Performance Based Appointment Setting – Does It Work?

Performance Based Appointment Setting – Does It Work?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled Performance Based Appointment Setting Does It Work?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled Performance Based Appointment Setting Does It Work?

Performance based appointment setting ensures that your agents will only get quality leads for your company.

Businesses all over the world prefer a performance based appointment setting as BPO companies would need to show results first before you pay them.


This is an important detail for many SMEs now as only 2% of cold calls result in an appointment. 


Out of those set meetings, you still need to factor in your closure rate when it comes to sales pitching.


As you can gather, there’s not much you can convert if you don’t have a lot of leads to call. 


So, you have to ensure that you can generate high quality leads to guarantee a better appointment rate.


Of course there’s also a pay per hour appointment setting service. Outsourcing companies offer this since you can have a fixed monthly pricing.


That way, you can determine how much you need to spend for your business to business appointment setting service


However, this is not a cost-effective process since the third-party service provider can just give you many leads without qualifying them. 


It defeats the purpose of finding out the exact price if you can’t see any positive result for your company. 


With this in mind, let’s cite some successful companies that outsource pay for performance appointment setting services:

11 Pay for Performance Appointment Setting Success Stories

Before we start, please take note that we will not disclose the name of the company due to an NDA signed by their third-party service provider


But we will list step-by-step how BPO companies solved their lead performance based appointment setting issues.

1. Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services Help With the Digital Marketing Firms’ Expansion


A Singaporean digital marketing firm decided to outsource their lead generation and appointment setting as they recently expanded into the influencer marketing space.

Company’s Background

The client specializes in social media, email, and affiliate marketing. On top of that, they’re also one of the leading brands when it comes to pay-per-click advertising.


They have a wide range of target industries from food and beverage, retail to financial services. Moreover, they’re usual consumers are SMEs from APAC and North America.


In 2017, the client started to launch their full-service influencer marketing package in Hong Kong and Singapore markets. 


The package gave them tremendous success during the launch. So, the CEO decided to unveil it to their North American target the following year.


However, their marketing team doesn’t have the capability to cover this large target audience. 


So, they sought the help of a third-party service provider for their performance based appointment setting leads.


The BPO company set up a team that will use an accurate targeted marketing database. This will help them easily grasp those quality leads interested in the service of their client.


Moreover, they maximized their mode of communication by using phone, email, and LinkedIn touches in an integrated outreach cadence. 


The outsourcing provider based their messaging strategy on how the client’s new influencer marketing platform can solve their target customer’s pain points.


This way, the B2B consumers can also verify themselves how effective the campaign is based on their experience.



The 3-month performance based appointment setting campaign ran for 66 days which resulted in 48 qualified appointments.  


According to the owner of the Singaporean digital marketing firm, they consider these 48 qualified leads as a near-term sales opportunity.


On top of that, there are 80 completed leads that the sales team has yet to call for follow-ups. 


Meaning the 48 qualified leads could go up to at least 60 or 70 once the sales team offered their product.


Finally, there’s still around 120 interested B2B consumers that have yet to receive any information about their services.


As you can see, this performance based appointment setting campaign is a huge success considering that all of it happens in just 3 months including their research. 


Imagine how many leads they can convert if they continue this for a year?

2. Outsourcing Company Helped a Leading Payment Processor to Speed Up Their Lead Flow


The US-based independent payment processors aimed to help their Relationship Managers manage their sales pipeline to encourage increased business development.

Company’s Background

The client handles credit and debit card transactions for over 100,000 restaurants, hotels, and other retail merchants. 


Furthermore, their 400 staff manages the payroll services of companies in Ohio, California, Texas, Arizona, and Indiana.


The client needs sales appointment setting services to make its services clearly faster and more accessible to their consumers. 


Their CEO and owner thinks that the increasing number of competitors in a highly-competitive mercantile market could cause them a lower conversion rate.


Therefore, they wanted to improve their organization with the emphasis on quality people and low sales professional turnover. 


Once done, they expect to maximize their 800 strong nationwide sales force coverage.


Their outsourcing provider made some improvement in their appointment setting services. They increase the usage of their phone to reach more B2B customers.


On top of that, instead of pushing for immediate sales, the call center company changed the objective into information-based cold calling. 


As a result, interests in their products and services improve and salespeople have an easier time during sales pitch.


Finally, in order to speed up their lead flow, the outsourcing company provides real-time reporting using pipeline CRM. Thus, they made necessary adjustments in just a short period of time.


