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11 More Business Sectors That Badly Need Phone Answering Service This 2024

By Lorraine O.

Updated on June 3, 2024

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Business Sectors That Need Phone Answering Service This 2024

Do you spend too much time answering your customers’ calls, texts, and emails? Maybe it’s time to invest in the best phone answering service, especially if the number of client engagements you receive daily is overwhelming. Incoming calls are unforeseeable in a business, so there are times when no one’s available to answer them.

Nowadays, a telephone answering service provider isn’t limited to taking phone calls. Since most businesses utilize different platforms to promote their business, outsourcing companies also expand and can handle tasks such as lead intake, online scheduling, and social media messaging even after regular work hours to cater to every customer.

What is a Phone Answering Service?

Hiring a full-time in-house receptionist is a popular alternative to a phone answering service. An outsourced provider, such as Magellan Solutions, provides you with a receptionist who will answer calls exactly as if they were in your office. Your receptionist can screen calls, transfer callers to you or a colleague, or take a detailed message and send it to you immediately via text message or email.

They handle calls all the time or just when you’re busy, acting as an extension of your internal team. They’re available whenever you need them, even if you’re on another call, in a meeting, or outside your regular business hours; some providers even provide 24-hour answering service. As a business, you have control over when your calls are answered. You can tailor your answering service to suit your business and lifestyle, whether for some or all of your calls.

If you want to capture calls outside of regular working hours, an answering service may be the best option because it allows you to answer calls in the evenings and on weekends without hiring additional staff in-house. Calls are answered by a friendly, dedicated receptionist who has taken the time to learn about your company and how you prefer your calls to be answered.

3 Kinds of Phone Answering Service

These are the major types of 24/7 answering services, but it also depends on your setup. For example, you could tailor one to receive inbound calls during office hours or after.

Phone Answering Service Pros Cons Works Best For

Interactive Voice Response Systems

These are often called “autoresponders” and “robots”

Its core feature is the self-service and transfer options

Easy to scale because of their interactive component that is very simple for customers to use It is disadvantageous if it is to be used as a stand-alone to talk to customers

Removes the human element on the business side of the phone call

Unable to understand context and tone and can’t deal with questions or requests they are not programmed to answer.

Businesses that receive calls 24/7/365

Organizations that receive more calls than an in-house team can handle

Companies with customers that often need quick but relatively basic support

Call Centers

This is the traditional phone answering service

Often less personal than a virtual receptionist but still a live agent

This is often large in operations that specialize in sales, marketing, and customer service

This is built for size and speed

Able to handle a high volume of low-complexity calls at once

Works with pre-written scripts

It often works best with outbound calls

Large B2C companies

Businesses with thousands of customers

Businesses in high-scale verticals such as retail, automotive, insurance, and telecoms

Virtual Receptionists

This is a live agent that manages a business phone answering service, albeit virtual, or that doesn’t work on-site

Often indistinguishable from an in-house employee

Works as a conventional receptionist who answers and transfers calls, schedules new appointments, takes messages, collects caller information, and answers basic queries from customers

Too many customizations often take time before the onboarding itself SMEs, startups, and B2B companies

Businesses in high-touch industries such as healthcare, real estate, law, and financial services

Businesses that prefer to differentiate their customer support


11 Business Sectors That Can Benefit From a Phone Answering Service

The service you get from a phone answering service varies depending on your industry, but they all share a common goal: providing excellent customer service.

Have you ever wondered which sector badly needs a phone answering service? Here are the 10 business sectors that can benefit from it.

1. E-commerce Companies

Customer interaction is important for firms that run on the Internet.

You must immediately deal with questions and complaints to keep customers happy and protect your business’s reputation. Whether you’re a small or big brand, expect questions, orders, and returns to come your way.

A phone answering service can be the best way to keep in touch with your customers via multiple channels, like website chat or phone systems. It improves customer experience and keeps you updated on the firm’s transactions.

Also, there is no free trial in business. Since e-commerce is a fast-paced market, business owners must do more than one thing simultaneously. Outsourcing business tasks, like answering the phone, to professionals lets you focus on your main goals.

2. Medical Offices Providers

Hospitals or clinics must have a phone line open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In busy medical offices, receptionists or people who answer the phone usually get the patient’s information before making an appointment with the doctor. Sometimes, they can even solve the patient’s problem right away.

However, since there are rules about doctor-patient privacy in the health field, some health facilities don’t let people use the phone answering service.

To address patient confidentiality, some facilities entrust incoming calls to nurses or even doctors. With the responsibilities that these professionals have on their plate, attending to phone calls can be neglected. Fortunately, some outsourcing companies comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability).

