Outsourcing Live Chat Operators – It’s Necessary

Outsourcing Live Chat Operators – It’s Necessary


The ubiquity and convenience of instant messaging has made it a primary channel for communication. It lets people talk to each other in real time. It allows for more spontaneity and engagement. It’s conducive for quick and short messages, which people have become increasingly accustomed to in the social media age. It’s no surprise then, that businesses have seen its potential for customer support.

Live chat gives businesses the opportunity to chat with site visitors. It lets customers ask questions and make clarifications in real time as they browse through your site. Relying on FAQs can be fatal to your business. In Magellan Solutions, we understand the importance of multiple sales funnel. A phone number, contact form and a live chat are basic expenses in any competitive market.

Live chat outsourcing, on the other hand, gives you an edge.

• It lets you to take a more proactive approach.
• It helps you to give site visitors precise and nuanced answers when they ask about products or services.
• It augments your existing customer support channels.
• It lowers your contact center costs.
• It gives you the opportunity to increase sales.
• It allows you to identify customers’ needs and frustrations with the product or the website.

Outsourcing live chat is a cost-effective option that lets you experience all its benefits. It gives you access to a team of skilled live chat operators who can offer further assistance your site visitors. A competent service provider can hire qualified individuals, provide training, manage operations and shoulder overhead costs from an offshore location.


Here’s how you can make it work for you:


Orient your offshore team

Familiarize them with your brand, business and web interface. Though the offshore team is expected to possess the skills and knowledge needed for live chat support, only you can convey what your business stands for. Give them access to all the necessary resources and information. Make sure they know what your goals are.


Determine your website’s peak shopping hours

Use analytics to find out during which months, days and hours your website gets the most traffic. This helps you make more strategic decisions when it comes to outsourcing live chat and scheduling your operators’ shifts. Customer support should ideally be available 24/7. However, you might need to have additional operators on call during peak shopping hours.


Use a warm, personal approach

Live chat’s advantage over other customer support channels is that it feels more spontaneous and personal. Make the most of it by having your operators speak to customers in a warm manner. Make sure they don’t sound robotic or scripted.


Hire employees with sales experience

Operators with sales experience are more likely to persuade customers to make purchases and transactions. They can help drive your sales and generate more profit for your website.


Outsourcing live chat operators is a crucial step that can give your business a step up from the competition. The surge in online shopping has made it a necessity for commercial entities. It’s a boon for companies that are committed to delivering top rate customer service.

Magellan Solutions has a customized chat support services catered to companies looking to outsource their chat support. Live chat is a necessary and scalable customer service and sales function. Inquire today!