Types of Commonly Outsourced Restaurant Answering Services

Types of Commonly Outsourced Restaurant Answering Services

Commonly Outsourced Restaurant Answering Service

Commonly Outsourced Restaurant Answering Service

Answering Services are the Answer for Busy Restaurants

A bustling kitchen and dining room full of hungry customers is every restaurateur’s goal.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to run a tight ship and maintain open lines of communication with prospective diners. The demanding nature of the restaurant industry often means employees are spread too thin, having to wear\ multiple hats throughout the day and putting out fires wherever they go. Phone calls, while absolutely essential, are almost always left unanswered, making communications with customers limited. A phone answering service for restaurants might just be the solution these problems need. 

Answering services might not be as common as customer services when it comes to outsourcing, but it sure is one of the simplest yet most beneficial services in the BPO market. Servicing industries from healthcare all the way to hospitality, the service proves to be a useful tool in keeping customer communication open and stress-free.

Types of Answering Services in the Hospitality Industry

Before we dive deeper into the benefits of answering services to a bustling food business, let’s examine the most common types of answering services outsourced by food and hospitality businesses everywhere.

Restaurant Answering Service

Restaurant answering services is having live agents entertain calls from customers. This helps to avoid missed calls and place every reservation with ease. In this type of answering service, each call is answered professionally, with the tone and spiel just the way you see fit. 

Party Reservations

Party and event reservations often bring big revenue to restaurants and event spaces, and answering services makes sure all inquiries and bookings are placed correctly, giving you one less thing to worry about but a lot more profit to expect. 

To-Go Orders

To-go orders remain as popular as ever now that almost every restaurant offer delivery services through websites and apps. Answering services makes sure to process orders and manage delivery accurately and on-time, making sure customers are always satisfied. 

Customer Service

Hassles and mishaps are inevitable in every business, so it’s better to make sure that your customer service lines are always available to assist customers, which helps maintain a high rate of customer satisfaction.

Magellan Solutions Provides High Quality Phone System for a Known Pizza Chain

Magellan Solutions provide high quality convenient voicemail and call answering services for restaurants and food businesses. We were able to provide the area manager of a large pizza chain overcome persistent communication challenges, and improve customer relations. You no longer have to rely on an extensive, time-consuming phone tree to communicate between stores.

We installed a group mailbox where managers could leave a message that can be sent to all team members. Store managers, in return, will receive a text alert when a message is sent. In locations that do not have online capabilities, our voicemail-to-email function helps them by not having to call in.

This solution was proven to be effective, based on the positive feedback received from the restaurant management. They no longer have to make 20 or more calls a day to relay information between stores, having more time available to dedicate to big-picture issues as a result. 

Efficient Restaurant Telephone Systems with Magellan Solutions

Different restaurants have different needs. To better accommodate a wider range of customers, Magellan Solutions offers several flexible packages. Some of the ways we can help your business include:

  • Setting up an automated voice mailbox where customers can leave reservation requests, make changes or cancel an existing reservation. This level of convenience can help free your team to serve current diners instead.
  • Installing voicemail-to-text or voicemail-to-email services that automatically alert front-of-house staff when a message is received.
  • Creating a toll-free number that serves as a single point of contact for reservation requests for a chain or franchise restaurant.

Let Magellan Solutions, a prime provider of answering services in the Philippines, show you the wonders of a hassle-free restaurant operations with top notch answering services to make sure your customers are always entertained and coming back for more. 

Let us lighten the load while you manage, market, and create a beautiful dining experience for your customers. Leave us a quote today by filling up the form below!


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