After the appointment setting campaign, the sales team’s activity tripled in terms of the number of proposals made and completed sales meetings.


It means the quality of the scheduled appointment improved as it is now easier and faster to convenience prospect B2B clients.


Aside from that, there’s also a 70% reduction in no-show sales appointments. To top it all off, there’s a 110% increase in response rates during follow up calls.


All in all, the campaign made around 1100 appointment leads. These provide additional prospect-level sales for its 800 sales rep nationwide.

3. B2B Appointment Setting Services Help a Wine Retailer to Increase their Pipeline Value


This client is a UK-based retailer of wine. Their goal in outsourcing their pay for performance appointment setting is to improve their conversion rate.

Company’s Background

They are one of the largest specialist retailers of wine in the United Kingdom. So, they have more than a dozen wineries stationed all over the country. 


Being on the of the largest, they have an access to a wider range of target consumers. As a result, it is difficult to make a personalized service for their clients.


The client wants to see an improvement when it comes to their conversion rate. It is because there’s a lot of local wine retailers. 


So, they can’t catch up in terms of localizing their sales pitch.


While doing so, they also want to access their “hard to reach” B2B target audience. 


These clients could provide a tremendous amount of profit. Although you need to put extra effort to persuade them to buy their product.


The organization also wants to have additional platforms to distribute their services to improve the pipeline of their business.


The call center provider studies which local area they strive more against local competitors. This way, they know which area to focus on during the sales appointment setting services.


The outsourcing provider also checks the common reasons why those “hard to reach” B2B consumers keep on refusing their services. 


As a result, they created basic rebuttals whenever they ask some usual questions about the product. 


On top of that, they provided CRMs to monitor the progress of the campaign. It is also a way to smoothen out the sources needed by the organization to develop their pipeline further.


The wine retailer made an improvement in every aspect of their business after outsourcing their appointment setting services. 


Here are some of the monthly results they have during the campaign:


  • 249 qualified appointments generated.
  • 27 acquired new customers in their primary target consumers.
  • 2 new customers generated from the “hard to reach” audience segment (as opposed to zero before the campaign).


Aside from these figures, the client also increased their conversion rate by 15% compared to 5% they have before outsourcing.


Finally, they saw a 23% improvement in their pipeline value which is more than they have during pre and post campaigns.


It means maintenance has to be done in order to see a continuous positive result when it comes to the sales appointment setting services.

4. A California-based Software Company Sees Improvement in their Conversation Rate After Outsourcing Their Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Service


This US-based company software aims to have reliable lead generation services to create an ongoing aggressive sales-qualified leads (SQL).


Company’s Background

The client is one of the leading Software Solutions providers in the state of California. As part of a highly competitive market, they want to accelerate their sales cycle. 


That way, they can increase their productivity by converting more leads into actual paying customers.


As stated, the company belongs to a highly competitive business space. So it might be hard to introduce a sales pitch that consumers didn’t hear from your competitors.


On top of that, the client can’t access any information to analyze from other companies. The lack of data about the competitors makes it hard to create an appointment setting strategy.


The organization also has to find a way to work on their own database which they can use for further research. 


This data includes customers’ information and previous transactions.


Firstly, the BPO company provides a software database in which the client can check any information available for their competitors. 


Then, they help the company to tap and reach out to competitors’ markets and prospects. 


The agents started contacting those consumers to introduce their product and explain why they’re better.


After that, the call center company identifies which areas and verticals should they prioritize in their appointment setting campaign.


Finally, they updated the software company’s database so they can use it for future research and marketing strategy.


The client was able to generate significant appointments leading to a superior return of investments (ROI) in sales.


Over the course of the marketing campaign, the call center company made more than 200 appointments to B2B customers.


On top of that, at least 55 prospective companies requested information. They process the information in the client’s updated CRM. 


They can further nurture these prospects with the help of the lead development team.


On top of that, there is a 20% increase in the overall sales conversions after outsourcing their lead generation service.

5. An App Developer Gain US Consumers by Outsourcing Their B2B Appointment Setting Services


A Poland-based App Developer wants to introduce their services outside the USA. They hire a BPO company to work on their pay for performance appointment setting.

Company’s Background

The client is a software development enterprise with an HQ in Poland. They offer their services to a wide range of sectors from healthcare to logistics companies.


They have B2B partners all over Europe, delivering innovative technology for app and web development. Furthermore, they can also customize software upon the request of their customers.


Being one of the most successful app developers in Europe, the client wants to explore the US market. 


