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Identify Potential Markets Through Market Research Outsourcing

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on April 8, 2024

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Are you sure about your target market? Are they the right people to sell your goods and services?

Identifying your target market is very important in every type of business. Whether that is a service or a clothing boutique, you don’t want to go through the same trial-and-error process just to see if the “guestimate” of your market is correct. To escape from the hassle of it all, you should get and outsource market research services.

Market research outsourcing should be your go-to plan when you don’t know if you should target the same people for different products and services. According to Fluid Surveys, market research is important to any business. It is where marketers and businessmen gather data about their clients’ wants and needs. It is also known as industrial research, a vital part of business strategy.

Selling products and services blindly to anyone will cost you more than you know. This is why gathering important information about your market is needed. Do you think an alcoholic beverage company will target minors? Will fast-food companies like McDonald’s and KFC target vegans? Will winter clothing companies target tropical countries? Of course not. They do their market research and target only those interested in their products.

There are different ways to segment or group your market


By dividing them into those categories, it will be easier for you and other marketers to whip up a marketing plan and execute it perfectly. Most of the time, people with the same demographics have the same wants and needs.

Now, for market research, outsourcing it will help you achieve more. There are different methods on how to do it.


Picking a method should be based on how you want to collect your data and how precise and accurate you want your answers to be.

Choosing one method over another might produce different results. Moreover, analyzing the data you’ve gathered through the various techniques will also be different.

All of those methods are used because companies and businesses want to achieve their goals. They want to achieve a certain sales figure and, of course, increase it over time. However, brands do not only determine their target audience based on revenue; there are also different reasons why.


After gathering all the important information and setting goals, it is time to create a solid marketing strategy and plan to accomplish their objectives.

Develop effective marketing strategies

There are tons of marketing strategies to choose from. Whether you choose content marketing, email marketing, or the use of advertising and billboards, each has a target market that you need to address before launching it.

With the accurate and thorough data gathered and analyzed through those methods, you can have the power to determine the feasibility of your projects and marketing ideas.

Market research as an edge over competitors

By targeting the perfect market for your products and goods, you’ll not only achieve your goals but also have an advantage over your competitors. Precise and in-depth information gathered and analyzed will definitely go a long way. It is the groundwork of every successful business plan and endeavor.

Going through a marketing strategy without market research is like entering a battlefield without a weapon. It will kill you and your business. With market research outsourcing, every business question can be answered. It solves marketing challenges like small revenue and low brand awareness.

What is Market Research Outsourcing?

Conducting thorough market research through outsourcing is one of the most effective methods of determining the needs and desires of the general public.

Furthermore, market research can provide valuable information about how individuals behave in response to organizations’ marketing efforts. Some businesspeople may also be perplexed by the genuine meaning of a term that sounds eerily similar but is used in the business world: marketing research. Both of these terms, on the other hand, are distinct.

Much marketing research focuses on the processes that a firm should change or eliminate from its existing business strategies. On the other hand, market research is centered on the customers or market being studied. Both of these jobs can eventually be outsourced to a reputable organization specializing in various research types. Because market research targets a specific target market, corporations are more likely to consider outsourcing this type of work.

Marketing Research Outsourcing Red Flags to Watch Out For

When considering whether or not to outsource a critical business function to a third party, it is vital to analyze all sides of the equation. Concentrating simply on the advantages is insufficient, as decision or market research outsourcing has certain disadvantages as well as advantages. In contrast, if you fall prey to any of the following problems, you will be unable to benefit from the potential benefits of outsourcing:

  1. Making the distinction between marketing research and market research can be confusing.
  2. The incorrect functions are being outsourced.
  3. Making the wrong decision when selecting a market research outsourcing company
  4. Not knowing the true reason for outsourcing market research is a big problem.
  5. When outsourcing, it is important not to give up too much control.
  6. Setting unreasonable standards for oneself
  7. The lack of communication between the internal team and the outsourcing team
  8. Managing the outsourced staff in an ineffective manner

Consider the scenario in which you do not have the financial resources to outsource the full job. Consequently, you can outsource any combination of sampling, project management, market study design, questionnaire formulation, data collection and processing, data analysis, programming, and reporting to a third party.

You can also consult with a market research outsourcing company like Magellan Solutions about customizing the mix for each project you intend to delegate to them.

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    Identify Potential Markets Through Market Research Outsourcing

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