Fb Pixel The Real-Time Response Rate of Philippine Call Centers

The Real-Time Response Rate of Philippine Call Centers

The Real-Time Response Rate of Philippine Call Centers


Real-time response rate is an essential element in the operation of a Philippines call center. Many businesses nowadays, both local and foreign, are outsourcing the services of contact centers. They rely on the advanced infrastructure and technology of the BPO industry in providing fast and efficient technical support and customer service either through phone or online.

Through the help of call center solutions, any entrepreneur can create business opportunities by using sophisticated and integrated software. There are various services available that can help businesses in improving customer service as well as the operation of the business. Taking inbound calls is one of the services offered and they are using an interactive response system. The system helps in providing real time response to customers, thus making them happier and satisfied.

Outsourcing inbound services is helpful in promoting sales, advertising campaigns and having a better grip in implementing any company activities. The versatility of this infrastructure gives flexibility to companies in increasing in-house efficiency as well as in improving customer service. It is because the inbound services offered by the Philippine contact center are designed to handle customers’ information requests. Agents from call centers are highly skilled and trained. That is why you can ensure that they can advertise the products and services effectively. Thus, representatives can address phone inquiries properly and in real time.

The automated response programs integrated in call center solutions minimize the volume of repeated information requests pertaining to the company like business hours, location, fax and telephone numbers, shipping policies and many others. It also reduces the need to hire employees to do the job. That is why in order to ensure that customers can obtain fast and accurate pieces of information, Philippine call centers should implement a real-time response system.

Understanding the value of real-time response

Risk management – The operation in contact centers may change anytime. There are instances in which customers’ calls flow in volume. Letting customers wait for your response would do no good for your business. This should make sense when in the process of deciding which company to hire. How an agent handles a call can give you either customer satisfaction or customer dissatisfaction. Call centers ensure that they have real-time data so that they can respond immediately to customers. This way, risk management can be avoided.

Customer response time – Implementing real-time response and data can also prevent any potential crisis from happening. Industries involved in safety and health should be sensitive about the response time given to customers. It is because if a customer calls because of a medical emergency, it is necessary to respond immediately. Likewise, contact centers should be equipped with the best resources for efficient handling of calls.

Operational costs – Higher percentage of operational costs is directed to paying contact centers. However, the cost is worth every cent as long as the Philippine contact center that you hired is utilizing resources effectively. Implementing a real-time response process can reduce the operational costs and, at the same time, improve customer service.

A real-time system is a quick and fast respondent system that is used in the BPO industry where a large number of calls and inquiries are accommodated and processed in a timely manner. This system requires quick transactions by providing immediate response to customers. The good thing about using real-time response is that customers looking for quick solutions for their problems can easily find answers through talking with the company’s representatives.

Real-time response helps in building the brand

Most businesses are using social media in promoting and marketing their products and brand. However, one of the mistakes that frequently happens is not sharing their thoughts in real time. Apparently, social media has changed the communication and marketing aspects when engaging with customers. Nevertheless, interacting with customers through social networks can help in building the brand as long as it is done in real time.

Luckily, most call center companies in the Philippines are utilizing a real-time system in handling customers’ calls and inquiries. Building a brand would cost a huge amount of money and time. Likewise, it would also take several years to develop a respectable company brand. By getting the services of call centers, a company can save on money and time. BPO representatives are well-trained in providing real-time responses to address customers’ needs.

Any organization that wants to build a brand can invest in BPO services. It is important to find the right call center with the best representatives who can do the job proficiently. The company should collaborate with the representatives and give all the necessary information related to the business. In this way, the agents can confidently answer everything that the customers are asking about.

Communicating with customers in real time is essential in call center campaigns. It requires careful planning and strategy to do the job well. Responding in a timely manner is an important tool during a crisis. Nevertheless, responding should be done responsibly and appropriately, otherwise it will do no good. Being able to respond swiftly in social media offers great uses. Doing things in a timely manner is a great thing to do when it comes to monitoring customers’ opinion about the product, service and brand. It is also the easiest way to track the competition of your business. It should also be good in obtaining sales leads. As long as the representative knows how to implement real-time response, customers will be satisfied and leads may turn into sales.

Using this kind of system is not only useful in giving a quick response to customers but also in obtaining feedback. In order to improve customer service, obtaining real time feedback is important. The competition in any industry is getting tough and that is why providing urgent response can be your edge. The feedback from customers can give you an idea about their experience with your business. It is not enough to give competitive choices; instead you should know what they want.

