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Choosing the Best Appointment Setting Services For SMEs in 2021

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on June 4, 2024

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A simplified guide to outsourcing appointment setting services for SMEs

Most businesses often assume that getting appointment-setting services would mean an offshore team will replace their in-house sales teams.

While it’s an alternative way for staff solutions, outsourcing does not replace your core team, nor does it have to. Outsourcing professional appointment setters are meant to support you and your team in order to gain a much better profit and ROI.

While relatively new in the game, this is a proven technique to reach out to potential buyers using multiple means such as email, social media, and the good ol’ phone telemarketing services. Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg as the process also involves qualifying and nurturing these prospects.


Myths and Truths About B2C & B2B Appointment Setting Services

Beforego deeper into the process of choosing the best outsourcing company to provide appointment setter service, let’s break down some misconceptions first about the service.

Myth 1: Offshore professional appointment setters will replace my sales team.

Truth: Your outsourcing partner will streamline the work of your in-house team. Your core in-house team will work side-by-side with your outsourced team in streamlining tasks and making functions more efficient.

Myth 2: Outsourcing provider has a better team.

Truth: Your outsourcing provider is not a competitor but a partner, and a good partner makes the most out of your established sales processes and improves the effort of your in-house sales team, at that.

Myth 3: An offshore team is just a duplicate of my in-house team.

Truth: While a reliable outsourcing provider explores your business’ ethics, vision, mission, and goals, it does not mean it duplicates tasks that are assigned to many of your core staff already. Your offshore team is meant to annex your operations and support your onsite team in keeping everything running smoothly.


How to Choose the Best Appointment Setter Service Provider

It is only smart that when you decide to outsource this service, you go to the top outsourcing service company from a well-known outsourcing hotspot like the Philippines.

Still, finding the right partner is still quite a feat here. Of course, you’d want to partner with the right BPO company that can provide you with professional appointment setters.

As such you have to understand that a reliable partner understands that your partnership is not a one-off engagement and instead an investment. Thus the need to fully understand your business, sales processes, products and services.


Furthermore, you have to understand that customer acquisition often requires the following:

  • A lot of work
  • Brainstorming
  • Mutual cooperation

By understanding this first, it will be much easier for you to determine which is the best one for you. Now, you must remember these four key qualities of the right partner:

  • Transparency
  • Lead Quality
  • Cost
  • Disruption



Process transparency is also crucial for this service and that’s why you set how your partnership would be. This is possible by identifying the following factors:

  • What you will be doing
  • How much time to allot for the whole process
  • How teams (both in-house and offshore) will cooperate

Contracts and SLA are also a common part when you talk about transparency. This way, you’ll have proper documentation of the partnership.

Here at Magellan Solutions, we offer a wide range of BPO services for business, be it large corporations or SMEs. In that regard, we make sure that our client is aware of each step involved in their desired service.


Some examples of what we do:

Email Outreach

Let’s say you want an email strategy, we never launch one without discussing an outreach strategy first with you. Email takes a different type of communication, and a strategically crafted email can make all the difference, especially in sales. We can assure you that efficient email marketing brings results.


While we do not entirely scrap your scripting or messaging, we study and analyze them to further understand how to build connections with your clients and prospects, in accordance to your company mission and culture. This is also part of our efforts to integrate your process into our system or vice versa.

Ideal Customer Profile

We want to understand your market even further and we do so by reviewing your existing ICP. We can also expand or build a new one using all your pre-determined customer needs as qualifiers.

Build Tech Requirements

We use only the best tools and latest software to further enhance our service delivery. For B2C & B2B appointment setting services, we use legitimate and licensed trackers and tools to track B2C and B2B data.


Data is important for our professional appointment setters to actually render your desired results. That is why we ensure that we understand your lead lists, scrub it when necessary and as you deem fit. We also identify lead sources and databases included.


We want our processes to produce the results, of course, your desired ones. That is why we ensure our reports include all the necessary details in order for you to better understand what we’re doing and then make necessary adjustments if you must.


Lead Quality

As a premier BPO company, Magellan Solutions does not capitalize on quantity alone. This is because we know that in order to get the best lead, you have to earn it with prime effort and smart strategy.

That is why we ensure that our process involves an extensive and functional system to gather, validate, organize lead databases.

As you should know, a huge but bought lead database often means 60% of it has been contacted by various appointment setters. This means a lesser chance to put your product or services on the spotlight to get prospects.

As your partner we work on a healthy collaboration to build an efficient system for you. We do this by doing extensive research on various niche-specific platforms and websites. We also provide tailored data that we help you to segment accordingly.


Lead Costing

Magellan Solutions provides high-quality, cost-effective service delivery.

This is because our pricing method is tailored to your needs while ensuring that none of us are overcharged. Even during our consultation, we want to provide the best services that are within your budget, in addition to understanding your needs.

We set our pricing scheme at the level where your needs are met and are cost-efficient. We tailor these costs based on the set agreement that works for both of us.



We only engage with your business whenever we both deem it necessary. We do this as we believe that a healthy partnership is always based on respect. This means we respect your processes and systems even while we improve them as your support team.

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Magellan Solutions Maximizes Synergy with Appointment Setter Service

Magellan Solutions provides top-quality appointment-setting services to every industry.

Our 18 years in the industry proves our dedication to provide excellent services for businesses worldwide. We understand that each business is unique and thus requires highly-curated services that we provided exactly the way you want.

Magellan Solutions is an ISO 27001-certified and HIPAA-compliant outsourcing provider. We ensure the safe and confidential management of your data and information.

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      Choosing the Best Appointment Setting Services For SMEs in 2021

      Magellan Solutions

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