Unfortunately, they don’t have any experience nor capability to perform outbound campaigns outside their region.


Most of the consumers of this app developer came from their affiliates and referral from  previous customers.


However, both of these fields can only deliver local leads. So, this approach wouldn’t work for the United States.


Because of this method, they also rarely send emails for their prospects or any outbound campaign for that matter. So they don’t have any records of how effective their campaigns are.


Since it’s a foreign market for the European app developer, the outsource provider takes it slow to minimize any error.


First, they did research of their possible competitors in the US and how they were able to advance their products to their clients.


Then, the call center provider started profiling their potential B2B consumers. Once done, the cold calling agents start generating leads for the company.


Since the company doesn’t have any customer database, the BPO call center started a fresh list of US-based consumers that they can nurture.

The third-party service provider targeted decision makers during their outreach. 


This is because it is easier to pass around information and introduce new products to the management. Rather than getting passed-on information from the secretary or assistant.


The company was able to set an appointment to at least 2 – 3 US-based B2B consumers per week during their first 2 months. 


This is a great result considering that the client does not have any foundation when it comes to marketing in the US.


On top of that, the industry where they belong is a highly competitive niche in this country. So, getting any leads is a difficult task for any start-up business.


Besides getting 2 – 3 appointments weekly, the outsourcing provider generates more than 1,500 marketing qualified leads (MQLs) per month.


They can put these MQLs in their database which their sales team can nurture to eventually convert them into B2B buyers.


Finally, the app developing company saw a 200% increase in their ROI after outsourcing to a third-party service provider.

6. A Debt Portfolio Management Systems Provider Wants Customers to Gain More Awareness About their Service Through Appointment Lead Setting Services


This client is a UK-based technology company that wants to reach more B2B consumers by performing outbound campaigns to introduce their service.

Company’s Background

The organization has over 15 years of experience providing analytical and operational needs for financial institutions in more than 10 countries. 


They offer services such as accurately managing debt portfolios and streamlining collections operations.


The client’s main goal in outsourcing is to create awareness about what services they can offer in the financial industry.


Unfortunately, this is a hard task on their own since it might be difficult to simplify their procedures on how they can help their customers. 


The complexity of the processes made it hard for B2B decision-makers to grasp the importance of their assistance.


On top of that, the financial sector is so diverse like banks, lending companies, mortgage firms, etc. 


So, there must be a very careful strategy when it comes to categorizing their target customers.


Since the client has no experience when it comes to outbound campaigns, the BPO firm provided a flexible approach in their performance based appointment setting service.


They helped the organization listen to call recordings. Then, they analyzed which part of the conversation is somehow confusing to their consumers.


That way, they made some changes based on prospects’ feedback. Until they perfectly refined their calling strategy to maximize positive results.


Once they had the simplest way to approach product introduction, they went full blast with the outbound cold calling campaign.


They targeted first those companies where they have success the most from their previous customers’ database.


The extensive analysis of customers feedback towards product introduction made some headway for the clients objective. 


As a result, more than 75% of leads passed to the sales team resulted in a follow-up action. This is a much higher conversion rate compared to what the business had previously.


Besides that, the marketing campaign also helped them to provide valuable insight into the profile of the UK market. 


They were able to identify those segments most receptive to a technology solution. Thus, it will branch out to newer and better performance based appointment setting strategies in the future.

7. A Digital Identity Company Needs the Help of B2B Appointment Setting Companies to Generate BANT Qualified Leads for their New Service


The client is a digital company that provides identity, authentication, and access management solutions for the healthcare sector. 


They wanted to introduce a new service so they contracted a third-party service provider.


Company’s Background

The company has been operating since 2002. Most of their customers are healthcare facilities in the UK and US. 


Their aim is to solve healthcare’s unique workflow, security, and compliance challenges.


The client needs a B2B outbound specialist to generate budget, authority, needs, and timeline (BANT) qualified leads for the launch of IDG.


IDG is an identity and access management solution software. 


The purpose of this technology is to help healthcare organizations with fast, secure role-based provisioning and deprovisioning to systems and application. 


The campaign would initially start in the UK and might extend overseas if proven successful. 


On top of that, the client required their partner to have a robust quality framework given their reputation in the community.


The call center firm first targeted CIO, HR directors, and Clinical Department Heads to introduce the new service of the client. 


Since the discussion requires a thorough explanation, it is necessary that the team can talk to someone who has knowledge when it comes to this kind of technology. 


This will help them further understand the overall benefits and convince the management of hospitals and clinics to buy their service.


