Outsource Transcription Philippines To Top BPO Solutions

Outsource Transcription Philippines To Top BPO Solutions

Outsource Transcription Philippines To Top BPO Solutions

Outsource Transcription Philippines To Top BPO Solutions

Choosing the most accurate medical transcription service

Accurate and timely transcription is an absolute must. Medical transcription is key in medical practice. Quality transcription is important for both physician and the patient. Small practices have three main options for transcription: 

In-house transcription 

Transcriptionists save physicians time by writing out and editing dictations. 

Outsourcing to medical transcription services 

Transcription services often have several layers of quality control. Some services charge a fee per line of transcription. But for a practice that generates a lot of reports, it can be a relief to shift that workload to an outside source.

Voice-recognition software

Physicians can complete their reports and finalize them in real-time. They do not have to wait for a transcriptionist to return it. This reduces turnaround time. But the dictating physician must also act as the proofreader for better accuracy.

All these services above allow doctors to have more personal encounters with patients. They are not distracted by filling out charts during the appointment. 


Text Software vs Medical Transcription?

We’re all pressed for time, and the entire globe is attempting to find new ways to automate every single operation that can be automated. A few activities, like as medical transcription, are more efficiently handled by hand, and this is one of such chores.

Voice recognition and dictation storage options are incorporated into many electronic health record systems today, and some even have native transcription capabilities. The use of automated transcribing services, on the other hand, is something that medical practitioners should avoid at all costs.

The main dictation will be understood by them, but they may misinterpret any particular phrase and transcribe it as something completely different. Patient records, clinical summaries, and even surgical reports are erroneous as a result of this practice. As a result, patients are at risk, and the only way to prevent this is by a thorough manual examination of the original text file while listening to the dictation and making the necessary modifications.

No one has the luxury of doing so, notably not physicians and other medical professionals who are exceedingly busy.

This is why using the services of a medical transcribing service is so critical. They are well aware of the high stakes involved, and they recognize that even a minor error might put a patient’s life in danger or put a doctor at risk of being sued for medical malpractice. If an untrained transcriptionist without a medical background can end up mixing up prescription names, dosages, and even health conditions, just image what a voice to text software can end up mixing up or completely missing in a medical transcription!

After all, there is a significant distinction between the terms “hypothyroid” and “hyperthyroid.” Someone who is unfamiliar with the industry may not even be aware that there is a difference and may not even seek clarity on the subject.

A natural fail-safe is provided by letting skilled, experienced workers listen to the audio files and transcribing their findings.

Because we are all human and make mistakes when we speak, they are often the first to discover if something is amiss with the original dictation. When they are signing off on their reports, they can point out any potential problems in the files for the medical provider to evaluate later in the process. Because of this, they wind up serving as a virtual safety net, and we’ve even witnessed instances in which our transcriptionists’ intervention has prevented everything from potential allergic responses to pharmaceuticals in an acute care hospital setting to a complete misdiagnosis.

Non medical transcription
services at Magellan Solutions

Transcription is the process of converting audio or video into text. Though it sounds simple, it can be tedious and time-consuming. Low-quality audio and video can also be challenging to convert. Transcribed texts are valuable to organizations. They serve as a form of documentation. 

Consider outsourcing transcription services to Magellan Solutions. We cater to the following among others: 

  • Authors
  • Filmmakers
  • Interviewers (like podcasters)
  • Trainers (training tutorials)
  • Conferences
  • Speakers (speeches)
  • Commercials
  • Marketing Professionals

Our transcribing services are:

Verbatim transcription

Every word, noise, and laughter captured in the audio or video must be transcribed for verbatim transcriptions and time-coded. This is one of the most difficult ones because there is a possibility of having garbled sentences in the file. This is also the most expensive. It requires a lot of skill, along with advanced software. Often used for:

  • Movies
  • Commercials
  • Legal proceedings

Edited transcription

Transcribers are given more freedom with this. They can omit certain parts as long as the essential idea is still intact. This type of transcription requires transcribers to know what the file is about. They are also further required to remove clutter in the form of background noise and garbled sentences. Often used for:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Classes
  • Speeches

Intelligent transcription

Requires plenty of analytical skills. It’s less about transcribing and more about getting the gist of it and communicating it through text.  The output doesn’t need every word, sentence, or noise. This focuses more on editing and less on the transcription itself. 


Is it a HIPAA Violation Risk to Outsource Medical Transcription?

One of the first questions that healthcare professionals ask when they learn about medical transcribing is whether or not the service poses a security or HIPAA violation risk to their patients’ health information.

The answer is straightforward: as long as you work with a recognized, trustworthy business that specializes in medical transcription and adheres to a number of safety measures, there is no risk involved.

Having said that, you must select the most appropriate agency to ensure the safety of your patients and the success of your clinic.

Medical transcriptionists are well-versed in medical language, and this includes an understanding of and adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (HIPAA).

As a result, they are cognizant of the sensitive nature of the documents they are transcribing, and they only accept and transfer data through secure networks. Every one of our employees and independent contractors is subjected to criminal background checks as well.

A requirement at our agency, where we adhere to all applicable industry rules, including HIPAA and HITECH, is that all information be kept confidential.

Transcription of medical records can be completed online using secure connections. Additionally, you can have a member or members of our in-house team visit to your office to transcribe the audio files without the audio files ever leaving the premises– whether digitally or physically. It all boils down to your preference and amount of comfort with the situation.


What is outsourced transcription for Magellan Solutions?

The Philippines has a vast pool of transcribers. Most are employed under BPOs like Magellan Solutions. They churn out transcribed work for your organization as you need it. Outsourcing transcription services gets the job done quicker. It also saves you the headache of going through audio and video files repeatedly. 

Our trained agents are familiar with medical documentation procedures and patient confidentiality issues (HIPAA). We assure you that your information will remain confidential. 

Have you decided that a trained human transcriptionist is the best option for you? Magellan Solutions is the perfect partner!

We want to extend our services to small, medium, or even large enterprises. So fill out the form below to get a free 60-minute consultation.


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