Hiring A VA Cold Calling Is A Handy Choice

Hiring A VA Cold Calling Is A Handy Choice

Hiring A VA Cold Calling Is A Handy Choice

Hiring a virtual assistant cold calling always come in handy

Companies generally only tend to call leads who have already expressed interest in their company. But sometimes calls made could test, not only the callers’ patience but the one called. But, these callers do have a reason for being so annoying. There is still a market to consider beyond these annoying calls we would refer to as cold calls. Hiring A VA Cold Calling Is A Handy Choice reaches out to them. That’s a high percentage of leads still being converted with this practice. 

Because there is still a huge existence of possible prospects with these calls, you can hire a virtual assistant. Give your company a chance to display its excellent time management skills and cold calling expertise. Outsource to Magellan Solutions.

But what exactly is a virtual assistant? They’re literally assistants that work virtually with you. Not only are they fully flexible with time. But they come pre-trained in all things cold calling. 

So hire a virtual assistant and say goodbye to awkward phone calls and hello to new clients.


Virtual assistant cold calling real estate process

SMEs belong in a very competitive arena. Not only are they competing with their past records for growth. But they are also competing with other SMEs in reaching their goal to stem away from the SME bracket.

Because of this, Magellan Solutions are dependent on generating quality leads for our real estate business partners.  We guarantee that we can ultimately convert them into a client. Utilizing trained VAs for real estate leads can streamline your process and allow you to focus on the high-dollar tasks that grow your business.

Listed below is how our visual assistants generally handle cold calls:

Opening Spiel 

Having an enthusiastic or energetic tone will increase the chances of getting the customer on the other line to listen and wait for what we have for them. After all, no one wants to get a call from a grumpy person, especially when they didn’t ask to be called in the first place. So we play it cool. Lastly, we have a positive disposition and jump into a conversation to connect based on common areas of interest.


Time is of the essence. Our callers are upfront. With a brief introduction, they instantly move on to letting prospects know what we are calling them about and what’s in it for them. We don’t beat around the bush.

The Follow-Up (Questions)

This is a crucial part of calls. This is when we identify if the prospect fits your criteria and is the right person you are looking for. It is important to ask the right questions.

Closing Spiel

We leave a lasting impression. They may not convert as early as the first time we reach them. But leaving a good impression would make them consider discussing with you again the offer.


Magellan Solutions and our real estate cold calling services

No other team can help you generate more real estate leads than Magellan Solutions. We are here for you 24/7 to help save your precious time and valuable dollars. Join hundreds of other realtors using our services to increase efficiency and your profits today through real estate cold calling leads.

We handle your:

  • Cold Calling
  • Candidates Screening
  • Appointment Setting
  • Outbound Call Center
  • Telemarketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Outsourcing
  • Lead Qualification


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