Outsource Product Animation Made Easy

Outsource Product Animation Made Easy

Outsource Product Animation And Its Process

Outsource Product Animation And Its Process


3D Animation Outsourcing – Where to Start?

3D designers are vital to the entertainment industry, especially in film, animation, and gaming. Aside from this, they are extensively beneficial in other non-creative industries, mainly digital marketing, science, engineering, architecture, and interior design, as well as working with IT, developing 3D modeling and designing.

Majority of Filipino 3D designers are have majored in design, with some having taken courses in relevant fields such as information technology (IT), engineering, and architecture. Most of them have already immersed themselves in actual projects, making them highly employable. 

Magellan Solutions, a prime provider of knowledge-based processes outsourcing, lists the three levels of 3D designers:

  • Junior: Junior 3D designers are anywhere from fresh graduates. They have extensive training/internship experience up to 11 months of working experience.
  • Intermediate: A 3D designer who usually has 1-3 years of relevant experience.
  • Senior: Senior 3D designers in the Philippines have 3+ years of relevant experience.

With more than 2 decades of experience in the field, Magellan Solutions selects only the most skilled and knowledgeable designers in providing top of the line 3D animation design, proving itself as a prime provider of the service all over the globe.

From the perspective of an efficient KPO provider, let us give you an insight to the process of 3D animation and design.

Skeletal Process for 3D Animation Service Providers

Our 3D animators use high-end and quality making software and tools. As a result, we and adhere to a smooth workflow process:

Project Scope

This step discusses the defining of project requirement, which also includes the turnaround time. This also defines other details such as pricing and other inclusions. 

Resource Allocation

This stage has the proper procurement and allocation of the materials needed, and a project manager appointed to act as a go-between and provide regular updates on the progress.


The execution of the design is applying all the concepts and features included in the brief. This comes in three stages:

  • Pre-Production – Concept Art, Character Design, BG Design, Storyboard, and Animatics
  • 3D Production and Asset Making – Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Lighting and Rendering and Compositing
  • 3D Modelling


The design is then passed to committees involved, making sure that the brief is complied with and applied to the concept draft. Depending on the industry, there could be multiple stages in the approval. 


After checking and applying revisions, the final output is delivered to the client in their chosen format. 

Outsourced Animation Products and Services is the Best Choice

3D animation is definitely one of the most versatile sales presentation medium.

Many marketing managers have yet learn the power of using new media in school with lecturers usually focusing on traditional marketing media, namely live-action TV commercials and paper adverts. 

Internet marketing automation is a different discipline and unfortunately, there is very little room for knowledge due to the marketing academe still being inexperienced in using multimedia and animation to sell a product or a service. 

When animation used strategically, it can help demonstrate a product’s or engineered system’s full potential, far beyond what traditional marketing can provide.

Magellan Solutions highly-skilled artists cover the following expertly:

  • 3D cartoons
  • 3D animated movies
  • 3D e-learning
  • 3D medical animation
  • 3D product views
  • 3D virtual tours (Real Estate/Property/ Interiors)
  • 3D modeling

Take your projects and marketing efforts to a whole new level with professional 3D design and animation. 

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