Moreover, the team will aggressively pursue the prospects to schedule an appointment with the sales team. 


They segmented the target list and forward it to the salespeople so they can perform meetings and demo invites.


Once the initial contact has a positive result, the outbound team will now focus on getting necessary requirements to build the customers’ database.


They can use this database for future projects and marketing campaigns.


The call center firm managed to exceed the client’s expectation as they gained one qualified lead every 8.75 hours as compared to one every 10 – 15 hours expectation.


Besides that, they made 7 appointments in their hardware campaign. Overall, they were able to deliver more than 38 appointments.


The organization also secured businesses from their database. As a result, they can nurture these prospects to create a healthy potential pipeline of high-quality opportunities.

8. A Leading High-precision Motion Control and Automation Equipment Needs Outbound Campaign to Generate High-Quality SQL


The US-based motion control equipment provider wants to improve their lead generation process via outsourcing to a third-party service provider.

Company’s Background

The company started their operation in 1970 and has almost 500 employees worldwide. 


Their main focus is on engineering, research, and development of various motion equipment for multi-purpose use. They have different affiliates in Europe and Asia to support their global customers.


Majority of the leads they’re getting came from digital channels and organizing events like conferences and webinars. 


Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult to set-up events and mass gatherings. 


So, they must think of another way to remotely promote their products to their B2B consumers. They want to generate higher quality leads and SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads).


Furthermore, another goal of this engineering company is to have in-profile prospects without an immediate need for future nurture.


Finally, they want to have email subscribers on their monthly engineering newsletters where they will feature their latest products.


Due to the technical nature of the company, agents working on their outbound performance based appointment setting went through rigorous training in order to represent the brand excellently.


Once done, the call center firm created several talking points in which agents can discuss relevant benefits depending on the segment of the markets.


For example, if agents will talk to a decision maker of a manufacturing company then they discuss the efficiency of the machines.


As the call progresses, the cold caller can either set another schedule with the B2B consumer with the sales team. 


However, they can also get their necessary information so they can forward newsletters and nurture them further.


The team were able to generate 47 appointments during the lead generation campaign. This is close to their initial target of at least 50 appointments in a month.


The client also made improvements when it comes to qualifying all their leads. Now, their in-house resource can focus on prioritizing closing sales with a higher probability. 


This is because they already know which prospect shows more interest during the lead generation process.


More importantly, the performance based appointment setting campaign creates a solid pipeline of marketing qualified leads and future opportunities. 


This is due to the fact the team was also effective in securing GDPR compliant opt-ins for their monthly engineering email newsletters.

9. A Nonprofit Organization Uses Appointment Setting Campaign to Talk About Other Corporations about Corporate Responsibility


The client contracted a third-party service provider to carry out a targeted membership drive concerning persons with disabilities (PWD) in the workplace and community.

Company’s Background

For more than 30 years, this NPO works towards enabling disability-smart organizations. They help businesses understand the needs of disabled customers and employees.


On top of that, they can also assess their products and services across a range of disabilities using a bespoke self-assessment tool.


The organization wants to arrange a face-to-face appointment with several businesses in order to discuss their proposals. 


One of their main agenda is to encourage business owners to provide full access to disable customers and employees based on their spending power.


The main challenge here is to convince the decision makers to set an appointment with the NPO and discuss their concern.


So, their main strategy is to provide a membership for businesses willing to comply with their agenda. This can provide a good image for their company since they care about PWDs.


It is necessary for the team to integrate different means of communication besides outbound calling. Since what they’re offering here is neither a service or product but a membership privilege.


The team deems it important that businesses have an orientation first before doing their first contact. 


Thus, they send a letter of invitations via email explaining the intention of contacting them.


The call center company made sure that their message will align with the message that NPO wants to convey. 


At the same time, they need to flex some benefits of accepting the invitation such as seasonal events and membership perks.


To ensure calling remained in sync with other activities, the team set a weekly schedule to further nurture their leads. 


They carefully explained every advantage until the business owner agreed to set a face-to-face appointment.


The NPO gained positive results after 1 year and 3 months of outbound calling campaign. 


They have ongoing engagement and produce trusted partnerships that provide services to PWD customers and employees.


All in all, the outsourcing provider managed to generate 767 leads with qualified decision makers. Out of 767 leads, they were able to convert 163 appointments. 


Making their conversion rate at 21% which is higher compared to their previous engagements.

