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How Speech Analytics Improve Offshore Call Center Services

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on April 30, 2024

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Offshore Call Center Services Uses Speech Analytics to Improve Customer Journey


Offshore call center services are often called IT-enabled BPO services and are aptly named as this industry uses various innovations and technology to deliver excellent services to businesses worldwide. 

For outsourced call center services, this could mean the use of technologies such as AI or, in this case, speech analytics. These kinds of innovations are used to focus on customer journey improvement. This is to ease your customer’s frustrations. While at the same time delivering adequate customer support.


How Offshore Call Center Services Use Speech Analytics?


From a business point of view, customer retention and ROI is the ultimate goal to keep it running. This is only possible when you provide your customers with a seamless, integrated sales experience. 

Cost-saving is one of the many advantages of outsourcing customer service. But aside from that, it allows your business to get multi-channel or omnichannel customer support

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and speech analytics make offshore call center services an excellent choice for that ultimate goal. Regarding customer journey, speech analytics has become an indispensable tool to provide seamless CX from start to finish.

To illustrate, a customer’s journey starts from first contact, service, or product delivery to follow-up or support. This may sound too linear, and I somewhat disagree with the idea of customer retention and repeat purchases from each loyal customer. 

This is where speech analytics, together with other data analytics, goes perfectly with multi-channel and omnichannel contact support.  

For offshore call center services, speech analytics is a tool to understand the following:

  1. Voice interactions converted to text
  2. Emails
  3. Click to chat
  4. Social media
  5. CRM notes


It also mines and analyzes audio data to identify the following in the customer’s voice:

  1. Emotion
  2. Tone
  3. Stress


Also, contextual information like:

  1. Reasons for the call
  2. Satisfaction 
  3. The service or product mentioned 


These results in key findings such as:

  1. Reasons why customers canceled or bought the product or service
  2. What interaction or conversation led to that 


Identifying these critical trends through the help of speech analytics improves customer retention, lowers churn rate, and increases ROI.

How does speech analytics improve each stage of the customer journey?

Speech analytics is a tool that statistically analyzes and recognizes call center transcripts to identify verbal patterns. Patterns that are associated with critical outcomes include successful sale conversion and cart abandonment. 

Here, we explain how this tool helps and improves each stage. 


Point of Customer Journey  Where Speech Analytics Come In
First Contact Getting each interaction right from the start is crucial to ensure a pleasant customer journey. 

Speech analytics improve this stage by identifying key phrases, words, or sentiments scattered across touchpoints the customer used. 

This tool aggregates these and recognizes patterns to identify why a customer pushed through with the purchase or did the opposite.

At the same time, it enhances the use of self-service channels. The goal is to reduce the number of times customers reach your customer support, especially when they are still in the research stage. 

IVRs, self-service tools, mobile apps, and community forums are some of the cost-effective ways to do so. 

If customers do want to talk to a live agent, speech analytics delivers the correct and appropriate information to the agent. 

This way, the live agents know what spiel to deliver to encourage the customer to push through with their desired goal, to make a sale. 

At the same time, if the return is negative, the live agents have the information to ease up the frustration and again have another try to make a sale. 

Upselling and cross-selling also become effective through the use of speech analytics. As information comes in handy, live agents now have the opportunity to draw another favorable response from your customer. 

Delivery This is beyond delivering the services and products but a seamless CX itself. 

Speech analytics enhances this stage by connecting the dots of each touch point. Customers tend to channel hop. 

Yet, at the same time, they do not want to start from the beginning whenever they change the medium to reach your business. 

Each data and step taken is accounted for and thus creates consistent customer engagement across channels. 

This can also predict customer behavior and empower live agents to offer the best actions. Also, to deliver effective and efficient engagements.

This tool derives deep behavioral analysis and identifies at-risk customers, root cause analysis, and self-service abandonment. 

Follow Up Increasing each customer’s lifetime value is the key to a stable ROI. The goal is to treat customer journeys as a continuous cycle.

This means having the ability to attract new customers while nurturing the existing ones.

Speech analytics encourage a focus on follow-up and after-sale services.  

This tool identifies outliers like adequate words or keyphrases that result in a sale or the opposite. 

Live agents may now use positive keyphrases to make a successful conversion. 

All the while, identify words or key phrases that are sale detractors. Either minimize or eliminate the usage of such.  

This also enables a brilliant match-up of customers and live agents for a compelling conversation and conversion.

This also helps in direct feedback solicitation. Armed with crucial information, live agents can provide relevant engagement with context, not just a generic survey.

This gives your customers a sense of importance and that their feedback matters to your business. 


Advantages of Outsourcing Customer Service that Uses Speech Analytics


Speech analytics is all about understanding the customer’s needs, pain points, expectations, and demands. You can expect most premier offshore call center services and telemarketing companies to integrate this tool into their operations

This tool helps improve your outsourcing partner’s service delivery and gives you competitive advantages. These are the following:

1. Customer Churn Reduction 

Speech analytics uncovers essential information like customer dissatisfaction and how live agents handle such issues. At the same time, it provides insights into which agents or what positive regard converts into a sale. 

To illustrate, if a customer utters words or keyphrases associated with order cancellation, agents can offer solutions related to loyalty. 

This helps your business to identify which channel is most likely to turn a sale and which needs improvement. Also, using this critical information, you can create programs and realign your marketing strategies to keep your customers.

This will also help your business to identify the significant factors that drive repeat calls and take steps to reduce them. 

2. Reduce Bottlenecks and Fine Tune Operation

The uSpeech analysis shows your business which key areas need improvements outside the call center service. Through this tool, you can identify process inefficiencies and correct them. 

In addition, what part of the buying cycle is a bottleneck or the source of frustration for your customers? This way, you can improve on specific operational areas and therefore reduce the pain points for your customers

3. Ensure Compliance and Contact Quality

Speech analytics provides all-inclusive call monitoring. This way, you can identify whether live agents follow scripts or often stray away. You can also determine if scripts limit live agents to answer common queries. 

Also, it allows you to determine whether your FAQs answer your customer’s common questions. This way, you can revise and adjust them to suit your customer’s needs. 

4. Accelerate Sales and Increase Revenue

This tool enables you to identify best sales practices and capitalize on them. Pinpoint best and worst selling behaviors. This also helps with practical methods for upselling and cross-selling techniques. 

Through this, you can adjust marketing messaging relatable to your customers, increasing brand loyalty and brand promotions. 

5. Reduction of Operational Costs and Drives Efficiency

Other than the overall cost-saving of outsourcing, speech analytics further drives down offshore call center pricing. This practical tool can affect and reduce Average Handling Time (AHT), silence time holds, and transfers. 

Speech analytics key report helps you identify and investigate what triggers long or short AHTs. This helps identify salient issues and disparities you can reduce or eliminate to drive call efficiency. 


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      How Speech Analytics Improve Offshore Call Center Services

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