What Does it Mean to Have Mobile Outsourcing Solutions for SMEs?

What Does it Mean to Have Mobile Outsourcing Solutions for SMEs?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled What Does it Mean to Have Mobile Outsourcing Solutions for SMEs?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled What Does it Mean to Have Mobile Outsourcing Solutions for SMEs?

Mobile outsourcing solutions has been a go-to strategy for SMEs that want to gain more popularity with modern consumers.

Many businesses depend on mobile outsourcing solutions for their consumers.


According to a recent study, 95% of American have at least 1 cellphone. Meanwhile, 85% of those people use smartphones on a daily basis


The main reason why companies develop mobile apps is for customers’ convenience. They can easily access their products and services on their phone.


However, most small businesses don’t have the ability to hire developers to create a mobile app. Thus, they rely on a third-party service provider.


In this article, we will discuss the advantages of outsourcing your mobile app development to a trusted BPO company.

Customers Depend a Lot in their Smartphones

An average American checks their phone every 12 minutes. They’re usually spending their time browsing through mobile apps. 


Moreover, iPhone users spend at least $88 on apps and in-app purchases yearly. Hence in 2022, there will be an estimated $150 billion industry in the app stores.  


It is a great investment for start-up companies who want to establish their services. Many users can see their products while browsing their mobile app.

Outsourcing Companies Can Solely Focus on Developing the App

BPO companies can hire professional developers to dedicate to improving your mobile app. Unlike big corporations, SMEs don’t have the resources and luxury to spend their time here. They have far more important things to do in managing their business operations.


In addition to that, it’ll be easier for third-party service providers to hire experts. 83% of internal HR professionals have a hard time finding the right fit for their business. 


It will take a lot of time just by undergoing the hiring process. Not to mention the training and onboarding procedure.

Hiring Offshore Mobile App Developers are More Affordable

Speaking of training procedures, you need to invest at least $4000 for training.


Besides that, the estimated annual salary of an American app developer is about $70,000. That’s way expensive compared to the almost $9,000 annual salary of an app developer in the Philippines.


Where Should You Outsource App Development?

You have a lot of options when it comes to outsourcing your mobile app development. Of course you can always find some freelance professionals to track the progress of your app.


Furthermore, you can also partner up with an onshore company. But, freelancing and onshore has a risk of spending too much without a guaranteed return of investment.


Meanwhile, there’s an offshore BPOs to give you an affordable and great service quality. You can check countries like India and Philippines for your mobile app developers.


Many considered India as the top destination in outsourcing tech support. However, a lot of businesses trust Filipino app developers due to their work ethics. 


Philippines call center is also perfect for moderating your mobile application. They can provide customer support for your user.


On the other hand, there’s  a lot of issues going on with Indian BPO when it comes to data breaching. On the other hand, Philippines data security keeps on improving as the time goes by.


Questions You Need to Answer Before Partnering Up with Mobile Development Offshore Company

When looking for a BPO company that can provide you with mobile app development service. You must take into consideration these 5 questions to ensure credibility of your potential partner.


  1. Can they develop a flexible one that works on different operating systems (Android, iOS, etc.)?
  2. Do they participate in strategizing app development?
  3. Can they pair it with several app plug-ins?
  4. Do they have security protocols to protect your consumers’ data?
  5. Will they help in submitting the app in Play Store or App store?


If your potential outsourcing provider got all these questions right then you’re ready to partner up with them.


Best Outsource Mobile App Development Service Provider for SMEs

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