Medical Answering Service: Best Features

Medical Answering Service: Best Features

Medical Answering Service: Best Features

Best Features of Medical Answering Service

Medical answering service becomes an in-demand account for many BPO companies. This is because of the growing health care reform all over the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many prefer to book their schedule over the phone.

Some clinics that don’t have this have to work around the clock. But those who have medical virtual assistants saw an increase in their productivity.

Others prefer to hire internal operators to answer their phone calls. However, this method shows some disadvantages. For example, having your staff means having an extra working space. This will cost you more for construction.

Another issue is training these agents. There are strict rulings when it comes to securing the privacy of patient’s information. It will take time to make familiarize themselves with Patient Health Information (PHI).

With this in mind, outsourcing is the best choice for the medical industry. Let us dive into some of the qualities of offshore medical answering service.


Medical Answering and Scheduling Service

One of the best attributes of having an answering service is the flexibility of tasks they can do. They can respond to patients’ inquiries. One of the questions they can answer is the status of the prescription. They can inform the client if they can buy the prescribed medicine.

Another thing that they can handle is the medical bills inquiry. They can give the quotation or cost of a service/check-ups. Operators can also discuss the mode of payments to the patients.

For other inquiries that they can’t answer such as medical inquiry, they will pass it to doctors. This way, patients can get accurate information.

Besides that, the answering service can also set schedules for check-ups. They can do the appointment for doctors and patients. Furthermore, virtual assistants can do outbound calls to remind people about the meeting.

There are a lot of tasks that you can assign to the medical telephone answering service. But answering phone calls and setting appointments are two of the most common work.


HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provides security for patient information. Clinics that have in-house answering service must have protocols for client’s data. This includes physical and network protection to ensure HIPAA Compliance.

This is a lot of work for clinics and dentist office who wants to focus on their operations. On the other hand, BPO companies already have these standards. There is no need to worry about any violated laws if you choose to outsource your service.


Medical Answering Service Cost

Another edge of outsourcing answering service is cost reduction. This comes second in the health industry’s priority but it is still a nice benefit. Generally speaking, any industry outsourcing can reduce a 70% to 90% labor cost. 

So, aside from efficient processes, outsourcing can significantly decrease your funding for staff. This extra fund is useful for advanced equipment for better service quality.

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