Medical Office Answering Service: Necessity or Luxury?

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Medical Office Answering Service: Necessity or Luxury?

Is Medical Office Answering Service a Necessity or Luxury?

Having an answering service for your medical office is common nowadays. It is also one of the industries where they need an after hour answering service too. 

Medical answering service responds to your patients’ call on your behalf. Agents can assist you during peak hours. They can also answer calls after office hours. A trained professional will answer inquiries that normal agents can answer. This way, you can be sure that there a great quality on the service.

Though this service seems to be important, there are some clinics that don’t have funds for this. So, is the medical office answering service important? Let us try to answer that.


Tasks of Answering Service for Doctors Office

There are several tasks that virtual receptionists can work on. This is most evident in the healthcare industry. As you know, accidents happen at any time of the day. You need personnel to answer this call for help.

Below are some of the tasks a medical answering service can handle:

  • Accept and handle huge volumes of incoming calls 24/7
  • Manage your patient’s prescriptions and records easily through organized information handling
  • Assess patient’s compliance with medication. 
  • Real-time update on the patient’s in-house condition
  • Direct collection of finances from patients
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Outbound Remind for Patient’s Appointment.
  • HIPAA Compliance

These tasks are essential for the successful operations of any medical clinic.


Why is Answering Service for Medical Practice Important?

Your life depends on the good flow of medical service. The doctors, nurses, and staff need to know their tasks. Patients need assurance that everything is under control and medical professionals are dependable.

Answering service becomes a great help for hospitals. It means patients can get in touch with someone without worrying about the office hours. Patients want a guarantee that someone will help them at any time.

Besides that, here are other benefits of an answering service for medical practice:

BPO Offering Medical Answering Service Are HIPAA Compliant

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is necessary. This law provides protection at a federal level for patient’s information.

It is troublesome to hire someone to answer phone calls without HIPAA. But, partnering with a BPO company can ease that worry. Agents go through training to ensure the safety of Patient Health Information (PHI).

Decrease Funds for Staff

Though this is not the priority for clinics, it is still nice to lessen the budget in operations. Ideally, having an internal team to handle your calls is important. However, it required a significant investment.

You need to give time to the recruitment process and training. Besides that, you need a working space for them. Partnering with a service provider can save you a lot of trouble. Additionally, their operators are already trained to handle medical inquiries.

Lessen No Shows Appointments

Aside from answering inquiries, operators can also do an outbound reminder service. This can improve the productivity of your staff. Meanwhile, medical personnel doesn’t need to call patients to remind them about the appointment. As a result, they can focus on other tasks.

Additionally, a live person can ensure that message gets to the right person. Unlike automated messages, operators can confirm the schedule with the patient.

Time Efficiency

Medical offices are busy most of the time. They do not have time to interact with patients calling to schedule appointments. Instead of going to the clinic, some prefer to call about the status of their prescriptions.

Answering services can answer these inquiries and book schedules. Besides that, they can make a list to prioritize which patient needs urgent attention. As a result, your staff only need to attend to the patient’s request.

Nonstop Operation

A virtual answering service can work 24 hours a day. With this in mind, BPO companies are offering assistance at any time of the day. They have multiple people to work on different shifts to respond to patient’s calls.

This can give you more reliable service for your patients. As stated, patients want a medical office that they can contact anytime. This is your opportunity to reach to you at their convenience.


Filipino BPO Companies that Offer Medical Call Answering Service

Partnering with a call center service in the Philippines is a smart decision. Filipinos are also competent and hospitable in providing customer service.

 Magellan Solutions is a great option for small clinics that wants to outsource. Additionally, we have 14 years of experience in the BPO industry. Our operators went through detailed training to ensure a quality service.

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