Most Sought-After Outsourcing Destinations in Asia

Most Sought-After Outsourcing Destinations in Asia

Outsourcing Destinations in Asia

Outsourcing Destinations in Asia


The outsourcing industry is constantly growing with more businesses globally utilizing it. Companies from Western countries, UK, and Australia commonly seek help from the top outsourcing destinations in Asia. Why? Because it is a hassle-free and cost-efficient process. However, it still depends as different outsourcing destinations also deliver different impacts and results.


Many businesses entrust their important business processes to outsourcing companies in Asia. It now leads us to the question as to why business owners and investors choose them instead of other outsourcing destinations in the world. What advantages do they obtain?


Asia – the Top Pick of Business Owners


Outsourcing in this part of the world is genuinely ideal. The outsourcing market here is huge. It is true not only to large businesses, but also for medium and small businesses. This is because of a number of benefits it can provide. Some of the key reasons why Asia is considered as the top outsourcing destination includes the following:


Cost-Efficient Labor Market


One of the main reasons why companies choose Asia more than the others is because of low operating cost and labor market rate. This basically means that it is more cost effective. It can help you save more without compromising the quality of the process.


Access to Resources


Another important benefit of outsourcing within this continent is getting access to resources that are not easily available. These can be of valuable help to your business. The possibility of gaining new ground of opportunity is also high in outsourcing. It also allows companies to grasp the benefits of re-engineering.


Global Knowledge-Base and Facilities


Companies outsource to third-parties as they want the in-house to focus more on complex processes. They prefer this setup as these processes are valuable for the success of the business. Outsourcing to Asia enables them to tap into and influence a global knowledge base. It provides them access to top-notch facilities.


Top Outsourcing Destinations in Asia


Over the years, India and Philippines have been the two top picks of businesses all over the world. It the case when it comes to business process outsourcing. The rivals in the industry have been competing for the number one spot for decades. There are things you need to know when outsourcing to these two offshore destinations.




India is a country with a deeply rich culture and extraordinary customs and traditions. But what makes India one of the most sought after outsourcing destinations in Asia and all over the world?


According to The Times of India in an article last August 2013, American companies continue to outsource jobs to India as a cost-reduction strategy. Change is constant in the technology industry and transformation is an essential feature of a business model.


There are key factors brought about in the success of India in business process outsourcing. It includes the facts that India provides low-priced yet high-quality offshore software development services. These remotely demand well-developed processes for managing major projects in distributed areas. In addition to this, it’s  difficult for international people to generate employees equal to what India has built over the years.


If you are planning to do outsourcing software development, then India is a great choice. This country has many software development companies. They have a professional workforce, which includes software engineers. They are knowledgeable in app development as well as tools. Moreover, they have seized different challenges that further honed their skills and versatility.




The top outsourcing destination across the globe as of this writing is the Philippines ⁠— a major development and a big leap for this Southeast Asian country. It is particularly in the country’s Metro Manila and Cebu City.


Its cultural compatibility is one of the reasons why it has become the world’s elite and pioneering outsourcing destination. The Philippines continues to be a global leader in voice services. It was confirmed by Thomson Investment Advisory Firm. There are call center companies that position their services to different markets. Magellan Solutions, for example, offers customer support, order taking, answering services, 24/7 calls, multilingual support, and many more to small businesses.




This country is backed by its supportive government and world-class infrastructure. Its continuously developing economy is being supported by a democratic government with a politically stable and multilingual environment. These made Malaysia thrive and an influx of many global outsourcing giants, especially in the field of ICT. 


The outsourcing companies in Malaysia offer reasonable rates. It is a great deal for small to medium businesses. The only difficulty here is the smaller labor pool compared to neighboring countries. However, the good quality of their services speaks more than this challenge.


What Makes the Philippines Stand Out?


Many companies in the US rely on Filipinos to do outsourcing work. The rapid increase of businesses from different countries investing in the Philippines only proves that the country is the top outsourcing destination in the world. Here are some of the reasons why outsourcing to the Philippines is a no-brainer:


Low-Cost Operation Expenses


The cost of Philippine call centers is evidently lower than those from the US, Australia, Europe and other areas of the world, but higher than that of India. They make up to it through offering quality services. Their good communication skills and better cultural understanding, especially to those of the West are also a plus. The affordable call center pricing is why investors are attracted to the Philippine call center industry.


Stable and Progressing Economy


As years pass by, the country is gradually rising. It is now back on its feet and continues to strengthen the developing economy. It aims to take its previous status as one of the best nations in Asia. Moreover, its geographical setting is ideal. It lies in the most perfect location in the continent — in the heart of Asia.


Western Influence


The Spanish and American colonization have brought significant influences to Filipinos. It is still evident nowadays. The Filipino lifestyle is quite parallel to those in the Western regions. This means Filipinos can adapt easily to just about any environment and culture. It is because of the flexibility attribute of the Filipino people.


Government Support


The government has dedicated programs for the development of the Philippine BPO industry. It includes welcoming foreign investments and providing better infrastructure, technology and other beneficial things. It has become one of the government’s priorities. They are aware of its significant contribution to the country’s growing economy.


Proficient Workforce


The Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world. They possess an English proficiency rate of approximately 72.0%. They a talent pool that primarily holds a degree in various professional fields. In this country, their neutral accent offers significant quality and value to outsourcing international companies.


These are just some of the reasons that make the Philippines the leading call center country in the world. You might find out more once you try to outsource services to one of the most trusted call centers in the country.


The business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines continues to grow. It has no signs of slowing down in the coming years. It will continue to thrive and hold its title of being one of the top outsourcing destinations. All their greatness and benefits can bring your company to the top.



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