10. A Large Industrial Corporation Decided to Outsource Appointment Setting Service in Order to Gather New Businesses


The client is an industry leader when it comes to providing digital solutions for the general market and wants to hire a new telemarketing team to boost their brand awareness.

Company’s Background

As a global technology company, they have around 300,000 people worldwide. Most of their operations focus on North and South America, Asia, and Europe.


Their specialization is designing digital products that focus on the industrial sectors.


The company wants to maximize their overall capacity when it comes to providing digital solutions for different sectors. 


So, they want to combine their in-house marketing team with an outsource appointment setters to take advantage of their benefits.


The goal of the campaign is to make contacts and schedule an appointment with senior decision makers in large manufacturing organizations.


The initial project will run for 8 weeks with an objective to reach which is to generate 10 high quality appointments.


To make an initial contact with senior decision makers, the call center team made sure that they will assign agents with long experience in outbound cold calling.


The team will record all the necessary information from the decision makers including their tendencies and interests during the conversation.


Because of the diverse target audience, it is critical that agents can discuss several benefits of the product depending on the sectors they’re into.


This way, the decision makers can have a quick learning curve in terms of the company’s ability to provide services.


The call center company was able to reach their objective in just 6 weeks. In contrast with the 8-week duration of the project. 


As a result, the performance based appointment setting campaign continued for another 4 weeks.


After the campaign, the team made 11 quality appointments out of 65 decision maker calls.


In addition, the company benefited from a fully cleansed, profiled database with a total of 1614 updated fields.


Additionally, this database can be a pipeline of future potential opportunities.

11. Appointment Setting Service Provider Helps a Meat Supplier to Create New Opportunities and Appointment Pipeline


A meat and poultry supplier in the UK uses a performance based appointment setting service to discover any potential untapped market.

Company’s Background

The business started supplying meat and poultry in London’s marketplace in 1970. 


As time goes by the size of the food industry grows larger so they need to find a way to introduce their product to a wider audience.


The company felt that they’ve been doing an insignificant amount of effort to adapt with the modern techniques in promoting their product.


That’s why they contracted a BPO call center company to maximize their profitability and accelerate their growth. 


So, they set the objective to raise awareness of their brand. In addition to that, they want to increase their market share. 


Their idea is to develop new relationships with clients with potential to become long-term partners.


The first thing that the  call center team does is to create a priority list of prospects. This way, they can categorize which B2B consumer is a potential long-term business partner.


They segmented the data into Priority 1, Priority 2,  and so on. By using this technique, they can also monitor the progress of their outbound campaign.


On top of that, they can create different outbound strategies depending on the priority of the list. 


For example, they might need to provide information to those companies in Priority 2 than in Priority 1. It is because Priority 1 companies might already have tons of information about the client.


Once done, they will encourage their potential B2B partners to set a face-to-face schedule to further discuss potential partnerships.


Due to the large volume of outbound cold calling, the call center team made a conversation with a qualified decision maker every 1.63 hours. 


As a result, they scheduled one appointment every 7.48 hours. In total, the campaign made over 400 conversations including some prospects in the “hard-to-reach” list.


All in all, the campaign produces 13 face-to-face appointments and 15 telephone appointments with the significant portion coming from Priority 1 list.


The campaign has created a strong pipeline of new opportunities and future potential within the supply chain of the client. 


Based on the case studies provided, we can say that appointment setting service is not just about performing an outbound cold call.


In essence, the BPO company needs to study the data of your target audience first before even starting with strategy. 


This data gives them full knowledge about your service. As a result, they can represent your company well and eventually improve the rate of your performance based appointment setting conversion.


Performance based appointment setting service ensures that outsourcing providers will thoroughly analyze your business to provide favorable results.


Unlike a pay-per-hour appointment setting service where the provider will just call all possible prospects without actually studying their tendencies.


It is because regardless of the result, you will pay them based on the hour they exert in your call center operation.

Where Can You Find the Best Appointment Setters?

The Philippines is still the undisputed option when it comes to outbound performance based appointment setting call centers. After all, they are the “Call Center Capital of the World”.


Here are some of the attributes that makes the Philippines the perfect choice for your outbound call center service:


  • Excellent English Proficiency
  • Neutral Accent
  • Government Support
  • Several Tax Exemptions for Outsourcing Company
  • Flexible Call Center Agents
  • Outstanding Work Ethics
  • Affordable Pricing with a Great Service Quality


There’s still a lot of factors that make the Philippines the haven for the call center industry. All in all, it all boils down if the BPO company you found is perfect for a start-up business like yours.


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