When a health facility avails itself of a telephone answering service from a HIPAA-compliant provider, it’s easier to manage call overflow, and it assures patients that they can talk to real people and be assisted and connected to the concerned doctor or specialist. Just think of having your auto attendant.

3. Legal Offices

A law firm is one of the busiest offices in the world. Lawyers have to work on cases that have been assigned to them, so they don’t have much time to answer questions about the law over the phone.

Phone answering services in Australia are trending because of law firms. By hiring them, you don’t have to deal with all the calls and emails that need to be answered immediately!

Law firms that use telephone answering services opt for a receptionist with legal expertise. Service providers train the agents and ensure they know about legal issues and what customers often call about. When a receptionist talks to a client, they need to sound like they are part of the law firm and not just an outside service. This builds trust and credibility.

4. Real Estate Professionals

A real estate agent’s life is all about repeatedly getting in touch with clients. That’s not the only thing they do. Most of the time, they don’t spend much time in the office since they have to meet on-site with the client and property owner. They can’t take more clients’ calls then.

So that you don’t miss out on other opportunities, it’s best to use a call answering service to manage call flow and turn leads into sales all the time.

A phone answering service is helpful in real estate because it allows clients and property owners to ask questions. Phone services can also help you follow up on concerns at any time. This is important because real estate agents often have a busy schedule helping one customer after another. The phone operator can relay the message of the call.

5. Restaurants

Have you ever tried to call a restaurant to make a reservation, but no one answered their business phone numbers?

The hospitality business is tough. Employees are spread thin during busy times, so it’s hard to keep the phone line open to talk to potential diners and answer questions if there isn’t someone whose only job is to take calls.

Also, in a busy restaurant, employees often have to do more than one thing at once, making it hard to talk to potential customers. This is where live receptionists come in.

Phone answering services in Australia are in demand since many people rely on food deliveries there. They also use them to navigate menus and plan trips to their favorite restaurants.

These days, restaurants have phones and market themselves on social media. If you work with an answering service, they can handle your calls and messages in different ways to talk to a live person. This will allow you to take more reservations, give better customer service, and keep customers updated on new information or deals.

6. Computer/Software/IT Companies

IT workers are known as “backliners.” This sector is in high demand because technology is improving. Australia has a phone answering service that works with more IT companies. In this industry, if you hire an outsourcing service provider, they must know a lot about tech and be able to teach computer troubleshooting.

It takes time to answer questions that need a walkthrough. That’s why there’s nothing wrong with using a phone answering service with agents happy to help people of all ages with their tech problems, from teenagers to older citizens.

7. Hiring and Staffing Firms

If a recruiter posts a job opening, you can be sure that there will be a lot of questions and applications. Not all of the people on the list of applicants will be good enough. It might be a waste of time and money to look at every application, so let an answering service do the sorting for you to focus on and get in touch with the best applicants.

Not only do phone answering services help with hiring, but having support from the Human Resources department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week also boosts a company’s reputation and shows that it has HR that can handle worker concerns quickly.

8. Insurance Agents and Agencies

Insurance agencies also have a process that involves finding leads, making constant phone calls, and following up, all of which take time and money. Agents are overwhelmed by how many people they talk to in a day, whether it’s a new prospect, an existing customer with questions, or a client they’ve already spoken to and need to follow up with. They don’t have to do it alone if they don’t want to get tired.

An answering service available 24/7 can take care of messages and phone calls. Hiring an outsourced answering team can help small and medium-sized businesses that don’t want to spend as much on an in-house team.

9. Growing and Transitioning Businesses

There’s a notion that only established companies are suitable for outsourced answering services because of the cost. One of the advantages of working with an outsourcing service provider is that they can help you with scalability. A startup business undergoes a major transition, and, in some cases, the growth rate isn’t suitable for the projected growth, which may affect the overall operation.

By employing a scalable answering service, your company’s rapid growth won’t sacrifice your work capacity and customer service, especially for businesses that require constant consumer communication. Availing the services of an outsourced answering service not only assists you with customer service but also helps determine which tools can help the growing business.

10. Accounting Firms

Just like the legal sector, the finance and accountancy sector requires a specialist to uphold client confidentiality and data protection all the time.

You can partner with a phone answering service with PCI DSS and ISO certifications to ensure your client’s safety. This will ensure they understand the protocols when handling sensitive data like credit card information.

