to handle your non-core administrative tasks accurately and efficiently.

Let our well-trained agents offer your patients quality assistance in an excellent bedside manner. Explore how healthcare call center outsourcing companies can revolutionize your patient communication strategies. Fill out the form on our website for a free consultation.



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      The US is Opting for Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing Companies – Here’s Why

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