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What Is a Virtual Sales Assistant and How Can They Help Small Businesses

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on June 11, 2024

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Hello there, small business enthusiasts! In the fast-paced world of small enterprises, time and customers are gold. And here’s a little secret that’s been making a big impact lately – the virtual sales assistant.


So, what’s the deal with this digital helper, and how can it benefit your small business? You’re lucky because we’re here to break it down for you.


What is a virtual sales assistant? How can they help small businesses? Let’s unlock the power of virtual assistants for sales on the sections below!


What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is like a remote helper for businesses. They can do tasks related to administration and sales from a distance, often using online tools to get the job done.

VAs can work independently or as part of a virtual assistance company. They’re a flexible and convenient solution for businesses needing extra support but not hiring full-time staff.

Virtual assistants can unlock success by handling essential sales tasks and administrative support. They manage administrative tasks like phone calls and customer relationship management, ensuring your sales funnel runs smoothly. By taking care of these duties, they free up your time to focus on closing deals. Virtual assistants work remotely, providing flexible support to meet your business needs. Their expertise in managing administrative tasks and supporting the sales process makes them invaluable assets in driving sales success.

15 Tasks Virtual Assistant for Sales Do For Small Businesses

Avirtual assistant(VA) can perform several tasks. In general, it is subdivided into three categories. These are sales activities, administrative functions, and customer service-related tasks.


Sales activities include booking appointments, contacting leads, and assisting with sales report. Data entry, managing schedules, and target market research fall under administrative functions.


Meanwhile, customer service-related tasks include live chat inquiries and after-hours support. Let’s discuss these on the section below:


1.Book Appointments with Your New Leads

A virtual assistant for sales initiates the first point of contact by sending an email or SMS. This will let your leads know you’re interested in doing business with them.


2.Contact Old Leads and Previous Clients

A company’s sales are not solely reliant on the new leads coming in. Old leads and previous clients still have the potential to work with you again. Hence, you shouldn’t overlook this opportunity.

Your virtual sales assistant will assist you in managing a list of new and old leads in your sales database. They will reach out to see if the latter is still interested in your product or service.


3.Generate Quality Leads

In business, time means money. Having leads with good quality enables your sales team to get the best value in the time spent talking to prospects. Hire a skilled VA who will perform cold calls for you to filter out bad-quality leads.


4.Reach Out to Your Potential Audience On Social Media

If you haven’t explored different social media platforms yet, it’s time that you do. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are perfect for e-commerce stores. Meanwhile LinkedIn works best for business-to-business transactions. Ask your VA to contact prospects with the end-goal of turning them into leads.


5.Assist With Sales Reports

Train your virtual sales assistant to produce sales reports. Such allows you to meet your sales goals regularly by keeping track of your progress.


6.Data Entry

Updating your database is crucial in keeping accurate records and preventing mistakes.Save your time from cleaning and updating your databasewith the help of your VA.


7.Update Your CRM

On a side note, an experienced virtual assistant can manage various CRM tools and handle customer requests. Since this is a minor task for a VA, it is more cost-efficient than hiring an in-house CRM specialist.


8.Manage Your Schedule

The equivalent of a well-managed calendar is enhanced productivity and efficiency. A VA coordinates with you and your prospect to set a schedule that would work for both of you.


9.Fill Your Calendar with Appointments

A good VA ensures you don’t run out of prospects to call. Filling your calendar with appointments is a crucial aspect of successful sales and business development, and having a reliable virtual assistant (VA) can play a pivotal role in achieving this goal. The statement, “A good VA ensures you don’t run out of prospects to call,” highlights the importance of having a proactive and efficient virtual assistant in your sales or business team.

10. Follow Up with New Leads

If it’s taking days for your sales team to respond to your leads, you’ll need the help of a VA to send follow up in time. Provide training to your VA in answering pre-sales questions, replying to inquiries, and setting a schedule so your leads feel valued.


11.Research Your Target Market

You can hire a VA to find out the current trends in the market and the demographics of your target audience. The more you know about your prospects, the better you’ll be in closing deals with them.


12.Deliver Good Customer Service

Customer retention is5 to 25 times cheaperthan acquiring a new one. Satisfiedcustomersare also willing to shell out more for goodcustomer service.

A virtual assistant for sales working from aBPOhas sufficient training in resolving issues. They’re also excellent at handling inquiries, managing frustrations, and increasing customer satisfaction. Get their help to assist you in pre-sales and post-sales transactions.


13.Encourage Word Of Mouth

Providing a positive customer experience right from the start encourages customers to share your product or service to others. A virtual sales assistant can return to your existing clients and ask them to leave positive reviews.


14.HandleLive ChatInquiries

Answering quick questions from prospects on your website is an effective way to convert them into leads. Let your virtual assistant take care of it so you can focus on increasing your revenues.


15.Provideafter-hours support

Good customer service means being available 24/7. A virtual assistant from a different time zone, like the Philippines, is the best person to handle this job.


The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Sales Assistant


As mentioned above, a virtual assistant for sales can support the growth of your business in many ways. And there are far greater reasons you should consider getting one for your team. Here are the benefits you can get when you hire a VA:



When looking into cost-cutting, but at the same time, you need a hand in doing non-core tasks, getting virtual assistant services is a good choice. These are the reasons why it is cheaper to hire a VA:

  • Reduced overheads
  • No fixed costs
  • No recruitment costs
  • Pay-per-service option
  • Less amount spent on office costs
  • Get rid of temporary staffing

Access To Diverse Skill Sets

Virtual assistants doing this job for a long time can perform different tasks for you. Aside from directly supporting your sales team, they can assist you in admin work, booking, data management, and customer service.

Enhanced Productivity

With a laser focus on their core functions, your sales team can become more productive, bringing more clients to your business.

Access To a Global Talent Pool

This is especially beneficial to companies that have overseas operations. A virtual assistant from an offshore location can help you build a multicultural perspective to serve your international clients better. Another advantage of hiring a virtual assistant from another country is having a team member who can speak at least two languages.


Faster Recruitment Time

Find the best person who can start immediately at work. When you hire your VA via a BPO company, you get to onboard a person with sufficient training and knowledge in remote work.


Save Time

You’ll have more time to close sales and increase your revenue when you delegate repetitive tasks.


Tips When Hiring A Virtual Assistants For Sales

It is easy tohire a virtual assistant, but retaining someone who can perform based on your expectations is quite a challenge. To build a good working relationship with your VA, you should take note of the following:

1.Give Reasonable Tasks

Not because your VA is flexible doesn’t mean you can dump several tasks simultaneously. You should treat your VA as an actual employee, not an automated machine that can work non-stop. Give reasonable duties with reasonable deadlines. This way, your VA can yield better results, enabling you to get the most out of their service.

2.Prepare Scripts

If your VA speaks directly to a lead or a client, make sure to prepare a script. This is to prevent mistakes and misunderstandings. It also promotes consistency.

3.Use Online Tools to Manage Your VA

Take advantage of online management tools. You can use various apps for communication, time management, project management, personnel management, and team collaboration.


While BPOs can provide relevant training, it is better to take some time to train your VA. Introduce your work ethics, company policies and culture, and the people they will work with.

5.Maintain Open Communication

Good communication is the key to solid relationships. Encourage your VA to ask questions to maintain a smooth workflow.


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      What Is a Virtual Sales Assistant and How Can They Help Small Businesses

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