After obtaining real-time feedback, the next thing to do is to fix the situation. If there is a problem with the customers, the best thing to do is to fix the issues the soonest possible time. Otherwise, if you will not provide immediate action, most likely you will lose these valuable customers. In the same manner, it is also essential to fix any problems with employees and other aspects inside the company. Eliminating all the factors that could cause negative issues should be fixed as it is the key to responding immediately.

Act fast. Act accordingly.

In order to provide an excellent approach to customer service, it is essential to act fast and act accordingly. Definitely, every customer wants fast service. That is why if you want to keep customers, make sure that you provide real time services. Being fully engaged in providing services can help in improving customer service. This is easily done by hiring the services of the Philippine contact center industry. Once customers know that their complaints are addressed, they will appreciate your business more and become more loyal.

In maintaining excellent service, the entire team at the call center should know the appropriate metrics and use the right tools. This means that agents and managers should recognize the trends and anticipate problems in order to rule out reparative action. Responding in a timely manner plays a significant role in improving the service level. It indicates the percentage of calls received and answered in just a short period of time.

Knowing each agent’s status is important so that tasks will be properly assigned. Choosing a call center that has a large pool of agents is ideal so that you can ensure that each representative is not doing a lot of multitasking. Likewise, the agent should also know what to do when the calls in queue exceed the predetermined threshold. This way, call waiting can be prevented and all calls will be addressed.

Using a real time system can also help in determining the appropriate time to spend with each call in the queue. Letting customers wait for their calls to be answered should be avoided as it will make them become disappointed especially if they need an immediate solution for their needs. A long waiting time can lead to a decrease of trends as well as service level. However, as long as the call center team can effectively act and respond as soon as possible, it will step up the efficiency of the company and service quality.

Indeed, this kind of system is very important in the operation of any business – and the contact center industry is not an exemption. Nowadays, many businesses and organizations are outsourcing to the BPO industry for different services that will help in achieving long-term success. Inbound service is one of the services commonly outsourced. Real time responding is essential in handling inbound calls especially when calls come in volume.

The inbound services of call centers are done in real time that is why customers can expect that they will not wait for long to be assisted – they know that they can obtain the needed information outright. This is the reason why many companies both local and foreign are outsourcing services to the BPO industry in the Philippines because they know that the agents can handle the volume of calls. Likewise, the representative also knows how to deal with potential buyers and know how to eventually convince them into buying the product.

Inbound call services employed to do this job provides several benefits to clients. It saves time going out to buy products making it ideal for senior citizens and those who are differently abled. Providing such a service is significant particularly in the medical industry where patients can call and inquire with call center representatives. Likewise, the call center agents are also trained to take orders. In this case, real time responding is necessary so that the order will be processed immediately.

Talking to a live individual in real time allows customers not only to make queries but also to be able to express their complaints. Most customers do not want to talk with automated machines especially if they need urgent information. However, in order to provide real time response to customers, the call center should be using the latest software technology that can help in receiving a huge volume of calls.

The Philippines call center is providing a better response rate to customers as compared to other countries offering BPO services. Aside from using updated tools and responding in real time, outsourcing inbound services is a great help to a business as they can provide services 24/7. This means that even if the business owner is sleeping or taking a vacation, the business will operate and will still run smoothly.

Although it is expensive to outsource services, in the long run it will be worth the cost. As long as you find the best call center to provide the services, you can ensure that it will help in helping your business grow. Therefore, if you want to build your brand, the first thing to do is to provide quality customer service. This is not a core business function but it is significant for a business to do well. That is why if you do not have efficient staff to handle customer service and accommodate calls and inquiries, then you should invest in outsourcing services.

Outsourcing is indeed powerful in such a way that both small and big business owners are taking advantages of it. Business process outsourcing services are offered short term or long term. The service specifications depend on the client’s needs and business trends. However, business owners should also spend time working things out so that the partnership will work. The business owner should discuss with the service provider of what he expects.

Above all, before signing the contract, make sure that the call center ensures providing real-time services. Keep in mind that any delay in addressing inquiries may cause unwanted effects. As you are paying for outsourcing services, you can be sure that the services that they would be providing would be just right. There are plenty of companies offering outsourcing services and it can be very challenging to find the reliable and credible provider. That is why you should do extra work in doing research before making a decision. Get a free call center quote from Magellan Solutions to know more about this type of service from contact centers in the Philippines