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Are Tech Support BPO legal?

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on August 3, 2023

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With the rise of the internet, technologies, and gadgets included, the government saw the need to create new laws and regulations to protect people from the negative impact of the internet.

These changes resulted in a heightened importance of service agreements compliance among tech companies, reflecting the importance they give to their customers and the existing government laws.

Outsourcing the tech support process might be one of the best solutions to avoid legal challenges or reparations.


Outsourcing Tech Support In The Philippines

The IT-BPM industry in the Philippines grows every year. Rappler reported in 2014 that it would reach $48 billion by 2020. In 2016, the sector reached $25 billion in revenue, accounting for more than 15 percent of the global outsourcing industry.

With the government’s help and the Philippine educational system, many graduates and students learned more about the information technology industry. Undoubtedly, this growth drives more talents to pursue their career in this industry. As a result, the quality of work — and ultimately, the output — also increases as competition arises.

There aren’t BPO companies in the Philippines making headlines in a negative way that affects their clients in other countries. Thus, outsourcing tech support in the Philippines is relatively safer.

Moreover, Filipino employees, especially those working in the BPO industry, are already aware of the international standards and laws related to the work.


Risks in the technology industry

Assuring your consumers that their information is safe is very important. It not only guarantees customer loyalty but can also ensure that no laws or regulations are being violated.

According to Statista, 96 percent of internet users in the United States fear online hackers. Those people fear that their data, like credit card information and social security number, might get stolen. The Concept of data privacy is essential. Only 17 percent of people surveyed 2017 by the same agency stated that they are sure their online information is secured.

Stolen identities and financial damages can bring legal problems to tech companies. Companies should not hire just anyone when dealing with their tech support. However, most customer service, especially the ones dealing with information of customers, has a specific risk involved. With this, the tech support should be inspected twice.

There have been many fraudulent threats in every department and sector of the technology industry. Tenfold listed five examples of the United States’ most significant online breach in 2015:

  1. Hackers stole the data from 4.8 million users at V-tech;
  2. Attorney-client privileges may have been violated for 70 million inmates as millions of call logs and thousands of call recordings were stolen;
  3. Stealing credit card data from Donald Trump’s hotels across the United States. The hackers compromised the information of thousands of people throughout the country;
  4. When as many as 15 million T-mobile users had their information stolen, the results included lost social security numbers, passport numbers, birth dates, names, and addresses.
  5. Ashley Madison scandal


Avoiding Legal Risks With Magellan Solutions

Our company has handled multiple clients with tech support. We are aware of the legalities it comes with. We are also up to date with new laws and regulations that each country needs to adhere to.

Magellan Solutions have certifications from Trustwave, ISO 27001, and PCI. Trustwave complies with the needs of e-commerce companies, while PCI is responsible for data account protection. ISO 27001 ensures that we adhere to all the standard information security measures required to ensure our client’s data are safe. We are also GDPR compliant, which is needed for European countries.

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      Are Tech Support BPO legal?

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