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What Makes A Successful Customer Service Outsourcing
What Makes A Successful Customer Service Outsourcing
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Quantity & Quality Leads For Appointment Setting Outsourcing

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Pros And Cons Of Helpdesk Outsourcing

By Yelyna

Updated on May 15, 2024

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What to consider for your helpdesk outsourcing

There are a lot of benefits from an outsourced help desk. But there are also other things to consider. 

Cost-related benefits

Contracted costs might not hold in reality. This is when business needs have been missed from the original contract negotiations. As a result, they have to be subsequently added at an additional cost.

Continuing with margin levels

Outsourced help desk providers are businesses that need to make a certain margin from every deal. They have to make sure that it still contributes to their overall profitability. If the required margins are not met, its quality levels may suffer. This is usually still in line with agreed service level targets. But unnecessary costs will be reduced. This further results in mediocre service rather than excellence. 

Mediocre service

This level of service might start to cost the customer more than it saved through the outsourcing contract. The adverse impact on nonemployee and business operations caused by prolonged IT-issue disruption will also have a high cost. 

Terms of cost

Additional costs might delay a required action. This will significantly affect the customers expecting a fast response from you. 

We know that it is inevitable to ignore all these possibilities entirely. We may still encounter some or most of it. But with Magellan Solutions, we assure every client we sign that we will steer clear of cons as much as possible. After all, knowing customers are the most significant factor that makes you grow. As an IT specialist provider, we aim for the same results. Serve customers with nothing but the best services and products.


Outsource your helpdesk support with Magellan Solutions

Take a moment to think about all the little things that your employees need. Computers, software, and other hardware pieces are all vital office operations. Imagine your technical department trying to keep up with problems in any of these needs.

Unfortunately, IT staff is being stretched to the breaking point. They are expected to keep up with network and hardware maintenance demands. This is done along with helping out employees in times of need. Each employee within your company has a workstation with a PC or laptop, an operating system, application software, access to a printer, an email account, and a network connection. Traditionally it has been the IT department’s job to maintain these services for your employees. Often there are not enough hours to tackle these problems quickly and efficiently.

Outsourcing your IT help desk services to a third-party provider can help by pushing the reset button on your IT department’s daily operations. This will allow your IT department to focus on essential applications for your business.

Magellan Solutions can offer your employees help desk assistance remotely. As a result,  this will relieve some of the burdens on your in-house IT department. We can also help tackle operating system errors, password resets, set up new hires’ email accounts, and even troubleshoot email, network connectivity, and printer access issues. 

Rather than waiting for someone to come to their workstation, employees get this help more quickly through our IT support services.


Hiring outsourced employees for your help desk services

IT help desk support is essential for a business to be successful in this tech-savvy generation. But some companies cannot afford to maintain a team of in-house IT staff. 

With Magellan Solutions, we give you affordable offers to build a team. Outsourcing your IT duties is very important. These highly trained staff can be the first point of contact for all technical inquiries. They resolve fundamental issues while they escalate the more severe complications to senior employees. As a result, we can take much of the burden away from your in-house engineers and technicians. They can have more time to tackle tasks central to your business’s focus. Whether you need a remote helpdesk support agent or a remote help desk technician, look no further with us.

Are you worried about not having employees cover after-hours, weekends, or holidays? Our flexible shifting schedule allows our technical support to cater to your customers 24/7, all year round. They can reach you through email or even have a live chat for any of their inquiries. 

By outsourcing your support staff, we assure you that your customers will be in the hands of responsive and courteous professionals. Contact us to learn more about hiring a help desk support staff in the Philippines!

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      Pros And Cons Of Helpdesk Outsourcing


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