Nutshell Guide to Real Estate Virtual Assistant and Cold Calling Service

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Do you want to learn more about the work of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant and its relationship to cold calling service?

It is only natural to do some research before hiring a virtual assistant. You want to make sure you really understand what you are getting into and if it is worth it.

But you should not stay long for hours on the internet just to learn everything all at once. That is just a waste of time and resources.

So in the article, we compiled everything we know about Real Estate Virtual Assistant Philippines to help you with your research.


What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

To understand what a Real Estate VA is, let us define the meaning of VA first.

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor that works for a client and provides administrative support while working from a location other than the customer’s office. 

A virtual assistant usually works from home, but may access important planning materials such as shared calendars from anywhere.

Virtual assistants frequently have years of experience working as an administrative assistant or office manager. Virtual assistants with skills in social networking, content management, blog post writing, graphic design, and Internet marketing are finding new jobs.

So what is a virtual assistant in real estate?

It is closely the same with VAs.

An employee that works for your firm from an offshore location is known as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant. They are completely dedicated to your company and can handle a wide range of jobs.

In most cases, a real estate VA does not specialize in a single field. They’ll be a generalist who helps out one of your local team members. 

The VA is in charge of scheduling and confirmations, calendar management, data input, and any other tasks that come their way. It is their responsibility to manage and free the time of the individual they are aiding.


Cold Calling

While the majority of realtors still tour properties with their clients, many have begun cold contacting potential clients. 

Although cold calling for real estate is a basic process that generates leads, it requires trained agents to expand your customer base. 

Maintaining a specialized team of cold calling agents will only increase costs due to the time and effort required to educate the agents and set up the necessary infrastructure.

Outsourcing real estate cold calling is thus the ideal alternative for increasing earnings and lowering overhead costs. Outsourcing businesses will be aware of all cold calling restrictions, and their agents will be able to approach prospects in a delicate manner.


How Can a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Assist You?

One of the main reasons you’re struggling to build your empire is because you’re wearing too many hats as an entrepreneur. Everything is done by you! 

You work from sunrise to sunset and even through the night to complete all of your tasks. It’s exhausting and takes up a significant amount of your time. If you want to keep up with the competition in your field, outsource a Realtor Virtual Assistant

The following are some of the main jobs that a virtual assistant can undertake or support you with:


  1. Personal Assistant

A personal realtor virtual assistant can help you book flights and hotels, manage your calendar, make personal purchases, and send out invitations and other information that consumers have asked for. 

They are also capable of taking phone calls, responding to emails, documenting minutes, and managing your personal accounts.


  1. Digital Marketing

Audience targeting, devising online marketing strategy, email marketing, competitor analysis, promoting website content, designing banner advertisements, and creating autoresponders and follow-up emails are just some of the ways VAs can help you obtain more visibility, traffic, and leads. 

According to smart insights and research, if you don’t devote enough resources to digital marketing or employ an ad-hoc approach with no clearly defined strategies, your competitors will eat your digital lunch.


  1. Website Design and Development

Virtual assistants can now develop WordPress websites that are mobile-friendly. They can also help with technical issues, such as website security and payment protection, web app integration, troubleshooting, authoring tags, and frequent checkups.


  1. Real Estate Assistance

A real estate assistant can scrape data from various websites, post real estate listings, send messages to leads, create reports, organize appointments, and communicate with all parties involved by phone or email.


  1. Administrative Work

A virtual administrative assistant can help you with to-do list reminders, answering or directing calls, performing simple duties, scheduling appointments, managing your email inbox, sending newsletters, and scheduling meetings. 

You can also delegate team management and supplier payment to your virtual assistant.


  1. Accounting and Bookkeeping

Free yourself from time-consuming administrative tasks like accountancy and bookkeeping. 

You can engage a virtual assistant to help you with inventory management, auditing, record keeping, budgeting, year-end accounting, and cash flow projections, among other accounting tasks. 

A good virtual assistant can also help with bookkeeping, bank and credit reconciliation, balance sheet management, cash flow management, payroll processing, and trial balance and accounting management.

With so much on your plate as a solo entrepreneur, it’s critical to acquire the aid you require without going bankrupt. Hire a virtual assistant to handle the majority of the work that most business owners don’t have time for, and you’ll have more time to explore other interests.


What Qualities Should Real Estate VAs Possess?

These characteristics should be considered when hiring Real Estate VAs because they will tremendously benefit your company:

  • Great Listener to Your Customers’ Needs
  • Critical Thinker
  • Great at Researching Quality Leads
  • Knows How to Work Their Way Around The Script
  • Emphatic
  • Persistent

All of these traits are fundamental, yet they are at the heart of any successful real estate cold calling campaign.


Real Estate Services That You Can Outsource

When it comes to real estate services, a BPO company may provide you with numerous possibilities. Here are a few examples:

  1. Telemarketing Service – rather than pressing them to buy right away, agents will call the prospect and introduce your goods to them first. It’s a good strategy to turn your clients into repeat customers rather than one-time buyers.
  2. Lead Generation – the agent will determine whether or not prospects are interested in your product. Unlike telemarketing, people in this sector have a fundamental understanding of your goods. As a result, there isn’t much of a requirement for product introduction.
  3. Real Estate Cold Calling ServiceVirtual Assistant Cold Calling in real estate is the process of making outbound calls to a list of contacts. The calls would be directed to folks who are unfamiliar with your company. Cold calling can be the beginning of a positive relationship with someone, leading to warm calling.


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