11. Service Businesses

Service professionals often work in the field or do official business out of town. Hence, they don’t have time to answer calls, check messages, or even make appointments. Customers usually call or message service businesses to make appointments for the services they need. If you don’t have virtual receptionist services to help them, you might miss out on the chance and give your firm a bad name.

If you work in the service industry, an outsourced answering service can be helpful because while you’re out on the job, someone else takes care of your business calls, so you can keep making money. Some service businesses, like plumbing repair, health care, personal services, etc., also need help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Which features are typically included?

As previously stated, phone answering services provide numerous communication benefits to businesses. They can be important to some businesses because they provide certain features required to function correctly. As an example:

  • Call forwarding
  • Message delivery (via text, live chat, email, etc.)
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Bilingual communication
  • Appointment setting
  • CRM integration
  • Mobile apps

Some businesses believe they must contact a phone answering service to receive messages throughout the day. This, however, is not the case! These useful features give professionals peace of mind that they can access their messages quickly and easily at any time of day.

How much does the answering service cost?

Each company that provides this service has a unique pricing model. Prices may differ due to various factors, including the type of service you require and how you wish to pay. Our blog post provides more information on answering service pricing.

Pricing should be approached with caution. Some businesses choose the cheapest service available. Others pay too much. Both approaches are detrimental to the company.

Take the time to learn about what you’re paying for and what you’re not getting with your plan. Check it regularly to ensure that it is still effective.

Top 9 Reasons Phone Answering Services Can Boost Business Growth

With all the cutting-edge communications available today, the telephone remains one of the most reliable channels for any business success story.

Organizations have been giving full attention to their customers, proving how much they always find ways to value and deepen their relationships. Small and medium businesses are now discovering the importance of using a telephone answering service. They believe it yields one benefit: Take that important customer call and convey messages efficiently and timely even when the in-staff receptionist is already out of the office.

Never Miss The “24/7 benefits”

The answering service industry has been growing rapidly over the last 10 years because there is no equal to the close interaction between the customer and the company.

Aside from after-office service and round-the-clock presence, the answering services provide on-demand support. It affects many areas of growth in the business. Here are three reasons why this service is a must for small and medium enterprises:

1. It Saves Costs

These days, businesses are finding new ways to save money on staff and equipment, not to mention the overhead costs for assets such as office equipment, salary, and benefits for employees. With telephone answering services, you do not have to hire extra staff. You have an outside team that works full-time for you.

Offshore inbound customer call centers like Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc. can do that for your business. This gives your key employees more time to concentrate on pressing business issues.

2. You Create The First Best Impression

Customers often judge the nature of any business through that first phone call. A telephone answering service handled by an outsourced call center agent presents an innovative caller interface. All calls are greeted with a welcoming message.

3. You Never Miss That Important call

Even if you are in a business meeting, you are sure that you get messages on time. You are backed by a professional team of agents, professionally trained to answer calls even when your phone is turned off.

4. No Need For Additional In-house Employees

Phone answering services outsourcing provides you with the ability to scale up or down without going through the hassle of recruitment, training, and retention of additional employees. Your outsourcing provider will handle the rest. This saves you on the expenses of benefits, training, and management duties.

5. Access to Diverse Talent

The Philippine BPO industry is filled with a competent and reliable talent pool. Outsourcing in the country allows you to employ such individuals to work for you, albeit overseas. In addition to that, if you need additional specialized help, it is a good move to have the ability to hire from such a diverse talent pool.

6. Better Call Volume and Overflow Management

Whether it’s 24/7 or after-hours, phone answering service can manage your fluctuating call volume. It is possible through automated call distribution, dedicated staffing, and training. BPO companies often have training on multiple call handling, scripting, and escalations.

In essence, telephone answering services give you a high level of support, which remains undiscovered by most small and medium businesses. It is a weight of one’s day-to-day tasks, allowing business owners to concentrate on their core expertise while ensuring those valuable customer calls are taken and relayed quickly and accurately. Taking that call not only projects a positive image. It allows you to grow and focus on activities that matter.

7. Capture each opportunity

A dedicated phone answering service ensures every call to your business is handled well. It can lead to a successful deal or make a customer even more loyal to your brand. A phone answering service acts as the biggest advocate of a great customer experience.

These dedicated agents are also the first to provide a lasting impression to anyone who reaches out to you. Not to mention, the assigned offshore staff to man your telephone are well-knowledgeable about the important information callers may ask.

8. Increase productivity

Customers or stakeholders reaching your business are not just people reaching you. You must consider it your chance to provide great customer service and increased ROI. In-house staff may not be the best option for you.

