How to Prepare Your Agent for Inbound Order Taking Services?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled How to Prepare Your Agent for Inbound Order Taking Services

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled How to Prepare Your Agent for Inbound Order Taking Services

It takes a lot of preparation to have an excellent inbound order taking services. Your agents should have the capacity to take business from your clients – excellently.

Your customer expects the best when they’re doing business with you. That’s why it is not enough that you have many agents to attend with their needs. It is also important that you maintain a great quality of your inbound order taking services. 90% of customers will most likely do buy your product if you have an excellent inbound call center.


Therefore, you need to train them how to approach your customer properly. Here are some tips that you can do to prepare them:

Crisis Management Training

This is an important thing that your agents should’ve before going live. Not all customers have the same attitude. Some will go hysterical if you don’t address them properly. That’s why it is important to train your agents how to handle this kind of difficult situation.


The usual thing that they have to do is to remain calm and to listen attentively. 46% of customers called in so someone could listen to them. It calms them down and will eventually lose the aggravation. They will appreciate an agent who listens to them. This will give you more chances to win their business.

Product Familiarization

As an order taking agent, they should represent your company properly. Therefore, they also have to undergo brand awareness training so they can embody your business philosophy. Knowing your product by heart makes conversation with customers easier.


Prospect clients can feel if the order taker on the other line is not confident with the product. They have a tendency to back out as they too lose the confidence in buying your service. So, it is better that your agent is familiar with everything about your product before putting them in the live operation.

Proper Rebuttals

You should prepare a script or an outline on how your order takers should answer some basic questions. It will help your company to have a uniform identity regardless of who will pick up the phone.


It is also easier to monitor the performance and compliance of your agents if they have a criteria to follow. On top of this, having a rebuttal script detects which issues you should address first about your product or service.


Signs That Your Company Needs Order Processing Call Center

Not everyone can afford to have an order processing call center, especially a small business. However, here are some signs that your company might need to have an order taking service already.

Overwhelming Volume of Phone Calls

You definitely need to have an order taking call center if you can’t take a break from taking phone calls. Even a couple of order taking agents will alleviate this situation for your start up business.

Can’t Focus on Some Pressing Matters

When you’re so fixated with attending phone calls, there’s a tendency that you will forget to work on other important matters. Such tasks like marketing strategy, sales report, and back-office function are equally important as taking customers’ calls. Without these other tasks, you might not be able to maintain your successful operation.

High Abandoned Call Rate

If you will try to juggle answering phone calls and working other tasks then you might end up having tons of abandoned calls. Abandoned calls are very critical for start-up business as it is a lost profit. So, it is advisable to immediately contact a call center service provider to outsource your order taking process.

Business is Ready for Expansion

If you feel like your company is ready to expand then you really need to outsource your order taking team. It is simply not wise for a small business to create an order processing team at the early stage of their operation. All the attention and saved cost that you can get in order to succeed in business expansion.


Inbound Call Services That You Can Outsource

You’ll figure that once you outsource your order taking process, there are other services that you can take advantage of. Here are some of the inbound call services that will surely improve any SMEs operation.



All you need to do now is find the perfect call center partner to assist you with your needs.


Where to Outsource Inbound Call Center Services?

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