The US is Opting for Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing Companies – Here’s Why

The US is Opting for Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing Companies – Here’s Why

US Opting For Patient Care Services Telemarketing

US Opting For Patient Care Services Telemarketing

The US is Opting for Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing Companies – Here’s Why

Health insurance companies make up a massive segment of the U.S. economy, making it a whopping $1.1 trillion dollar enterprise, currently. The steady growth has been recorded at  2.9 percent each year on average from 2015 to 2020. 

The US is currently home to more than 900 health insurance companies, the major ones namely:

  • Anthem 
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Humana
  • Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) 
  • CVS Health Corp.

According to ValuePenguin, these healthcare insurance giants control more than 38% of the market.

Now that outsourcing is becoming more common in businesses, many countries all over the world are opting for a more cost-effective way to offload medical processes. Among them are: verifying important medical information, patient care services telemarketing, and health care call center outsourcing.  

The Philippines is one of the top providers of outsourced staff in the world. We provide solutions and services from certified medical professionals. Our healthcare professionals value hard work, excellence, and quality service – flavored with the Filipinos’ trademark naturally hospitable culture. Health care companies especially in English-speaking countries prefer our patient care telemarketing services and outsource their health care call centers.   

Now one of the outsourcing giants in Asia, Manila and many cities in the Philippines are home to many CPO (clinical process outsourcing) companies, the most notable being:  

  • Accenture
  • Alorica
  • Concentrix
  • IBM
  • Magellan Solutions
  • Sitel Group
  • TaskUs
  • Teleperformance
  • Telus International

Expert Medical Information Call Center Vendors at Magellan Solutions – One of the Top CPOs in the Philippines

The Philippines offers low-cost yet expandable staff that maximizes your budget as a small or midsize enterprise. 

While each provider has their own specialties, Magellan Solutions, as one of the top BPOs in the Philippines, prides itself with full-service CPO services. We cater health care centers from providing well-trained billing and coding staff to the latest software and equipment. This guarantees expert processing of information and prime confidentiality in all data stored and processed. 

Where We Work

In our aim to cover as much ground as we can, we offer our patient care services to a wide range of healthcare enterprises. Rest assured that we provide expert management and processing of all essential data in utmost confidentiality. 

Doctor’s Offices

We see our services as an extension of the medical industry. We understand the important mission of saving and improving lives, and you can trust that we will treat all patients with respect and hospitality, just as much as your practice does. 

Patient issues are not limited to a certain time frame. With an outsourced team, your office can be more accessible to your patients any time with live patient care services. 


Clinics often deal with the highest volume of contacts and calls, being the most accessible and affordable option to many patients. 

Communication is key in clinics. Referral cases and insurance benefits are some of the more complex issues we encounter in this regard. With Magellan’s expertise, we can assure our swift, professional services in handling essential and confidential patient data and other vital information necessary to make the right decisions. 


Hospices are home to many patients, and its operations are just as essential as any healthcare facility. 

Our hospice managers provide empathetic support and assistance to both patient residents and healthcare professionals that care for their well-being. You can trust us to communicate to partners and loved ones in assuring the patients’ care and safety, with the right information and real-time communication. 

Dental Offices

We value every form of healthcare, with our services also covering dental healthcare. 

We assist dental care professionals in reducing risks and errors in setting appointments and managing patient data with a reliable, efficient patient care service. 

With outsourcing, the experience of a regularly scheduled appointment will be pleasant and beneficial to your practice. Your patients will be cared for and you can have correct diagnoses in every visit since you have a great outsourced team behind your back. 

What Defines the Best Patient Care Services Phone Calls?

In times of need, the patient’s needs are always urgent. An accessible, reliable helpline is a great investment in keeping the operations of your healthcare enterprise running smoothly, and in improving care, response and treatment to patients. 

Patient care services are an extension of health care in itself. 

Bedside manners in entertaining patient concerns over phone conversation are just as important as it is in visits to healthcare facilities. 

Efficient patient care services not only swiftly and effectively handle concerns and referrals, but also provide care and empathy to ease the patients’ stress and give them relief as they seek treatment. 

Why Do You Need to Outsource?

While a lot of establishments still see outsourcing as costly, it’s a lot more economic than many expect. 

Health Care call center outsourcing reduces incidental costs in recruiting and housing staff. As a certified and reliable CPO provider, we will handle all hiring, onboarding and operational responsibilities the way you see fit. We take the brunt work off your hands. 

While an in-house receptionist can only do so much on a regular shift, live customer service agents can handle concerns 24/7. Our medical call center service is accessible anytime, anywhere, even after hours. 

When you outsource patient care services, you can expect that:

Our staff is on duty 24/7. 

The majority of your patients may call during regular hours. But around-the-clock care is a vital ingredient in proper patient care management. This includes serving them after hours, weekends, and even holidays.   

We have dedicated agent services. 

Our staff provides full support in medical information management and related tasks such as:

  • Gathering patients’ information prior to their first visit
  • Answering insurance or referral questions
  • Responding to billing and payment inquiries.

We establish direct hotlines for patient use.

Our agents know that reliable, respectful service is essential when screening emergency calls. We adjust to your instructions. We gather all the relevant information and duly verify with you or your staff. 

Collaborative online calendar management application.

We schedule, change, or cancel appointments for callers. Updates will be immediately communicated to you or staff. As a result, you can plan accordingly. 

Our outbound call reminder service contributes to increased efficiency. It would also prevent miscommunication and missed appointments.

Magellan Solutions Offers Expert Patient Care Services 

Ensure only the best care for your patients. 

Magellan Solutions provide high-quality patient care services for all healthcare enterprises. Let our well-trained agents provide your patients with quality assistance with excellent bedside manner. 

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