You should know that your in-house staff is there for the sole reason you hired them in the first place. Thus, giving them an extra job of answering the telephone may not be helpful.

Furthermore, a dedicated agent provided by a phone answering service is the best way to filter and forward calls to the right staff or department. In doing so, your in-house team can concentrate on your tasks while meeting the needs of customers or stakeholders.

9. Round-the-clock client service

You cannot always expect your customers to reach your business during work hours. Unfortunately, customers and stakeholders expect to get instant access to your business whenever they deem it necessary.

Such expectations become more demanding as time goes by. That is why you must always ensure you are on top of your company. A dedicated phone answering service does not have to be physical.

That is why outsourcing phone answering service ensures you get that service, even without physical staff in your office. A provider can assign an agent to man your telephone based on your needs.

Depending on your requirements, you can get a phone answering service after hours or 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will enhance your customer experience and boost your competitive advantage.

Get the best 24/7 phone answering service for your business through these nine tips

Phone answering service is pretty straightforward. This is where your outsourced company answers phone calls for your business.

While this still depends on your preferred solutions, it means you pay someone else to pick up the phone.

9 Tips to Hiring the Best Phone Answering Service

Keep these in mind to ensure you get the best 24/7 answering service for you. This way, you can find the best phone answering service that fits your needs.

  • Look for a provider that works with clients in the same industry

It is ideal for working with the best phone answering service provider in your industry. It is best to look for a provider with experience with a company similar in size and customers.

  • Consider their core values

Even if you outsource your 24/7 phone answering service, it is best to work with a provider who shares your core values. Your chosen provider represents your business to your customers.

  • Zoom in on their industry experience

You should look for a provider that understands your niche and industry. Asking about their experience can help you determine if they are the right provider for your requirements.

You can ask these questions to gauge their industry experience:

– Years of experience they possess in your niche/industry

-The skill set of agents working in that niche/industry

– Do agents speak and understand the industry speak or jargon

-Current or past clients

  • Location is important

This affects the service cost and, therefore, must be taken into account when choosing the best phone answering service provider. Hiring nearshore is costly compared with top outsourcing destinations like India and the Philippines. However, pros and cons exist for both cases.

  • Compare pricing models

You don’t have to choose a provider you first see. That is why it is best to get at least 3 to 5 options. Relying on the pricing models on the provider’s website is not a good practice.

It is best to ask for a direct quote with your requirements listed.

This is to ensure you will get the service that will suit your needs at the right price point you are willing to spend.

  • Confirm items in their base charges

This is to ensure that you are clear on service expectations from the start. You can verify the services you are paying for and identify which are not for you, such as hidden add-on services.

  • Identify calling processes and functionality

You must understand what functionality you will need to develop an effective phone answering service.

This means you identify the support services you need. This way, you will know which proposal suits your needs, is compatible with your business, and can easily handle customers or callers.

  • Confirm service availability

You should verify if your chosen provider can manage calls during your required schedule, especially if you need a round-the-clock phone answering service that offers more robust services and flexibility.

  • Data security is a must

Data and information security are critical for any business, including your customer’s personal information.

This means you are responsible for it, and losing their data means doom for you. Data breaches impact 90% of small businesses and cost more than you think.

That is why it is best to review your provider’s cybersecurity capabilities. Keep in mind the following:

  • Places high priority on security
  • Strictly follows your protocols and procedures
  • Compliant with international standards such as ISO 27001 and HIPAA

Considering all this…

Phone answering services save money and improve customer service. An answering service directs telemarketing calls to the right business without getting lost. It can also increase productivity by taking potential phone calls off people’s minds.

If you are having trouble with your phone or internet, it is important to identify the source of the problem as quickly as possible before it can bring even more work onto itself. Sometimes customers need to be able to contact you from multiple phone lines at once or from a location different from where their computer is located.

An answering service can provide this type of access, which may be critical for your business model. A well-trained phone answering service will prevent disturbances at work and provide constant communication between your employees, customers, and clients. At the same time, they are on vacation, sick, or just busy at home.

Magellan Solutions is Your Quality Phone Answering Service Provider

Our team of phone answering service experts will ensure that all clients are satisfied with our centralized support. You can expect efficient, reliable, and high-quality service.

Magellan Solutions can help you with your phone answering needs at a lower cost without compromising quality.

As a leading provider of call center services for over a decade, we pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality outsourcing services. On top of that, we are an ISO-certified and HIPAA-compliant outsourcing company. We provide a great variety of quality outsourced business solutions.

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      11 More Business Sectors That Badly Need Phone Answering Service This 2024

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