Should Online Shops Outsource E-Commerce Customer Care?

Should Online Shops Outsource E-Commerce Customer Care?

e-commerce customer care
e-commerce customer care

Not everyone who ventured into online entrepreneurship is geared to survive — and to succeed. Can eCommerce customer service outsourcing help them last in the saturated market?


Closing sales marks only the start of your real journey with your customers. What happens after the purchase determines whether that relationship will continue in the future or not. The good news: you have the ability to make them coming back for more. To make it possible, you first need to have the complete ingredients that will pull your existing customers back into your business.


Basic ingredients for customer success

Customer success isn’t made overnight. It is an outcome of small efforts that when mixed together, results in a remarkable product.

It begins with a single idea that was developed and enhanced through the collaborative minds of the team. Once that idea is ripe enough for the market, the next thing that you should do is to create messages that will effectively communicate your brand to your target audiences. Then the selling part will follow — the beginning of the journey with the customer.

The customer will determine if he or she would still want to continue doing business with you again based on these three basic elements:

  • Quality

    E-commerce is the most convenient way of shopping. At the same time, it can also be the platform that deceives people into buying through false promises. If you want to receive high reviews that can attract more customers, make sure that you live up to their expectations. Strive to improve the quality of your products. You wouldn’t want to get known as a cheap online store that sells substandard products, would you?

  • Price

    Do you think your price is reasonable enough for the quality of your products? Proper pricing is important when meeting expectations.

  • Pre and post-sales e-commerce customer care

    How you treat your customers before a transaction and after a transaction is the most important factor that would determine if they’ll choose your business again. It is key to update customers what happens after they pay, when will an item get shipped, where is it, and what you say after the sale. To achieve this you need an awesome email customer support service.


Providing e-commerce customer care is a necessity

The reason why it’s called e-commerce customer care is that you need to take good and proper care of your existing customers. It is a business responsibility. To understand the importance of customer service, try to look at it on a different lens. Like any real-life relationship, you have to fix any issues that arise before it becomes a huge problem which can cause the other party to go away and never return again.

Not convinced yet? These numbers can change your mind.

The Boston-based global management consulting company said that if you try to increase your retention rates even by five percent, you can also receive an increase in profit anywhere from 25 percent to 95 percent. You can also save more money because it is five to 25 times cheaper to retain customers than to find new ones, Harvard Business Review revealed.

Another survey released by Forrester Research revealed that 69 percent of U.S. online adults shop more with retailers that offer consistent customer service both online and offline. This means that not because you are on an e-commerce business, you should stick on online channels alone. Genuine customer service means being available for them anytime, using the most convenient mode of communication for them.


Is outsourcing a good option?

Should you keep your e-commerce customer care in-house? Or should you outsource it instead?

If you prefer to keep it in-house, you have full control over your customer communication. It also means that you have to shell out an additional budget to pay your staff and to add equipment to accommodate all support requests.

Meanwhile, outsourcing shoulders those concerns for you. Their service fee is also cheaper. Because call center companies provide training to their agents first before onboarding, your customers are sure to receive excellent customer service.

Customers can immediately forget the product that you just sold them. What sticks in their mind is their experience in doing business with you which could result in good or bad publicity or word of mouth marketing. Make yourself a name in the saturated industry by creating first a mark on the heart of each of your customers.

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