Metrics For Measuring Inbound Telemarketing Quality

Metrics For Measuring Inbound Telemarketing Quality

Metrics For Measuring Inbound Telemarketing Quality

Metrics For Measuring Inbound Telemarketing Quality

Inbound and outbound telemarketing with Magellan Solutions

Inbound and outbound telemarketing both generate customer interest. Here at Magellan Solutions, we handle both consumers and clients. Thus, we offer both telemarketing systems for both B2C and B2B.

Some of the metrics that measure the quality of inbound contact center calls

First Contact Resolution ( FCR )

A direct reflection of an agent’s and their company’s capacity to help customers. As a result, this metric is known to contribute to customer loyalty. At the same time, it drives the contact center’s profitability. 

The FCR is measured by dividing the number of cases resolved in a single call to the total number of issues resolved. Example of  cases included in this are:

  • Booking changes
  • Cancellations
  • Upgrades

The better the FCR is, the more successful and efficient they are in solving problems.

Cost Per Contact

Refers to the expenses related to running a contact center:

  • Operational costs
  • Wages 
  • Benefits

Whenever a call takes place, it costs a contact center money. These include salary, software, hardware, electricity and other things the company pays for. 

The Cost Per Contact will help determine channels that are the most effective. The omnichannel approaches are a big help. Call centers gain insight on which platform is suited for quality customer experience.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The SLA is a contract signed by a client to seal the deal. It contains the requirements and standards the contact center has. The Service Level KPI then measures the center’s agreement. It has to be within the SLA’s set goals and targets.

But there are factors that may affect the Service Level:

  • Unplanned service outages
  • High call or ticket volume
  • Frequency of an agent being absent

In order to meet the SLA terms, the above factors need to be addressed.

Service Level calculations differ depending on the SLA and the contact center’s preferences. The use of call center analytics software helps in measuring performance-based results.

Abandoned Call Rate

Abandoned calls are wherein a caller hangs up even before an agent answers. Common factors for this are lengthy wait times and unnecessary hold times. Inefficient IVR systems may also be a case for this.

For assured compliance with the SLA, a 5% or lower abandoned call rate needs to be maintained.

To reduce the number of abandoned calls, start the call with ringing rather than going straight to the IVR system. It is advisable to preoccupy a caller with ringing. It buys agents time to wrap up current calls before handling the next. Setting expectations and the wait time also helps. Callers tend to be more patient if they know the length of time they will wait for.

Aside from IVR systems, you can include a voicemail message to facilitate callbacks. 

Outsource your  inbound phone calls with us

Magellan Solutions has the perfect sales representatives that dial day in and day out. 

It takes a lot of time and company resources to use, train, and oversee a team personnel. So outsourcing inbound calls is an excellent choice.

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