Outsource Call Center Thailand And Other APAC Regions

Outsource Call Center Thailand And Other APAC Regions

Outsource Call Center Thailand And Other APAC Regions

Outsource Call Center Thailand And Other APAC Regions

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Call center outsourcing across Asia-Pacific (APAC) is thriving. This is mainly because business leaders prefer to relocate their menial tasks to BPOs throughout the region. Boasting a highly technical workforce spread across more than 30 countries. Some of these leading countries include Japan, China, and the Philippines. They serve as examples of the diverse offerings that are available to call center leaders in APAC.

What makes outsource call centers even more attractive in Asia? Aside from operating costs up to 70% lower than the U.S., they offer a consistent quality of service and technical expertise that has evolved to meet growing business demands. With an incredibly deep talent pool of skilled and highly technical agents, no other region is better situated to offer the call center deliverables you need.


Benefits of outsourcing call center services to the Philippines

We are aware of how cultural differences cause conflicts. It prevents business organizations from achieving growth and success. Let Magellan Solutions represent you in the Philippines. As a result, we will take responsibility. Furthermore, our partnership will give you the following advantages:

Cutting operations cost

Cutting costs is one of the most common attractions. This is one of the many reasons why industries decide on offshoring their operations. Outsourced staff causes:

  • Decrease of need for direct employee salary
  • Less utility
  • The decrease in facilities and supply needed.

The pricing for staffing offshore is also cheaper. This is in comparison to business process outsourcing.

Dynamic team

An offshore team in the Philippines usually consists of young individuals. Young individuals  with fresh ideas, creative inputs, and solution-oriented when dealing with problems. This makes the country excel in many fields and makes us one of the top choices for outsourcing jobs. 


You don’t need to waste any of your time. We take charge in setting up your operations and a suitable office for your staff. We also take advantage of the time difference as we offer a 24/7 working team. Even if you are resting, your business continues its operations with us.

Government support

The government has been an integral part of the BPO success in the country. It has backed the industry up for over 25 years already. 

Support provided includes:

  • Training programs
  • Marketing
  • Improved infrastructure
  • Workforce pipeline building
  • Tax holiday
  • Tax exemptions

Multilingual speaking agents

The Philippines has the top spot for business English skills. This is according to GlobalEnglish Corporation. This is because at least 90% are English speakers in the country. It has become a great advantage in the Philippine outsourcing industry. There are also many Filipinos who speak other spoken languages in the world.


BPO companies in Thailand vs. Philippines

The United States continues to be one of the biggest customers for outsourcing. Thus, other countries are also starting to practice outsourcing. As of 2017, Australia, New Zealand, and several countries in Europe have engaged extensively in outsourcing. 

Thailand has some of the best outsourcing benefits. This includes the most important factor every business looks for, data privacy and security. In Thailand, outsourcing providers strictly follow the policy of anonymity through their non-disclosure agreements. It was in 2019 when Thailand put the Personal Data Protection Act in place.

Thailand, according to A.T. Kearney’s 2016 Global Services Location Index, was in sixth place in the global outsourcing market. Although only a small percentage of Thailand’s population is proficient in English, they are still a chosen destination for IT outsourcing in the Southeast Asian region. Currently, they are in 17th place out of the 25 non-native English-speaking countries in Asia. Although struggling in this department, it more than makes up for its technical skills. These skills are a top requirement in mobile apps development, web design, and software quality assurance, only to name a few.

But of course, Magellan Solutions have the same training for the skills you require. We know you will find something that we can help with. Leave us a quote today!


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